Ebookaroo 25 March 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by David Bussell, Marlena Frank, Anne Wheeler, W.R. Gingell, John Triptych, Tabi Slick, C.P. Night, Maria Vermisoglou, Greg Dragon and Philip Harris.

Spectral Detective: A Three-Book Collection, Volume 1

by David Bussell

A ghost turned private investigator must rescue the souls of murder victims to atone for his mortal sins.

Jake Fletcher is an ex-exorcist. No, that wasn’t a stutter.

Once upon a time he evicted ghosts for a living, at least until he got killed and became one. Now he works as a phantom detective, offering his services to lost souls trapped between this world and the next.

But will his good deeds buy him a ticket to the good place, or is Jake destined to walk the streets of London as a phantom for all eternity?

Mystery, the macabre, and caustic wit collide in this bizarre noir. Fans of Jim Butcher, Ben Aaronovitch, and Benedict Jacka will love these page-turning detective stories with a supernatural twist.

The She-Wolf of Kanta

by Marlena Frank

The daughter of a werewolf hunter will become so much more.

Thirteen-year-old Mercy Pinkerton thought her days of cleaning house, fixing the barricade, and wiring electric prongs were over. She would finally get to train to be a werewolf hunter, what she has always wanted.

She doesn’t know that there are worse monsters in Kanta than the werewolves that plague Kanta each night. Danger lurks around every corner. She’ll have to avoid her father’s temper and follow his orders, even if it means risking her life.

It is supposed to be Mercy’s big day, but will take a drastic turn for the worse. She’ll have to keep her wits about her, remember her training, and prepare for the ultimate test of bravery if she hopes to survive.

Asrian Skies

by Anne Wheeler

Avery Rendon is weeks away from realizing her dream as a Commonwealth fighter pilot when planetary politics destroy her fledgling career before it begins. Grudgingly, she returns to her home planet of Asria, still hoping to break free of her royal family and the life of tedious policymaking they’ve planned for her. But Asria is still Asria, and after her almost-fiancé walks out on her, she’s not sure things can get much worse.

She’s wrong. When the Haederan Empire invades Asria, intent on rebuilding their interstellar domain, Avery becomes a target. She also becomes something else—a reluctant and naïve Commonwealth intelligence operative. It’s not long before she stumbles upon information that could change the course of the war, and suddenly she’s on the run, pursued by the Haederan secret police and desperate to deliver critical information to the Commonwealth before it’s too late.

Swept up in something more dangerous than politics or flying, Avery starts to wonder if her destiny lies somewhere closer to home. If the information she’s learned can turn the tide of the war. And if she’ll live to see the end of it all.

Lady of Dreams

by W.R. Gingell

To dream from a distance, or wake and risk losing it all?

Confined to her couch, Clovis Sohn spends her days and nights dreaming, drifting further away from the outside world with each passing day. But Clovis’ dreams are also real, giving her a glimpse into the lives of those around her…

When a moment of unthinking sympathy twines Clovis’ dreams with the bored, playful composer Yong-hwa, she must decide whether to keep dreaming in the comfort of her chaise lounge, or to awaken into a reality that is by no means so sure or familiar as her dreams.


by John Triptych

Wracked by guilt, Cassie Voges travels across a devastated landscape in an attempt to find some meaning to the chaos she has unleashed.

Meanwhile, two mutually opposing forces that will determine the fate of the world prepares for an apocalyptic showdown.

Global leaders unleash their formidable military might as they seek to take back what was lost, while the newly independent communities that were transformed by the alien organism aspire to rid their territories from the last vestiges of state control.

With this inevitable conflict now on the horizon, something is approaching Earth. Will it be a harbinger of peace, or a bringer of untold destruction?

The Unforgivable Act (A Beaumont Bros. Circus Mystery Book 1)

by Tabi Slick

The case of a full moon murder, a mysterious power, & a magical circus.

Emma’s ordinary life is going nowhere, but she can’t help dreaming of a world of magic. A place where panthers twirl in a tango dance and an acrobat binds herself into a million tiny knots.

When her dreams turn into reality and a magical circus comes to town, she begins to see herself in a new light.

But when she’s suspected for murder, everything is threatened and she stands to lose it all before she even understands what she has.

Can she save her life and find her way to freedom before she’s caught and loses it forever?

On the Outward Edge

by C.P. Night

The Core Galactic Empire teeters on the edge of collapse. Can Princess Serina save it, or will she be the reason it falls?

Princess Serina fears rumors of the Core’s disappearing ships are a sign the Katorana rebels have infiltrated the fleet and are planning a coup. Chancellor Zul dismisses the idea and claims that every ship is accounted for at all times. Unable to convince Zul, her mentor and father figure, of the threat, she secretly takes action to discover the truth.

But her actions have consequences. They spark a series of events that change the course of long-laid plans for the Core. Will she recognize what’s happening before it’s too late, or will she be the first to fall?

On the Outward Edge is the first book in a series of five novellas capturing the critical moments of the fourth empire in the Myriadu universe.

Enchanted Locks

by Maria Vermisoglou

Life as a witch is hard. Hell is worse.

Be prepared dear reader, for this is no gentle bedtime story…

Fortuna has led a good life as a demon-slaying witch in the White Land until now…

Kidnapped by a demon and locked into a tower with no way out, she’s devastated to discover her powers disappeared.

However, when a handsome stranger flies past her prison, she must set aside her distrust and ask for help.

With only weapons her deadly hair, she must come to trust this strange man if Fortuna wants any chance at escape. But can she overcome her distrust in time, or will she be tormented in Hell forever?

Enchanted Locks is a dark fantasy paranormal romance story with slow-burn romance that contains mild violence and some steam. If you love witches and dark fairytales, welcome aboard!

Neon Eclipse

by Greg Dragon

One of Case City’s most skilled assassins, Jackson Cole is a wanted man. After annihilating his latest target, he quickly learns the prominent man’s identity. Now, a perilous enemy seeks revenge, and rival guilds look to take advantage of his vulnerability. For Jackson, it’s become kill or be killed, but will a steady aim be enough to take on the entire city?

Serial Killer Z: Infection

by Philip Harris

Every patient zero has a doctor. Edward Taylor just killed a man. It wasn’t the first time but it could be the last. For the last twenty years, he’s been careful, hiding his true self behind a mask of humanity. But now someone out there knows what Edward is. Cornered, and with his paranoia growing, he’s forced to take action and triggers a sequence of events that might just unleash a plague of the dead on the world.

First in series special US$0.99


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