Ebookaroo 5 May 2020

Here are some specials and new releases by Krista D. Ball, TJ Muir, Anthea Sharp, Victoria Goddard, M T McGuire, AM Scott, Ashley Capes, Tony James Slater and J.D. Oppenheim.

A Magical Inheritance

by Krista D. Ball

Miss Elizabeth Knight received an unexpected legacy upon her uncle’s death: a collection of occult books. When one of the books begins talking to her, she discovers an entire world of female occultist history opened to her—a legacy the Royal Occult Society had purposely hidden from the world.

However, the magic allowing the book to speak to Miss Knight is fading and she must gather a group of female acquaintances of various talents. Together, they’ll need to work to overcome social pressures, ambitious men, and tyrannical parents, all to bring Mrs. Egerton, the book ghost, back.

First in series special US$0.99

Stolen Luck

by TJ Muir

After an age of silence, the gods stir, and one man is listening…

Even though Haki is the younger son of a powerful ruler, he feels the gods calling him to greatness. Clever and devout, he knows he is better suited to rule.

Then a whisper in the back of Haki’s mind calls to him. Could it be the gods be speaking? That belief turns into a dark driving force. Haki must prove he has been chosen him to lead the realm.

His desire pushes him to the edge of madness.

Craving recognition, Haki tries to prove his worth while protecting his family from political scandal. He sees everything as a test to prove he is destined to sit on the throne.

Will the choices he makes damn his soul or redeem the world?

New Release US$0.99

Once Upon A Kiss: 17 Romantic Faerie Tales

by Anthea Sharp

17 magical stories from NY Times and USA Today bestsellers and award-winning authors that will warm even the coldest hearts. Inspired by old favorites as well as lesser-known tales, find retellings of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Old Rinkrank, King Thrushbeard, The Princess and the Pea, and many more – all with fresh, romantic twists. * Winner of the Utopia Award for Best Anthology*

Special US$0.99

Stargazy Pie

by Victoria Goddard

Magic is out of fashion.

Good manners never are.

Jemis Greenwing returned from university with a broken heart, a bad cold, and no prospects beyond a problematic inheritance and a job at the local bookstore.

Ragnor Bella is a placid little market town on the road to nowhere, where Jemis’ family affairs have always been the main source of gossip. Having missed his stepfather’s funeral, he is determined to keep his head down.

Unfortunately for his reputation, though fortunately for several other people, he falls quickly under the temptation of resuming the friendship of Mr. Dart of Dartington, Squire-in-training and beloved local daredevil. Mr. Dart is delighted to have Jemis’ company for what will be, he assures him, a very small adventure.

Jemis expected the cut direct. The secret societies, criminal gangs, and illegal cult to the old gods–to say nothing of the mermaid–come as a complete surprise.

Book One of Greenwing & Dart, fantasies of manners—and mischief.

First in series special US$0.99

Escape From B-Movie Hell

by M T McGuire

If you asked Andi Turbot whether she had anything in common with Flash Gordon she’d say no, emphatically. Saving the world is for dynamic, go-ahead, leaders of men and while it would be nice to see a woman getting involved for a change, she believes she could be the least well equipped being in her galaxy for the job.

Then her best friend, Eric, reveals that he is an extraterrestrial. He’s not just any ET either. He’s Gamalian: seven-foot, lobster-shaped and covered in Marmite-scented goo. Just when Andi’s getting used to that he tells her about the Apocalypse and really ruins her day.

The human race will perish unless Eric’s Gamalian superiors step in. Abducted and trapped on an alien ship, Andi must convince the Gamalians her world is worth saving. Or escape from their clutches and save it herself.

Special US$2.99

Lightwave: Longshot

by AM Scott

Safety is a longshot, but it’s better than no shot at all.

With a Gov Human military task force protecting Lightwave, Saree is content. Add in her new relationship with Ruhger and Saree is truly happy. Then an unknown enemy attacks the task force, creating chaos, and Lightwave is back on the run.

Elements inside Gov Human blame the attack on Saree, using the destruction to instigate a military rebellion. Saree finds herself and Lightwave firmly in the cross-hairs of Gov Human and their allies. With enemies on all sides, “safety” shoots right out the airlock. Mere survival is a longshot…

The thrilling conclusion of the Folding Space Series is finally here!

New Release US$2.99

City of Masks

by Ashley Capes

When a royal conspiracy topples the noble House Falco, Sofia must take up the burden of her father’s mantle and assume guardianship of his Greatmask. Yet the sentient bone mask, powerful enough to Compel those around her, will not speak, and Sofia, the first female Protector in a hundred years, is left defenceless.

Hunted by the king, she is driven from the palace and must fight for survival, alone in the cold streets of Anaskar. There, she crosses paths with Notch, a bitter mercenary with problems of his own. Accused of murder, Notch is trying to clear his name while hunted by the city’s robed assassins, the very people who are now searching for Sofia.

To take back their city and cast down the tyrant on the throne, Sofia and Notch must face the blades of Anaskar’s assassins, the rage of a mighty sea beast, and the mysterious Lupo, a man with a Greatmask of his own, who has masterminded vicious terrorist attacks on the city that spurned him.

Their struggle threatens to tear the city – and the kingdom – into shreds.

First in series special US$0.99

Earth Warden: A Sci Fi Adventure

by Tony James Slater

For centuries, the Wardens have guarded our planet.

Their sacred duty: to protect humanity from itself… and from everything else.

Lord Anakreon, Warden of the First Circle, has a problem.

He’s been forced to kill another apprentice, and he’s rapidly running out of candidates.

In fact, there is precisely one left…

On Earth, Tristan Andrews is in trouble.

He has been ever since the day his dad left for work – and never came home.

Seven years later, living with one foot on the street, Tristan is struggling to survive.

Until a tough old man with a scarred face breaks into his house. He claims to have the answers Tristan seeks…

But there’s a price.

Rainbow-haired Kyra didn’t sign up to babysit a scrawny kid from Earth.

She’s more about kicking ass, and looking damn fine while she’s doing it.

But there’s something about this boy. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s got talents… and if he’s anything like his father, he could change the shape of the galaxy.

She just has to keep him alive long enough to find out.

Join Tris, as he’s catapulted into a world he never could have imagined. Where bizarre aliens threaten mankind, genetically engineered assassins lurk in the shadows, and the mysterious Wardens live by an ancient code…

Of sacrifice.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Fans of Star Wars and Firefly will love this fast-paced and humorous space opera. Buckle up, brace yourself, and grab your copy today.

First in series special US$0.99

The Lost Gunboat Captain

by J.D. Oppenheim

Lost in space.

Hunted by Federation gunships.

Captain Jolo Vargas is a dead man–and doesn’t even know it.

Jolo wakes up in a probe hurtling through space with only 36 hours of oxygen left. He can’t remember anything–not even his own name. The only solid memory he can muster is a girl named Jaylen, an engineer on his gunboat years ago. Hellbent on finding her, Jolo sets out on a perilous journey.

Fighting time with a target on his back, Jolo must find Jaylen, find sanctuary, and find himself… if the Fed warships don’t find him first. Is this a mission impossible for the lost captain?

Get your copy today and find out!

First in series special US$0.99

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