Ebookaroo 5 January 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Demelza Carlton, Jean Gill, Megg Jensen, Ramy Vance, Jonathan Brazee and Lawrence Schoen, TJ Muir, Mike A. Arroyo, Ramy Vance and A H Serrano.

Once Upon A Time

by Demelza Carlton

A sword-wielding Cinderella. An enchanting Beauty. A villain who might not be so bad after all…

Once upon a time, before the Brothers Grimm, when fairytales were romantic fantasies for entertaining adults and frightening children…

Three twisted tales inspired by the classic fairytales…for adults who still love reading fairytales, though they’re a little darker now, making that happily ever after so much sweeter.

Special US$0.99

Queen of the Warrior Bees

by Jean Gill

2020 Kindle Book Awards Fantasy & Sci-fi Finalist

Epic eco-fantasy from the award-winning author of The Troubadours Quartet

One misfit girl and 50,000 bees against the might of the Citadel.

Mielitta, a despised servant of dubious parentage, yearns to be an adult and fit into Citadel society but the all-powerful mages won’t even consider her for the Maturity Test. As they fight amongst themselves, Mielitta overhears their secrets and plans to escape.

Bastien and Jannlou, the boys who terrorised her as a child, have grown into their status as Mages and she cannot escape them forever.

In desperation, she flees to the forbidden Forest and its dangerous attractions. Her scent angers thousands of bees and, although she survives their attack, she has changed. As a bee-shifter, Mielitta sees the world differently.

This bond works both ways and the bees need Mielitta’s help as the rift widens between Forest and Citadel. Can Mielitta find the fulfilment she craves or will the Mages crush every cell of her second nature?

Block Nature out and she’ll force a way in.

‘Gill’s work stands apart through its strikingly inventive concept, distinctive sense of place, and masterful use of imagery.’ The Booklife Prize

‘A brilliantly imagined fantasy with a strong environmental message.’ Ashley Dyer

First in series special US$0.99

Daughter of Dragon Ash

by Megg Jensen

After a royal entourage is massacred in the forest, a woman awakens with amnesia, and everyone insists she is the devious and self-serving Princess Jillian. Meanwhile, her decoy, the woman who takes the princess’s place during times of danger, has gone missing.

Confused and forlorn, the princess returns to the castle in Dragon Ash, where she blacks out again… only to awaken covered in the queen’s blood. Escaping justice with the sole witness to the queen’s murder, a blacksmith who is in love with the decoy, the princess embarks on a quest to regain her lost memories, prove her innocence, and locate the missing woman.

Dogged by her budding feelings for the blacksmith and fear over who she might really be, the princess must find her decoy and unravel the secrets of their past. But will a mysterious magic invading their world compel her to kill again before she can uncover the truth?

First in series special US$0.99

Mortality Bites – The COMPLETE Boxed Set (Books 1 – 10)

by Ramy Vance

Ten books and over 2000+ pages of magic and mayhem, action and humor fill this snarky urban fantasy boxed set.

Mythical creatures are real, and the world is just finding out.

Discovering that your neighbor was once an evil, blood-sucking fiend tends to bring property values down.

Katrina Darling’s only real friend has been murdered. And not just murdered—ritually sacrificed by a serial killer. Kat is sure more death will follow. She should know … she used to be the monster plunging the blade in.

Trouble is, after three hundred years of being a vampire, Kat has forgotten what it means to be human.

One thing she does remember is that friends matter.

Now she’s determined to find whoever—or whatever—killed her friend before more victims surface. But just as the hunt begins, a mysterious young man discovers exactly what she was.

Kat has a decision to make: Run and keep her monstrous past hidden, or avenge her friend and save the city from a merciless serial killer.

If you like the Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson series or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ll be helplessly addicted to the Mortality Bites series.

New Release US$0.99


by Jonathan Brazee and Lawrence Schoen

Retired (involuntarily) Marine Lieutenant General Colby Edison is in exile, running an automated farm it farm is overrun by a horde of alien plants, leafy gremlin-like creatures that begin systematically destroying first his crops and then his home. And not just his farm, but all the surrounding farms as well. The relentless plants have apparently killed his neighbors, and clearly he and his dog Duke are next. But as a retired Marine, Colby has resources and skills not shared by other farmers on the newly terraformed agricultural world of Vasquez and soon he is bringing the fight to the invaders.

