Ebookaroo 5 February 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by R. A. Steffan, Georgina Makalani, Stacy Claflin, Krista D. Ball, Julia Goldhirsh, Beth Alvarez, Catrin Russell, LS King, Lisa M. Green and C.C. Ekeke.

Forsaken Fae: Book One

by R. A. Steffan

There’s an unconscious Fae drooling on Len’s couch.

That’s not even the weirdest thing to happen to him this week.

Len’s been told that not all Fae are scheming, manipulative pricks. A moot point, since this one definitely is—he knows that much from bitter experience.

So, when his vampire ex-coworker dumps Albigard of the Unseelie on Len’s doorstep, he gives her two hours to find a better hiding place for the Fae fugitive before tossing him straight to the curb with the rest of the garbage.

He should have known better, of course. Because if there’s one thing Len’s learned since being thrown into the deep end of the seedy paranormal underworld, it’s that nothing is ever so simple.

Now he’s on the run from a cataclysmic primal force trying to tear its way into the human realm, stuck with a charismatic bastard who already knows way too much about the inside of Len’s messed-up head. The first time he met Albigard, Len punched the Fae in his too-perfect face. This time, they’ll have to learn to work together—or risk having their souls torn apart and consigned to the void, with the rest of humanity facing the same fate soon after.

The Wild Hunt has slipped its chains.

Darkness is coming for the world.

New Release US$0.99

The Empty Crown

by Georgina Makalani

Ana is running for her life. And she has dragged Captain Drayton along, or did he drag her? Either way they are fleeing across the kingdom from visions, a nasty mage and an apathetic lord.

The young Ed Forest is also running. He doesn’t know if he is running from what he knows he can’t be, or towards help to be the man his parents had hoped he would become.

Something has drawn them all to an old man in the mountains. He ran away long ago, and he may not be the willing help that they need him to be.

This unlikely group aim to restore the crown to the boy king, even if he doesn’t want it. Can they survive magic, evil relatives and one enormous dragon? Or is one amongst them a greater danger to their quest?

Special US$0.99


by Stacy Claflin

A world of mindless zombies. A lone traveler kills to stay alive. To survive a new threat, his only choices are trust or death…

Dex fears humans more than the hordes of wandering undead. After 11 years in survival mode, he’s learned how to fight the wandering killers. But humans are unpredictable, and in the chaotic ruins of civilization, one unplanned move can get you killed…

After an attack by the zombified version of a beloved family member, Dex resolves to travel back to his hometown. As he searches for surviving friends and family, he encounters a new breed of wanderer… less grotesque, but just as hungry for flesh…

To combat the new enemy, Dex must re-learn how to trust his fellow travelers. If he fails, he has no chance of reaching his hometown alive…

Special US$0.99


by Krista D. Ball

Seven years ago, Rebecca St. Martin took the coward’s path to save her skin. She has lived with that decision, eking out a life as an indentured servant on a space station far from home. Only now, fate has decided to give Rebecca another chance. A ghost from her past plans to execute a daring rescue from the prison bowels of the station Rebecca now works.

Rebecca has to face the same decision she made all those years ago. Could she watch her friends be murdered? Or could she, just for once, be a hero?

First in series special US$0.99

Rose is Spellbound

by Julia Goldhirsh

Will this Rapunzel break free from her glass cage or die trying?

Cursed to live within the glass walls of a greenhouse for her entire life, sixteen-year old Rose is desperate for a taste of freedom. After risking her life to escape, she’s saved by a handsome, young messenger.

Gabriel thinks he’ll never fall in love again until he meets Rose. After finding her collapsed on the side of the road, he knows he needs to help this mysterious girl.

When Rose meets Gabriel, she thinks she’s finally found a savior. But he’s hiding a secret that could get her killed. With an evil nymph on her tail, she starts to wonder:

Can she trust Gabriel or will he be the death of her?

This 20th century fairy tale retelling is filled with devious nymphs, bloodthirsty curses, and a dark twist that will have you spellbound. If you liked Jen Calonita’s Twisted Tales, you’ll love this first book in the Spellbound series. Buy Spellbound today!

