Ebookaroo 25 May 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by James E Wisher, Richard Fierce, Dean F. Wilson, Aimee Easterling, Jonathan Yanez, Kate Sheeran Swed , E.S. Matthew, C.G. Harris, and Anthea Sharp.

Darkness Rising

by James E Wisher

Damien St. Cloud is a failure.

Born into a family of warlords and with the most powerful soul force in history, he’s unable to make it work.

A disappointment to his legendary father and a weakling compared to his sister, Damien’s life is miserable.

His life changes forever when a visiting sorcerer proclaims Damien isn’t a warlord at all but a sorcerer. Thrust into a world of magic and danger, can Damien master his power in time to save his family and the kingdom from long forgotten evil?

Darkness Rising is the first in a thrilling fantasy series.

Dive into the adventure now.

Scale of the Dragon

by Richard Fierce

Her key to freedom is also her torment.

Mina is an outcast. A childhood accident left her scarred and with a curse that her master exploits to hunt dragons for sport.

She wants freedom, from both her master and the curse, but unless the right dragon is killed, she’ll be a bondservant for the rest of her days.

With Mina’s uncanny ability and her master’s magical strength, the beast responsible for her misery will fall … even if she has to take matters into her own hands.


by Dean F. Wilson

In the world of Altadas, there are no more human births. The Regime is replacing the unborn with demons, while the Resistance is trying to destroy a drug called Hope that the demons need to survive.

Between these two warring factions lies Jacob, a man who profits from smuggling contraceptive amulets into the city of Blackout. He cares little about the Great Iron War, but a chance capture, and an even more accidental rescue, embroils him in a plot to starve the Regime from power.

When Hope is an enemy, Jacob finds it harder than he thought to remain indifferent. When the Resistance opts to field its experimental landship, the Hopebreaker, they find they might just have a chance to win this war.

First in series special US$0.99


Rogue Moon

by Aimee Easterling


I’m Kira Fairwood, rogue kitsune and couch-surfer extraordinaire. Three months after disowning my pack, I’m still trying to find a way home.

Then a way home finds me. All I have to do is follow the advice of a murderer, trespass on an enemy alpha’s territory, and nab a stranger who shares my fox heritage.

Thom thinks it’s a terrible idea, but he puts his not-quite-pack on the line to help anyway. Now, if I fail, I’ll drag my new friends down with me.

What could possibly go wrong?

Rogue Moon is the second book in a “fast-paced” and “intriguing” new series that begins with Full Moon Saloon.

Hunters for Hire

by Jonathan Yanez

An Angeleno strapped for cash. A vampire who doesn’t suck blood. A primeval monster monopolizing the city with deception…

Sign twirling and rideshare driving while waiting for his next casting call take a backseat to track down the supernatural for a pretty penny.

When John Hunter finds out he can get paid $5,000 for trapping a rogue chimera, it’s game on.

Now, he’ll have a crash course on the goings-on of the secret underworld and more than a few bruises to prove his mettle.

But not all is as straightforward as it may seem. There are those closest to Jonny who are more than they’re letting on. And the humans in his life turn out to be the worst kind of monsters. Jonny may be able to save himself, if he wants to save the city from an unspeakable, ancient evil lurking in the shadows, he’ll have to catch up fast.

For fans of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunters International, Martha Carr’s Go Dwarf Yourself, and Hunter Blain’s Preternatural Chronicles comes your next romp in the graveyard. Because monster hunting has never been this much fun.

Download your copy and start reading now!

Parting Shadows

by Kate Sheeran Swed

Raised by a heartsick AI, she’s programmed to kill. And desperate to flee.

After growing up on an isolated space station, Astra dreams of solid ground. But with an AI guardian plugged into her head–and her nervous system–it’s not like she’s flush with choices. In fact, she’s got just one: use her training to carry out the rogue AI’s revenge. Her first mission? Assassination.

When her target flashes a jamming device that would guarantee her escape from the AI’s grasp, Astra sets out to steal it. But the AI’s plans are more dangerous than she suspected. Corrupted by heartbreak, the wayward computer is determined to infect the star system with a new order of digital tyranny.

Astra’s been raised to care for no one but herself. Now she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to trade the star system’s freedom for her own.

Parting Shadows is a far-future take on Estella Havisham’s journey in Great Expectations, and the first installment in Kate Sheeran Swed’s Toccata System novella trilogy.

The Dragon’s Back

by E.S. Matthew

In a divided world plagued by oppression and persecution, a monster hunter and renegade mage must embark on a dangerous adventure to awaken a long-dormant dragon and challenge an all-powerful evil force.

Queen Morflava’s reign of terror seems unstoppable as the malevolent mage sows division and hate among humans and fae. With the Warlord Council disbanded and the Citadel destroyed in the devastating Mage Purge, the continent is desperate for a hero.

Cali, last of the Mancar War-Clan, final Apprentice of the Mecha-Mage, and survivor of the Mage Purge, can no longer ignore the call of her dying father’s last words. She must reclaim a powerful artifact said to be her birthright. An object capable of reawakening dragons and challenging Morflava’s rule.

On this perilous journey, Cali is pursued by the Queen’s army, led by her twin brother who betrayed her parents’ legacy by serving as enforcer for Morflava. This murderous horde will stop at nothing to prevent Cali from succeeding in her mission to overthrow the Queen.

But Cali isn’t alone, as an unlikely band of tenacious survivors and outcasts join her in taking on this perilous quest. As they trek over brutal mountains and desert landscapes, will the group of companions be able to resurrect a dragon and inspire a revolution of hope, or will the world be forever caught in the grip of despair under Morflava’s iron fist?

Fans of the Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archives, and Lord of the Rings will love this sweeping new epic fantasy adventure.

The Rax–Out of Darkness

by C.G. Harris

Human technology is a crime punishable by death and the alien race controlling the planet fears one thing… a blind boy immune to their greatest weapon…

With Earth enslaved by a vicious alien race known as the Rax, hope hangs on a single savior—a blind runaway named Tael. His alien captors distill fear into a devastating weapon, but Tael and a small band of rebels discover an ancient super computer that holds the technology to defeat them. If Tael unravels its secrets, humanity may have a fighting chance. But only if they find the traitor hidden within their rebel ranks who threatens their extinction…

White as Frost

by Anthea Sharp

Two sisters. One enchanted forest. And a hidden destiny that could doom them both…

Swept away to the castle beside the Darkwood, Rose Valrois finds herself in a world full of secrets and forbidden magic. There she meets her new stepsister, the enigmatic Princess Neeve, who will either become her best friend – or her worst enemy.

When Rose follows her stepsister into the enchanted shadows beneath the trees, she is beset by dangerous creatures and rescued by Thorne, the Dark Elf guardian of the forest, who binds her to the Darkwood and forbids her to speak of its mysteries.

Yet despite the danger surrounding her, Rose continues to risk everything in her quest for answers, until the day she steals into the depths of the forest and discovers the most perilous secret of all…

From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp, a fantasy fairy-tale weaving elements of Snow White & Rose Red with romance, magic, and dangerous secrets that will destroy a kingdom. Will appeal to fans of Sylvia Mercedes, Naomi Novik, Holly Black, and anyone who loves a fairytale beautifully retold~

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