Ebookaroo 25 July 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Joshua James, D.W. Patterson, Damien Boyes, Krista D. Ball, Kyra Gregory, Nick Wisseman, Christine Pope, Margot de Klerk, Katharina Gerlach and MG Gallows.

Stars Dark: The Complete Series

by Joshua James


Includes the full series plus an exclusive bonus story!

The starship Yellowjacket is no pushover, but when an alien force larger than any in living memory appears out of nowhere, the ship is overwhelmed and left for dead on a hostile world.

Captain Brynn Jameson must face his personal demons when he learns the architect of the invasion has a vendetta against him.

Meanwhile, the resourceful crew must find a way to repair the crippled ship, gather allies, and get back in the fight — before there’s no fight left to join.

Note: The Stars Dark series is an homage to thrilling pulp sci-fi of yesteryear. If you’re interested in hard science fiction look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for action-packed adventures on strange worlds with even stranger aliens, this series is for you!

New Release US$0.99

Mach’s Metric

by D.W. Patterson

The wormhole drive could finally give humanity the stars, if it didn’t destroy them first. An accident had killed thousands by disrupting the entanglement of spacetime and its continued use could lead to further disruptions unless a solution could be found. Young Elias Mach, physicist and inventor of the drive, took on the challenge with the help of a supportive few. He would have to find a solution to the drive’s dire side-effects before it was too late.

If you like a fast moving story, characters that never give up, and science with a sense of wonder, this is for you.

“Mach’s Metric” is a novel set in the future (2390s) and is the third book in the Future Chron Universe. If you enjoyed “Mach’s Metric” consider reading the next story in the series “Mach’s Mission” for more Hard Science Fiction – Old School.

Special US$0.99


by Damien Boyes

My name is Jasmin Parker, and yesterday I was your typical teenager, only weeks from graduation—then soldiers from the future invaded and I discovered I have superpowers.

Bet you didn’t see that coming. I know I didn’t.

It wasn’t a coincidence either, my powers and the invasion. They came for me. Because of me. I tried, but I couldn’t stop them, and they took my entire world. My parents, my friends, my entire life … gone. Like I never existed.

Now I’m boundless—I have all of time and space at my fingertips—but there’s nowhere I’d rather be than the one place I can never go. Home.

And if that weren’t bad enough, an inter-dimensional demi-god is hell-bent on rewriting human history, and I’m the only one who can stop him. He’s already erased my past, I won’t let him steal the future from me too.

Can you believe it? Never even finished high school, and now it’s up to me to save the universe.

* * *

Boundless is a new wave blast through time and space, Star Wars and the Avengers and Back to the Future all rolled up in one and set to an 80’s soundtrack. If you’re into timeline-hopping, space opera, comic book movie fun, then you’ll absolutely love this series.

First in series special US$0.99


by Krista D. Ball

Seven years ago, Rebecca St. Martin took the coward’s path to save her skin. She has lived with that decision, eking out a life as an indentured servant on a space station far from home. Only now, fate has decided to give Rebecca another chance. A ghost from her past plans to execute a daring rescue from the prison bowels of the station Rebecca now works.

Rebecca has to face the same decision she made all those years ago. Could she watch her friends be murdered? Or could she, just for once, be a hero?

First in series special US$0.99

The Settlement’s Cradle

by Kyra Gregory

They took them from their homes.

They might not be the first to fight back.

But can they be the first to win?

When Skye is dragged away from home in broad daylight, along with a hundred others, she knows nobody is coming to their rescue.

Brought to a place thought to have been uninhabited since the world first ended, they serve one purpose; to colonise the Epizon’s reclaimed lands.

Once able to live her life as she wished, even in secret, their every move is now watched, their days spent doing the will of the Governor, caught in the middle of a war between those that brought them there, and the people the land was stolen from.

But abiding by the rules has never been Skye’s strong suit and, before long, living beneath the rule of corrupt and violent wardens pushes her to find a way out.

One way or another, she’ll be free of this place—even if it means death.

First in series special US$0.99

Witch in the White City: A Dark Historical Fantasy/Mystery

by Nick Wisseman

Thousands of exhibits. Millions of visitors. One supernatural killer …

Neva’s goals at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago are simple. Enjoy the spectacle—perhaps the greatest the United States has ever put on (the world’s fair to end all world’s fairs!). Perform in the exposition’s Algerian Theatre to the best of her abilities. And don’t be found out as a witch.

