Ebookaroo 5 February 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by Anthea Sharp, Juliet Vane, Melinda Kucsera, Jan Foster, Shelley Russell Nolan, Aimee Easterling, Kyra Halland, Edwin Downward, Rachel Medhurst and Isa Medina.

White as Frost

by Anthea Sharp

Two sisters. One enchanted forest. And a hidden destiny that could doom them both…

Swept away to the castle beside the Darkwood, Rose Valrois finds herself in a world full of secrets and forbidden magic. There she meets her new stepsister, the enigmatic Princess Neeve, who will either become her best friend – or her worst enemy.

When Rose follows her stepsister into the enchanted shadows beneath the trees, she is beset by dangerous creatures and rescued by Thorne, the Dark Elf guardian of the forest, who binds her to the Darkwood and forbids her to speak of its mysteries.

Yet despite the danger surrounding her, Rose continues to risk everything in her quest for answers, until the day she steals into the depths of the forest and discovers the most perilous secret of all…

From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp, a fantasy fairy-tale weaving elements of Snow White & Rose Red with romance, magic, and dangerous secrets that will destroy a kingdom. Will appeal to fans of Sylvia Mercedes, Naomi Novik, Holly Black, and anyone who loves a fairytale beautifully retold~

The Scorpion’s Lullaby

by Juliet Vane

The Scorpion Raiders have three rules: Be ruthless. Be rich. Live like gods.

Joella’s band of thieves lives deep in the jungle. Riding on giant scorpion dragons, they search the beautiful landscape for villages and caravans to rob.

When insidious forces interrupt a routine raid, Joella becomes separated from her people. She’s alone except for a stolen book of legends and Marc, a pacifist dedicated to preserving the ways of the old goddess.

Searching for their tribes, Joella and Marc brave violent beasts, deceitful clans, and the sweltering days and freezing nights of their beloved jungle. They must trust each other to right the wrongs of the past and save themselves, or risk the very landscape they hold so dear.

Curse Breaker Books 1-3

by Melinda Kucsera

Curse Breaker Books 1-3 features the first three books of the Curse Breaker Series in one action-packed book.

Curse Breaker Enchanted

Sarn wants to be like everyone else, not a mage with a power he can barely control. But he must hide his magic in a country run by people who want to destroy all magic.

But that magic comes in handy when he wakes up far from home with only his cloak to protect him from monsters and murderous trees. How will Sarn return home in time and unravel the dark conspiracy that’s destroying it before his son pays the ultimate price?

Curse Breaker Darkens

When a disembodied voice warns him that a demon is after his mage, Jerlo sets off to find the man who could summon it. He swore an unbreakable oath to protect Sarn, no matter the cost.

In a country run by a group that wants to destroy all magic, mages and demons shouldn’t exist. But they do, and Jerlo’s in a fight, not just for his life but for his soul. Even if he risks both, how will he save Sarn without magic?

Curse Breaker Faceted

Sarn spies on the men responsible for his best friend’s death with his young son in tow. And those men are hunting for magic-stealing rocks to fuel a zealot’s quest. When their greed leads them into a forbidden cavern, they release an ancient monster, and it’s hungry for a certain mage and his son. Who will survive the dark terror lurking under the mountain?

Curse Breaker Books 1-3 contains the first three books of the Curse Breaker Series: Curse Breaker Enchanted, Curse Breaker Darkens, and Curse Breaker Faceted. It’s an epic fantasy adventure starring a loving father, his young son, and the people and monsters that dwell in an immersive world of intrigue and adventure. Get Curse Breaker Books 1-3 now!

Disrupting Destiny

by Jan Foster

Annabella’s secret destiny was never meant to come between them, but after a century of hiding in Tudor England, a violent confrontation with a shadowy figure from her past leaves her heartbroken and alone in a realm she hated.

Once a mortal, when homebody Joshua loses Annabella, only his belief in her innocence and the kindness of strangers keeps him alive. In a dangerous quest through the turbulence of Reformation England to find his love, he thinks he only has to survive long enough to save her. But not everyone is what they seem, and he finds himself questioning his own faith as much as being a fae.

Kept a prisoner, Annabella refuses to comply with the future envisaged for her until a darker secret threatens to destroy the realm and fae immortality. The fate of an entire race rests on their shoulders, but can destiny be changed? Rebellion, danger and intrigue threaten the future in a thrilling journey, weaving Tudor times with magical fantasy.

Disrupting Destiny – forever isn’t certain, trust no-one…

First in series special US$0.99


Arcane Awakenings Book One and Two

by Shelley Russell Nolan

A hidden past. An uncertain future.

In Angel Fire, all Andie wants is acceptance, a task made difficult thanks to the nightmare that’s plagued her for the past fifteen years. Then she learns it’s a terrifying memory of the night she lost her identical twin. When Angel’s spirit calls to her, begging to be saved, Andie is determined to discover what really happened the night her sister died.