Except. . . who is really invading whom? High in orbit above Vasquez, a sentient vegetable studies the planet it had seeded and sculpted centuries before, laying it out as a world-sized garden. Now, returning to inspect the progress of its work, it finds its art has been tainted by the intrusion of crop grids, farm buildings, and people, all of which must be purged if the garden is to endure.

First in series special US$0.99

On Borrowed Luck

by TJ Muir

Tatak Rhe: A city known for its wealth and splendor. Ambitious and proud, Kirrin wants a piece of that for himself.

When a narrow escape from a local gang lands him in worse trouble on the estate of a powerful ruler, his choice is simple: serve or die.

Sure he is doomed, he turns his punishment into an opportunity, impressing the lord with his determination and intelligence.

Training under mystic master fighters, Kirrin quickly becomes a deadly instrument. And driven by his ambition, he’s assigned increasingly dangerous crimes to develop his cunning and push him to his limits.

But a simple mission goes terribly wrong and he may be trapped in the evil lord’s bid to fulfill a dark prophecy.

Can Kirrin find a way through the web of power and deceit to save his life?

New Release US$0.99

DISSENsion (The Chronicles of Rylie Glen Book 2)

by Mike A. Arroyo

“You are in a place so far away that I cannot reach, when you stand in fear and doubt!” – Leana

The saga continues, as best-selling author, Mike A. Arroyo, unfurls the next in the series, Chronicles of Rylie Glen: DISSENsion. Their temporary victory over Luka, ruler of Casselberry, feels more like a defeat. Circumstances, fears, and desires separate the group, making them alone and vulnerable.

Spies in Bon Abbi unleash their nefarious plans, and the deadly arrows of an assassin. Unexpected alliances will alter the outcome, but will it be enough? Would you challenge the Dogs of Orrimorn to save someone you love from the precipice of death? How would you overcome your darkest fears?

New Release US$0.99

NOBILity (The Chronicles of Rylie Glen Book 1)

by Mike A. Arroyo

If you could save a city by pretending to be a Noble, would you do it? Even if it might cost your life? And how many friends would stand with you?

That’s what Evelyn Miller must decide. One choice and the destinies of her friends are changed. Forever.

Join the band of misfits — and Ena the Dragoon — in this fast-moving epic adventure contained in the Chronicles of Rylie Glen.

“Tonight, a choice must be made. You might as well be the one to make it!” – Theotello, Chronicler

First in series special US$0.99

Axes and Angels

by Ramy Vance

Mythical creatures are real, and the world is just finding out.

A dangerous job, a pair of pint-sized familiars on her shoulders, a crush on a constellation … No wonder Theo Apollonia’s relationship status just says, “It’s complicated.”

Snarky thief Theo Apollonia has life figured out: steal priceless artifacts—pay off her debts.

But when she and her familiars, Simon and Garfunkel, take on their most dangerous heist yet, they find themselves on the wrong side of a powerful crime boss …

A job for a banished demigod goes sideways…

Now Theo must take on powerful mythical guardians, warring gangs and an underground arena where constellations and mythical creatures battle to the death.

First rule of mythical Fight Club: everyone dies.

More is at stake than just the lives of her and her friends or even enslaved mythological beings.

If not stopped, the world will wake to a dark new day … and an even darker new god.

Theo has a decision to make: Run to protect herself and those she loves, or fight in the slim hope that she has what it takes to stop the apocalypse.

Over 150,000 words of octane-fueled magic and mayhem fill this tome.

BOOK 1: Axes and Angels

BOOK 2: The Good, the Bad and the Thief

BOOK 3: Stuck Between a Halo and a Hard Place

* We will release this as three mini-volumes sometime in the future.

From the twisted minds of Ramy Vance and Matthew Herrmann comes a new epic urban fantasy adventure unlike anything seen before.

New Release US$2.99

Vile & Blessed

by A H Serrano

There has never been an Anmerilian born without ability. Never, until River Kennry. He is an outcast, afflicted by an ailment no one can see or explain. After a fated meeting with a cryptic stranger, River realizes the only way to uncover his past is to return to the Institute—the very place that scarred and violated him. And if he goes back, it could mean forfeiting his life. Though he remains untouched by power, there’s something sinister lurking inside him… something alive.

Special US$0.99

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