Ebookaroo 5 February 2020

Here are some specials and new releases by Nicole Ciacchella, Krista D. Ball, Jeffrey L. Kohanek, Ethan Freckleton, Alesha Escobar, Dean F. Wilson, George Saoulidis, M.V. Stott and Jane Killick.


by Nicole Ciacchella

A sweet fantasy romance reimagining of The Little Mermaid.

Humans are careless, destructive, and have no regard for life. They must be punished for their transgressions.

Her entire life, Clio has believed in the truth of her father’s philosophy. For years the people of the island kingdom of Koryos have lived profligately, and proof of their abuses surrounds her: sea creatures perishing in massive numbers, corals bleached and dying, toxic waste polluting the once-pristine waters. Her father choosing her to act as his secret weapon is the highest honor Clio can imagine, even if it required her to leave her home at the age of ten and endure ten years of rigorous training to learn to impersonate a human.

Now, Clio is ready to carry out her mission to eliminate every last Koryosian. Success means saving her home and family. Failure means the end of her world.

But the more she integrates herself into human society in order to sabotage it from within, the harder it becomes for her to ignore her doubts. The new human king is determined to atone for his father’s sins, and to undo the damage that threatens both his home and Clio’s, making her wonder if human annihilation is necessary. Can the Koryosians and the merfolk learn to coexist? Or will she be forced to choose between eradicating humanity and dooming merkind?

New Release US$0.99


by Krista D. Ball

Trust is the rarest of commodities.

From the moment she stepped onboard Liberty’s Pleasure, Rebecca St. Martin knew something was off. Before she could sound the alarm, she was kidnapped and pulled into a conspiracy that made her question every single relationship she’d made.

Even as Rebecca questioned, she looked around at her co-captives and decided it didn’t matter. She wouldn’t let anyone harm these people for one minute longer than necessary. They had no hero coming to rescue them. Just her.

Rebecca will have to put aside a lifetime of fear and be the hero these people need. Anyone wanting to hurt them would have to go through her first.

New Release US$4.99

Wizardoms: Temple of the Oracle

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

A wizard lord bent on conquest. Mythical creatures return and threaten the lands. A foreboding future awaits.

**Discounted preorder price**

Temple of the Oracle is the third entry in Fate of Wizardoms, a thrilling epic fantasy saga from bestselling author Jeffrey L. Kohanek.

New Release US$2.99

Of Sporks, Overlords, and Moon Worms

by Ethan Freckleton

From Daring Prison Breaks to Galaxy-Expanding Science Fiction

Do you like funny, fast-paced space opera featuring space pirates, surly artificial intelligences, dashing rogues, alien artifacts, and deadly surprises?

You’ll love these three stories from the Starship Ass universe:

* Escape From Aresh Five

* The Overlord of Kepler 186f

* Moon of Ontera

This collection can be enjoyed at any time. Read these stories before, after, or even while you’re enjoying Books One-thru-Three of the Starship Ass trilogy—BUY your copy today!

New Release US$2.99

The Wayward Wizard

by Alesha Escobar

I’m the last person a secret government agency wants to call for help.

I spend my days selling New Age trinkets to humans and my nights drinking with a street-hustling alchemist. Not exactly the law and order type. But when monsters from our childhood nightmares become flesh and blood, snatching people from the streets, I’m one of the few wizards alive who can uncover who’s behind it.

My past threatens to catch up with me, and I’m not sure I can outrun it.

After losing my family in a fire and being whisked away by my caretaker to train at the Akashic Academy, my life was further turned upside down when I emerged from my final test to find three dead master wizards. Despite being cleared of all charges, most in my community believe I killed them.

They call me the Wayward Wizard.

I may be a black sheep among magic-users, but I deliver results. Which is why this secret agency has dragged me out of bed, slapped the bottle of whiskey out of my hand, and placed me with Alanna Reid. She’s their best (and most uptight) agent who’s been ordered to keep an eye on me and make sure I get the job done—or, put a bullet in me.

But as good as Alanna is, even she may not be prepared for what’s coming. And if I can’t shut down the mysterious wizard wielding stolen powers, then I have a demigod looking over my shoulder, salivating at the thought of bringing on the Apocalypse as punishment.

It’s like the teacher penalizing the entire class for one asshat’s actions, but on a cosmic level.

Since I like living, the choice is clear.

But something tells me that in unraveling the truth, I’ll also have to face my own monsters, which can be just as deadly.

New Release US$2.99

Infinite Waste

by Dean F. Wilson

An eccentric, trigger-happy captain and a level-headed commander vie for control of the Starship Gemini, but are forced to mix their two very divided crews when they encounter a space barge full of militarised waste.

They say it takes two to tango, but when facing this planet-destroying vessel, and the rumour of an ancient, hidden foe in the Umbra, it takes the military might of Captain Skip Sutridge and the scientific genius of Commander Maggie Antwa to be in with a fighting chance.

Some say the stars are infinite, but the potential to defy cosmic threats is greater still when divisions are set aside for a greater good. That’s a lesson that isn’t easily learned by these space-faring twins, but it’s not a lesson that will go to waste.

New Release US$0.99

Spitwrite Box Set: Books 2-4

by George Saoulidis

A collection of #spitwrite stories.


The Imiteles Space Station

The Garbage Cube

The Recovery Building

Looking Down on People From Atop a Big-Ass Mecha

The Hologram Riot

Waifu Wedding

A Self-Driving Car Named Desire

Viking Shipbuilding

and over 80 more short stories.

Note: This contains books 2-4 of the Spitwrite series for ease. If you own the individual books, there’s no need to get this one.

Special US$0.99

Hexed Detective

by M.V. Stott

All Rita wants is to abandon dreary Blackpool and start over somewhere new. But when she triggers a magical hex that renders her invisible and traps her in her hometown, escape seems impossible.

Rita soon finds that Blackpool has some hidden secrets: magical artefacts fashioned in Heaven, a fallen Angel buried beneath the sea in a glass prison, and living nightmares in fine suits and animal masks that can turn your mind to soup.

Thrust into a world she doesn’t understand, Rita finds herself trying to solve a case that by any sane measure is unsolvable.

Worse still, the only person she can turn to for help is a self-confessed liar, cheat, and—according to him—the future king of Great Britain.

Special US$0.99

Traitor’s Code

by Jane Killick

Intrigue, adventure and love on the edge of the galaxy.

When a dying fugitive begs Cassy to protect a stolen code, she becomes custodian of a secret which could save humanity.

Cassy, a freelance spaceship captain, battles pirates and evades jail as she works to unravel the mystery of the code taken from the Fertillan royal family. Pursuing her, Prince Stephen of the Fertillan Guard delves deeper into her past and discovers someone protecting Cassy from behind the scenes.

Drawn closer together by the investigation, Cassy learns why the Fertillan royal family fears the secrets hidden inside the code and why the fugitive risked everything to steal it. Torn between her love for the prince and the promise of saving humanity, she must choose the dangerous path or betray her own conscience.

The first of the Freelancer trilogy, Traitor’s Code is a page-turning space adventure with a twist of romance that fans of Farscape and Killjoys will love.

First in series special US$0.99

To Hell and Back

by Raquel lyon

My name is Conner Lovell: werewolf and Hell escapee.

I wish I could say that meant I had my life back, but it would be a lie. Word got out about my return and the supernatural hierarchy weren’t best pleased.

Now I’m stuck killing demons to pay off a debt I didn’t even know I owed, alongside the one person I’d hoped to forget.

Oh, and to top it all off, turns out I’ve got a serial killer on my tail.

Yeah, my life’s a whole lot like Hell.

New Release US$0.99

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