Ebookaroo 25 June 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by Krista D. Ball, Neil Kay, Matt Edsand, T.M. Baumgartner, Maria Vermisoglou , Eileen Mueller, Eric Stever, and Ripley Harper.

Magic & Mystery

by Krista D. Ball

Secrets mixed with magic can be deadly.

Secrets have the power to protect or destroy. Forgotten lore, mysterious weapons, and magical libraries can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Covert missions, secret societies, and lost memories can provide salvation. Prepare for adventure and unlock the many secrets in MAGIC & MYSTERY!

Delve into these exciting worlds with USA Today and International best-selling authors Megg Jensen, Lilith Saintcrow, Krista D. Ball, Skyla Dawn Cameron, Jane Glatt, and Rhonda Parrish.

Dark Age Demons

by Neil Kay

Dark Age Demons – A Historical Horror Thriller.

Britain, 540 AD. Britons, Saxons, Jutes and Angles war with each other for land. They have no idea they are all just meat to the monsters that dwell in the abandoned Roman city of Londinium.

The monster’s leader, a former Roman soldier turned demon, sends his creatures across the land to forage for food and increase their numbers.

When one of these creatures destroys their village, two brave Saxon sisters and their stubborn but determined brother form an unlikely team-up with a Briton bandit who has knowledge of the islands darkness. Saxon newcomers from the old country and a Briton-born slave, raised and abused by Saxons complete the fearless squad.

Vampires, shapeshifters, and unnatural beasts chase and confront the heroes forcing them to turn their attention to the smoldering ruins of Londinium.

First in series special US$0.99


In the Pursuit: Kyda Tren Space Opera

by Matt Edsand

Helping out a friend never had more dangerous cosmic consequences.

All Kyda wanted was a chance at a new life. Her current grab, drop and get paid job wasn’t for everyone, but she was good at it.

Until her friend and mentor Trix asks for her help to do one big job. Kyda cannot refuse it. However, she could never have foreseen the cosmic chain of events helping her friend would set in motion. Now, someone is after Kyda and she doesn’t even know why.

The Chaos Job

by T.M. Baumgartner

How do you hide a chaos god on a partially terraformed world? Sil stays on her hilltop farm, the payout from 20 years fighting the border wars.

But the farm’s damaged AI herds sheep into symbols visible from orbit. Not knowing how to channel the chaos elsewhere, Sil enlists the help of a former enemy soldier.

Sparks fly when chaos and luck collide!

Ride along on this extraordinary space western full of gods, AIs, nanobots, and hope. Welcome to Jackpot Drift!

The Last Tide (Ytherynia #1)

by Maria Vermisoglou

You’d think being a prince would make life easier. Hell, no.

I am a merman, the third prince of Liquiris, and my uncontrollable powers give my brothers an excuse to bully me.

And my father? He hates the sight of me.

My escape comes unexpectedly when a letter arrives from Gifted Blood Academy.

With promises of potioneering, water binding, foreign languages and other classes suited to a prince of my status, this school seems like a paradise.

But strange incidents start plaguing the school and students disappearing.

If I don’t get to the bottom of the problem, I’ll lose the life I’ve built.



And more…

Readers who love magic academies and mystery will love this epic adventure!

Dragon Pirate, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters book 3

by Eileen Mueller

What can one lone woman, disguised as a cabin boy, do against a notorious pirate captain with a fierce sea dragon and a bloodthirsty crew?

When Rusty’s uncle is killed by the Scarlet Hand, she’s taken aboard the Fiery Dragon as the new cabin boy.

She vows revenge.

But never suspects she’ll fall into the Scarlet Hand’s snare.

If you like swashbuckling pirates, sea dragons and danger on the high seas, set sail with Dragon Pirate.

Dragon Removal Service

by Eric Stever

Sure, the dragon is dead and the Sorcerer is defeated. But with all the silly left-over magic running around the kingdom of Baltica, things are ‘worser-than-worse’. Who’s going to clean it all up?

Eleven-year-old Gulchima Brixby thinks she’s the girl for the job. She’s just inherited the family construction company, and they’re drowning in debt. When a bill-collector threatens her family with prison, Gulchima makes a risky decision. She signs a contract to remove all the silly left-over magic from the kingdom’s biggest town.

Fairy poo in the factory? Swan-maidens under the bridge? Pumpkins that strangle you in your sleep? How hard could it be? It’s only magic…

But when a dead dragon drops on her doorstep, the job gets dangerous. Someone is sabotaging her contract, and if Gulchima can’t figure out who killed that dead dragon, she might be next.


Preposterous plots, ridiculous reasoning, glowing beards and obliteration of the fourth wall. If you need a trope-twisting laugh, buy Dragon Removal Service today!

The Dark Dragon Chronicles (Book 1-3)

by Ripley Harper

Deep inside me, something old and dark is stirring – and the rest of my life is falling apart.

At school, a group of rich, popular boys is planning to publicly humiliate me. At home, everyone seems to be keeping some dark and ominous secret. And now my ultimate crush – a Viking-type sex god too hot to live – decides to tell me I have “magic powers” because I’m the “last descendant” of an “ancient bloodline” controlled by a “secret Order”, and that his family has been “keeping” mine for centuries.

I mean, seriously?

Sometimes I think no one around me is quite what they seem.

Least of all myself.

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