Ebookaroo 30 September 2019

Specials and new releases by Charlotte E. English (Ebookaroo supporter), Chris Lowry, D.O. Thomas, Dale Ivan Smith (Ebookaroo supporter), John Bowers (Ebookaroo supporter), Joshua James, Marjorie King, Rick Partlow and Simon Haynes.

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The Road to Farringale (Modern Magick, 1)

by Charlotte E. English

Can British magick be saved? Hell yes.

Imagine modern Britain without magick.

No fae enclaves. No flying chairs. No magick wands. Giddy gods, no unicorns.

Who wants to live in that world?

Me neither. But with magick on the decline, that’s the world we’re ending up with.

Meet the Society for Magickal Heritage. Our boss is a disembodied voice. Our headquarters is a sentient house. You could say we’ve a vested interest in keeping magick alive.

Can a ragtag bunch of magicians, necromancers and fae prevail against inevitable ruin and decline?

Hell yes. Try and stop us.

First mission? Find the source of a magickal disease that’s decimating Britain’s troll enclaves — and fix it. Simple.

Or… maybe not. For the only place that might hold the information we need is the ancient and inconveniently lost enclave of Farringale…

First in series special US$0.99

Gremlin Night

by Dale Ivan Smith

The supernatural world is a crazy place, and tonight it’s getting even crazier.

Elizabeth Marquez enforces the magical laws that keep the hidden supernatural hidden. Just transferred from guarding an arcane prison back to a field assignment on the streets of America, Liz will do anything to remain a sorcerer-agent. There’s just the little problem of her supreme impatience with procedures and delays.

Tonight, a gremlin outbreak threatens to wreck her career, and expose magic and magical creatures to the world. On top of that, she’s been handed a rookie partner who thinks she’s a loose cannon. Even worse, an old nemesis from a rival magical organization is gunning for her.

One night isn’t a lot of time to stop magical chaos.

Liz is going to need every ounce of impatience she has.

New Release US$0.99

Battlefield Z

by Chris Lowry

Nobody knows how it started.

Nobody left really cares.

It’s survival of the fittest.

The Z are here and they’re not the worst things left.

A Dad hunts for his children in a zombie filled wasteland. A ragtag group gathers around him. The militia wants to stop him. A cult wants to kill him. All his has is sharp wit and iron willpower.

He’s gonna need a sharper knife.

You’ll love this series.

Get started with just one click.

A post apocalyptic sci fi comedy with heart.

First in series special US$0.99

Maverick Gambit

by Marjorie King

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Space is a deadly business, and Knox knows this first hand. He’s lost a lot and has the scars to prove it. But then pirates target a town that Knox loves. They kidnap the town’s children and sell them into slavery. Knox knows they’ll be back for more and he won’t let it happen again. The town needs shields and he’ll get them, even if he has to steal them.

Knox devises a carefully crafted plan and hires the perfect crew. He’ll “borrow” from Caravan Suppliers—the Goliath of space shipping—a company that can afford to lose a shield generator or two. No one will know he was there.

But Caravan Suppliers has a dirty slave habit, and they’ll kill to it keep secret. When Knox stumbles onto it, he endangers his crew and his family. Will this operation cost Knox more than he’s willing to pay?

From debut author Marjorie King, Maverick Gambit is the first book in the Maverick series. With a layered galaxy full of rich characters and thrilling heists, it’s perfect for fans of JN Chaney and Timothy Zahn. Get your copy today and let the adventure begin.

Special US$0.99

Alien Invasion

by Joshua James

Powerful aliens. Desperate humans. Endless action.

A far-future military science fiction anthology from bestselling author Joshua James.

As humanity slips the bonds of Earth and ventures into the endless expanse of space, the risks are amplified. There is no promise that humanity will survive, let alone thrive, alongside forces they could never imagine. From hardened space Marines to long-in-the-tooth starship captains to naive young explorers blundering into history, these novels tells tales you will not soon forget. Follow along as humanity struggles to survive in the uncharted wonders of space.

Alien Invasion is a collection of four previously-published novels that take place on the edges of the known universe. Each one is the start of a new, and exciting, space adventure. Grab your copy today!

New Release US$0.99

Seeds of Gaia

by Rick Partlow

Revenge is heading to Earth at the speed of light…

The Gaia probes left a dying Earth millennia ago in a bold effort to spread life to a lifeless universe.

Unfortunately, not all of those worlds were uninhabited…

The aliens watched their world die to swarms of nanite terraformers, but with their last breath they launched a terrible, unstoppable weapon to kill those who’d stolen their home.

Patrol Captain Sam Avalon is the first human to encounter it, a missile the size of an asteroid, tearing through anything in its path, destined to impact Earth in four years and leave nothing but ashes. Together with the mysterious government operative Priscilla and the cyborg soldier Telia Proctor, they do their best to unite old enemies in a desperate attempt to save the cradle of humanity from the sins of their fathers…

Special US$0.99

Hal Spacejock 10: Cold Boots

by Simon Haynes

The Spacers’ Guild needs a new president, and Hal Spacejock is determined to cast his vote… even though he’s not a member.

Meanwhile, Hal’s latest cargo job belongs to someone else, his shiny new ship is losing money hand over fist, and doing a good favour could turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

Join Hal and Clunk in their tenth adventure, where the only good boots are… Cold Boots!

New Release US$4.99

Asteroid Outpost

by John Bowers

Nick Walker, ex Star Marine and fresh out of the United Federation Marshal Academy, arrives on Ceres, part of the asteroid belt, with a laser pistol, a .44 Magnum, and a head filled with zero tolerance. He’s immediately plunged into a mystery of murder, sabotage, and fraud on a gigantic scale.

Nick is on his first assignment, confident he can tame the galaxy, bust the bad guys, and bring relief to the downtrodden. Reality check is just around the corner.

The Asteroid Belt is no place to raise a family—the Belt is the final refuge for fugitives, deadbeats, and creeps in general. Ceres, in particular, is a true den of iniquity, and law enforcement is a full time job.

To Nick, the law is the law, everything is black and white, and never the twain shall meet…

…or shall they? Nick is quickly confronted with the hard reality that sometimes good and evil can coexist, and not everyone is so easily classified. It’s a hard life on the final frontier, and even an idealistic young lawman might learn a few lessons.

The trick is staying alive long enough to learn them.

First in series special US$0.99

Born of the Shade

by D.O. Thomas

They live among us. Hiding in plain sight. Until Now…

West London has always been known as the quieter part of the city. That’s true… for a human. But in reality, the streets are home to those that rule over the supernatural world.

Werewolves have their gated communities. Vampires reside within a subterranean utopia. And the magic-wielding wizards, witches, and warlocks study their arts right under the noses of general public. It has always been that way, and because of this, there has always been peace.

But when a rare blue moon settles in the sky, everything changes.

Noir, a West London information broker with his fingers in every supernatural pie, sets out to discover what the blue moon means and finds something beyond belief. With his discovery, comes the realization of a prophecy that spells disaster for the supernatural world.

He must do everything in his power to stop the actualization of this dark future that might mean the end for the peace between species that keeps his world intact.

Magic, secrets, and unexpected twists will keep you on the edge of your seat in this Supernatural Urban Fantasy debut. It’s perfect for fans of Rivers of London, The Magicians, and American Gods.

New Release US$0.99

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