Easy enough … until the morning she looks up in the theatre and sees strangely marked insects swarming a severed hand in the rafters. Before she can scream, the bugs drop and swarm her.

And every one of them seems to have a stinger.

They strike fast—it only takes them a moment to inject her with so much venom that the same strange marks begin to rise on her skin. She’s horrified, but there’s worse to come: once the insects disperse, a Columbian Guard notices her rashes and warns that five people with similar sores have been murdered and dismembered. Before they died, the victims also seem to have lost their minds.

Neva considers fleeing the exposition. But that won’t stop her from going mad. So she marshals her powers and searches for the killer.

Within hours, it becomes clear he’s searching for her too …

An intricate story with a breakneck pace, Witch in the White City blends history, mystery, and magic in a way that will appeal to fans of The Devil in the White City, The Golem and the Jinni, and Black Leopard, Red Wolf.

Special US$0.99

Falling Dark

by Christine Pope

Everything changed the day she died…

Ever since a car accident nearly ended her life, Serena Quinn has been plagued by visions she can’t control. To cope with the fear of having them take over her life, she withdraws completely, isolating herself from society. But when she’s attacked by an unknown enemy, the mysterious Silas draws her into a hidden world of villainous, scheming vampires.  

Although Silas vows to protect her, Serena doesn’t know who she can trust. Even as she fights her attraction for Silas, Serena’s enemies become bolder, seeking to control her special powers. Will Serena’s connection to her guardian be enough to save her in the end?

First in series special US$0.99

Wicked Magic

by Margot de Klerk

Nathan is a vampire hunter on the cusp of graduation. He’s been training for this his entire life: the moment he qualifies and joins the rest of his family in their noble calling.

If only it were that simple.

His grades are a mess, his social life is a disaster, and what’s worse, his best friend is a witch! Add to that, his vampire uncle is back in town and his crush might just be supernatural too, and you have one big melting pot of potential parental disapproval. Nathan doesn’t think he can take much more, and then the dark mages come to town.

As bodies begin piling up in the streets, Nathan finds himself pulled deeper into political intrigue and a deadly plot that will pit him against his own family. When the girl he likes comes under threat, Nathan races against time to solve the mystery… well aware that with every step he takes, he comes closer to his father exposing all his secrets.

New Release US$0.99

Treasures Retold 1: Fairy Tale Retelling Omnibus (Volumes 1-3)

by Katharina Gerlach

A dwarf in hiding… a desperate stepmother… a female mechanic facing a king’s wrath…

Once upon a time there was magic. But even in fairy tales, time does not stand still. From mechanical gadgets to steam-driven machines, new inventions clash with old powers.

The dwarf of Snow White and Rose Red hides in the forest – will it be forever? The stepmother from Little Brother, Little Sister desperately searches for her beloved children – are they dead? A young mechanic from the Beauty and the Beast struggles to save her brother and herself – but the king has her cornered. Will magic be their salvation? Or technology? Or will both only create more havoc?

Find out how your favorite fairy tale characters survive in a world where technology suppresses magic.

The book includes all adaptions with their bonus stories and original fairy tales from ‘The Dwarf and the Twins’, ‘The Stepmother’, and ‘The King’s Mechanic’ as well as a brand new fairy tale retelling and its original.

First in series special US$3.99

Death Dealers

by MG Gallows

“Don’t dawdle, Alex. My Keepers and I will be searching for that body. If we find it, you’ll know.” Sheriff Agni put a fist over his chest and splayed out his fingers. “Boom.”

A year after a nasty breakup and a big move, Alex Fossor feels like he’s finally getting his life together. Then he gets framed for murder and the Rimbault Society—mages who secretly run the world—drag him before North America’s Archmage. The only thing that stalls Alex’s execution is the same evidence that could damn him, when the victim’s body walks out of the morgue and disappears.

Reviled for his death magic, Alex knows he’ll have to prove his own innocence. But the mundane, the magical, the living and the dead are on his case. A beautiful stranger knows who the real culprit could be, but can Alex trust her to have his back? With time running out, Alex discovers a sinister plot to use arcane drugs to harvest the city’s addicts. He’ll have to embrace everything that makes him a monster in the eyes of the law, before a hex on his heart burns him to ash.

First in series special US$0.99

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