Trigger warning- Rose deals with a physically and emotionally abusive parent in the book.

Special US$0.99

Serpent’s Mark

by Beth Alvarez

A girl without a family. A monster who craves humanity. An alliance could bring the kingdom to its knees.

The fate of Firal’s missing parents has always been a mystery, but her mother’s necklace—the royal crest given to all court mages—could provide the answer. After a lifetime of training, a single trip to the capital could give Firal everything she ever wanted. All she has to do is cross the treacherous ruins of an ancient maze to get there.

But the ruins are forbidden for a reason. Exiled to the labyrinth for the scales and claws his wild magic gave him, Daemon could find freedom if he could only gain control of his power. His chance encounter with Firal changes everything. In exchange for safe passage, she can teach the control he so desperately needs. Sharing temple secrets could get her expelled. His reckless nature could get her killed. With her window of opportunity to meet with the court mages drawing closed, Firal is forced to make a choice—but with secrets lurking behind Daemon’s exile and hatred fueling his motives, their alliance could cost her more than she ever believed possible.

The Snakesblood Saga is an epic fantasy adventure filled with intrigue, love, lies, and betrayal, beginning with Serpent’s Mark, book one of a six book series.

First in series special US$0.99

The Power of Conviction

by Catrin Russell

Darkness creeps across the Midlands. Only the Priesthood can stand against its terrifying presence.

“A grim and bloody tale of faith, forbidden love and revenge,. Will have you at the edge of your seat wishing for more!” – The Magic Book Corner ★★★★★

The Light of Darkness is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping epic fantasy tales with dark undertones. Download today.

New Release US$0.99

Sword’s Edge Chronicles Omnibus

by LS King

The portal has long closed—

Severing ties to the aliens who had brought them to this planet.

Complacency through many generations brought stagnation to the Teldheri people. Alcandhor advocates learning, evaluating traditions, and encouraging new ideas to invigorate his people, despite opposition from provincial lords who wish to maintain control.

But now, ancient places are rediscovered—

Long-lost artifacts are found and prophecies revealed—

And now their world teeters on a sword’s edge. Will the people embrace these amazing events and the inevitable changes or fight against Alcandhor and all he and his kin represent?

Special US$4.99

Dawn Rising

by Lisa M. Green

Once upon a time, a girl was born. A hundred years later, she grew up.

Aurianna must rewrite the past in order to save the future. She was supposed to be the answer to an enigmatic prophecy discovered on the night of her birth. But a terrible curse changed her life forever.

That is, until a mysterious stranger arrives to break the spell. He awakens Aurianna to the truth of her past and the powers she never knew she had.

When he sweeps her back in time, she discovers there is more to her life than she ever imagined. The world she encounters is both strange and familiar. But learning to control her newfound elemental powers will be the least of her problems.

She must race against time to uncover the truth about a catastrophe that will leave the world broken, divided, and at war.

Aurianna just wants answers. But the people need a savior.

First in series special US$0.99

United We Stand: A Superhero Adventure (The Pantheon Saga Book 6)

by C.C. Ekeke

Greyson Hirsch has carved a bloody path of destruction across America in his war against superheroes. Fully embracing the villainous persona of Damocles, he now dedicates himself to ridding the world of these “false messiahs.”

His next target is San Miguel’s own Aegis, known to friends and family as Hugo Malalou.

By slaughtering Aegis and his team of Paragons, Damocles hopes to crush the symbolic face of this new generation of heroes.

Hugo is equally motivated to stopping Damocles’s reign of terror, bringing him closer to a shadowy powerbroker hellbent on burning the current world order to ashes.

But Hugo’s efforts are derailed when a close friend is corrupted by an ancient evil that could plunge San Miguel and beyond into nightmarish chaos.

Now he is forced to make an impossible choice—stop Damocles or save his friend’s life.

The only option this young hero has is to roll the dice, causing destructive consequences no matter what he chooses.

Aegis and Damocles finally collide in United We Stand, Book 6 of the bestselling Pantheon Saga.

New Release US$4.99

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