Ebookaroo 5 April 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Aaron Hodges, Jeffrey L. Kohanek, C.L. Carhart, Nicole Patrice Thomas, Rachel Medhurst, Matt Edsand, Shelley Russell Nolan, LENA RAYE SCOTT, Brogan Thomas and Susan Kelly.

The Evolution Gene: The Complete Trilogy

by Aaron Hodges

In 2051, the Western Allies States have risen as the new power in North America. But a terrifying plague is sweeping through the nation. Its victims do not die—they change. People call them the Chead, and where they walk, destruction follows.

Runaway teenager Liz wants nothing more than an ordinary life. But when she’s abducted off the streets, Liz learns her government has other plans. In a future ruled by a ruthless dictator, there’s no place for the weak, and she’s spirited away to a facility deep in the Californian mountains. There, Liz wakes in an iron cage – and she’s not alone.

Beside her, eighteen-year-old Chris stands wrongfully accused of treason. The two are now volunteers in the Genome Project – an experimental program to enhance the human race and fight the Chead. Stripped of their rights, they will soon learn the true depths of human cruelty. The two must work together to survive, but even then, their chances are slim.Of course, only the lucky get to die.

Special US$0.99

The Buried Symbol

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Buried away for centuries, a forgotten magic lurks…waiting to return

They tell Unchosen, “Accept your fate and you’ll be rewarded in the next life.”

The threat of execution is their recourse.

Rejecting his role as an outcast, Brock risks his life and obtains a false rune, marking him a member of the Empire’s ruling class. Under a veil of deception and backed by natural talent, he then schemes his way into a school where the Empire’s future leaders are trained.

Can he maintain this charade?

Within an academy of magic, science, and combat, he discovers secrets kept from society, among which is a forbidden magic he is able to wield.

He is determined to tame his frightening new abilities. One misstep could destroy him.

A classic underdog story, perfect for fans of zero-to-hero fantasy adventures filled with magic, mystery, and monsters.

First in series special US$0.99

Arcane Gateway

by C.L. Carhart

“All of history is open to you now. You need only to choose which era you want to claim as your own.”

Swanie von Thaden has enough magic going on in her life already. Having grown up in a Teutonic world rife with elemental powers, spiritual entities, and mystical traditions, she’s never really integrated into everyday life. Now she’s poised to enter college in a few weeks’ time. There, she’ll need to fit in with normal people who could never fathom the magic she wields. But who would dare to befriend an elemental witch?

During one last summer vacation, Swanie meets a fairy in the forest who leads her to a mysterious relic rumored to harbor the power over time itself. Her plans for a normal life spiral into the ground as she finds herself questioning everything her people hold dear. Now, with the help of her most trusted mentors, she must seek out darker truths than she had ever imagined. Is there more to her people’s history than meets the eye? What sinister forces lurk in the shadows of Teutonic magic?

First in series special US$0.99

The Prophecy

by Nicole Patrice Thomas

Their mothers died believing in it, Devona paid the price trying to stop it, Alric may die if he doesn’t surrender to it.

Alric triggers an ancient relic, a sword with a gem imbued with power in its hilt, he hopes by wielding it he will become the man, the KING, everyone wants him to be. Sadly his desperation has the opposite effect.

The Prophecy has become the driving force behind every action on both sides of the conflict, balance will be restored or lost completely. Battle lines are being drawn and a step in the wrong direction may coast your life.

New Release US$3.99

Hunted Witch Agency Complete Collection

by Rachel Medhurst

Witch, Warlock, Whatever…

My name’s Devon Jinx, and, yes, I’m half warlock, half witch. But I couldn’t care less about which kind of magic is better. All I want to do is keep my head down and get on with my new job as an investigator at the Hunted Witch Agency.

A recent, shall we say, mistake, has put me in place to inherit the leadership of the warlocks. Which means only one thing. I have a choice to make: Leave behind my life of witchery to become a warlock, or lose my warlock magic forever.