The story continues in Wild Lightning, when Celeste wakes in a mental institution with no memory of who she is or why she can shoot lightning from her fingertips. Spurred on by a vision of Angel, Celeste escapes and searches for answers as her captors close in.

Andie and Celeste must battle ruthless adversaries as they seek to uncover the truth, but will this lead to a future more dangerous than what they’ve left behind?

Arcane Awakenings – a fast-paced paranormal fantasy novella series.

Full Moon Saloon

by Aimee Easterling

A fox making a name for herself in a wolf’s world.

I’m Kira Fairwood — fox shifter, bane of the werewolves, and also their employee. My job isn’t just a paycheck. It’s a way to ensure my unborn niece’s heritage won’t work against her when she grows up.

So I dive right in to bag a hot alpha werewolf who’s using his bar as a front to murder human women. Unfortunately, I soon discover Thom is being framed.

Then the true murderer begins to hunt the hunters. Can I keep my family safe by continuing to follow orders like a wolf?

Full Moon Saloon is the first book in a brand new series by the USA Today bestselling author of Wolf’s Bane.

Winds of Magic

by Kyra Halland

After a terrible mistake in his youth, Esavas Daruvias has found peace and belonging at the secluded Tower as a Master of weather magic, vowed to celibacy, self-mastery, and non-violence.

Then, without warning, the troubles of the past resurface to disrupt his quiet life. The Mardavian Islands are threatened by a mage rebellion led by a mage with strange and terrible powers – his sister Rayaluna, the person hurt the most by his long-ago mistake. Though hidden away at the Tower for more than twelve years and sworn to a life of peace, Esavas is conscripted by the crown prince to help put a stop to the rebellion.

Distrusted by the king, caught between the king’s and the prince’s conflicting aims, baffled by his sister’s impossible powers, and bound by his oath to never raise a hand in violence, Esavas must find a way to counter Rayaluna’s terrifying magic and save the people of the Islands – and Rayaluna herself – from her destructive madness, even at the risk of his own soul.

Note: Winds of Magic is Book 1 of Mage of Storm and Sea, an epic fantasy series with a prominent romantic storyline in the later books. There will eventually be an HEA for the characters, but they have to work for it first! In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Esavas, the hero of the series.

Contains strong language, violence, and mature subject matter, including sexual references and content.

Synergy Of Hopes

by Edwin Downward

He lived a sheltered life until the nav-com flashed the message, ‘Location Unknown. Searching for Star Fix…’

Ensign Nivpul Exavent has dreamt since boyhood of becoming the first person to pilot the next generation star ship his grandfather would one day build.

When a surprise call from his grandfather puts Nivpul at the helm, flying solo, he’s in his element, until a spacial anomaly strands him far beyond known space and any hope of support, or rescue.

The discovery of a small ship tumbling on the edge of a stellar storm offers Nivpul a first hope for charting a path home, and shackles him with a survivor he dare not trust yet promises access to resources he cannot turn down.

When her help causes him to stumble upon examples of technology from home, he finds himself thrust into a world his position as a junior officer in a trading fleet never prepared him for, but within which she moved with to much ease.

Hunted Witch Agency: Complete Collection

by Rachel Medhurst

Witch, Warlock, Whatever…

My name’s Devon Jinx, and, yes, I’m half warlock, half witch. But I couldn’t care less about which kind of magic is better. All I want to do is keep my head down and get on with my new job as an investigator at the Hunted Witch Agency.

A recent, shall we say, mistake, has put me in place to inherit the leadership of the warlocks. Which means only one thing. I have a choice to make: Leave behind my life of witchery to become a warlock, or lose my warlock magic forever.

Complicating my choice is the fact that someone is trying to destroy the warlock coven. If I don’t stop them, the warlocks will be annihilated. The task seems impossible until Gerard Freshwater, a distractingly handsome witch, explodes into my life. He’s determined to make me see that being a witch isn’t just the best option, but the only option.

Mortal Secrets (Realms Unleashed: Red Angel #1)

by Isa Medina

Broke, blacklisted, and keeping secrets—the deadly kind.

Name? Ana Calliope Holt. Occupation? Demon vermin hunter. Status in the human magic community? Rock bottom, basement level.

And for a half-angel, that’s quite a feat.

I don’t mind it—the less anyone pays me any attention, the better. Because if anyone in the mortal, angelic, or demonic realms learns I’m the reincarnation of the Red Angel, an ancient weapon that can end immortal lives, I’ll be the hunted instead of doing the hunting.

So, when rumors about my existence begin to circulate, I must cover up my tracks, no matter what.

Unfortunately, when you’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel, the only help you find is the one you probably don’t want. Like the magical black market, where backstabbing is more of a competitive sport than a hobby, or the infuriating nightmare that’s the angel Zel.

But we don’t talk about him. Because murder is illegal, and I might just strangle him.

First in series special US$0.99


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