Complicating my choice is the fact that someone is trying to destroy the warlock coven. If I don’t stop them, the warlocks will be annihilated. The task seems impossible until Gerard Freshwater, a distractingly handsome witch, explodes into my life. He’s determined to make me see that being a witch isn’t just the best option, but the only option.

Special US$0.99

Invisible Strike

by Matt Edsand

Captain Stanley heads the first in a new breed of destroyers …

Marine Captain Peters is the youngest son of Earth’s greatest General …

50 years of colonization and no contact …

… until now

In the Vonia system, humanity has colonised the largest planet, Euphra. And, Captain Stanley is out to prove the new destroyer is well worth its hefty price tag. But an invisible enemy strikes at the heart of those meant to protect humanity’s greatest success story since the destruction of Earth.

What does the enemy want and why? With time running out, can Stanley and Peters find a way to protect the colony from a ruthless enemy that seeks to destroy their very existence?

Invisible Strike, Book 1 of Trebium Wars, is an action-packed thrill ride that will leave fans of military science fiction wanting for more.

New Release US$0.99

Spell Struck (Merry Magic Book 1)

by Shelley Russell Nolan

Magic may be her undoing

When Merry inherits a bookshop from a grandmother she never knew existed, the last thing she expected was to be transported to another world. But while claiming her inheritance, she accidentally triggers a spell that takes her to Tirana; a world where magic is real, and where her grandmother left behind powerful enemies.

Now those enemies are after Merry, and she has to return home before they catch up with her. With the transportation spell broken, and mages and enforcers on her tail, she flees with her grandmother’s familiar, Sadie. But the black cat can’t save her when she draws the attention of the guild. On the run and searching for a way to remake the spell to take her home, Merry encounters dangers that may prove costly to both worlds.

Merry must learn to wield elemental powers of Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit to have any hope of returning home. If she fails, she will be stuck in Tirana forever, while an ancient enemy may gain the foothold it needs to rid the world of magic for good.

Read the first book in a magical portal fantasy series now and get Spell Struck with Merry.

First in series special US$0.99

The REM Machine


She wants out of the criminal underworld. But first she has to remember her sins…

New York, 2061.

Kara Danilenko wakes in hospital with no memory of her past criminal life selling drugs and guns. She is stunned to learn she’s the latest victim of New York’s brutal crime lord, the Supplier.

Max Field, ATF, has been chasing the Supplier since his last partner was butchered by him thirteen years ago, and Kara’s memory may be the key to unlocking his identity. Sentenced to prison for her crimes, Kara is given one chance at exoneration—but first she has to agree to relive her gangland deeds in a terrifying memory machine.

Soon it becomes apparent that the machine is being used against her. And as she immerses herself deeper, Kara’s dangerous journey into her past becomes a fight for survival.

Can Kara bring a crime lord to justice before he silences her forever?

The REM Machine is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller. If you like mind-twisting realities, gritty futures, and street-smart heroes, then you’ll love Lena Raye Scott’s adrenaline-fueled novel.

First in series special US$0.99

Cursed Demon

by Brogan Thomas

She’s immune to magic – but that won’t save her. Accused of crimes she didn’t commit and kidnapped by an infuriated hellhound, Emma soon remembers the perils of being human in a world filled with monsters…

New Release US$0.99

King of the Ruins

by Susan Kelly

He’s hungry for fame. He’s got the voice. But that bitch Fate has a different plan.

Emryss Byrne figures he has a date with destiny. He just needs money, and he’s on his way. But the rapture virus pandemic traps him in a hospital in Butte, Montana, with a dying President, a junkie nurse, and a team of trigger-happy Secret Service agents.

As the body count inside and outside the hospital soars, a dead man lays an obligation on Emryss. The path to greatness has never been clearer.

Trouble is, it will take him where he never wanted to go.

Set in the world of the Endgame, King of the Ruins is a gripping, dramatic story of moral imperatives and free will in dark times.

Special US$0.99

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