Ebookaroo 25 January 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by C. Gockel, Anthea Sharp, et al, C. Gockel, Robin Lythgoe, Joshua James, Kristen S. Walker, R D Martin, K. Bird Lincoln, J. G. Massie and Paula M. Hunter.

Snow So White: Urban Magick & Folklore. Book One

by C. Gockel

Once upon a future-time, in a city of steel, concrete, and Magick, a wicked queen trapped a mighty warrior with a curse …

In the tiny village of Somer, far from the city, Cherie knows nothing of the evil spell. Her home is a safe, Magickal place. The Fae travel freely along its roads, Magickal humans and animals are welcome, and everyone is hidden from the Queen’s sight by Jack Frost, the local ghost, who blurs the Queen’s mirror with snow and ice.

But when Jack’s spell begins to crack, the Queen’s eyes fall on Somer. Nothing will keep her from abducting all of Somer’s Magickals, not even a war with the Fae.

To avert a war, save her village–and herself–Cherie strikes a perilous bargain. Aided only by Jack and her own small Magick, she’ll set off on a quest … If she fails, she’ll lose more than her life.

A retelling of Snow White with Urban Magick, plenty of folklore, and a Princess Charming. Perfect for fans of Naomi Novik’s Uprooted and Spinning Silver.

Once Upon A Wish

by Anthea Sharp, et al

Dreaming of a magical world? Your wish is our command! These sixteen fairytale retellings from bestselling authors will sweep you away into enchanted lands where wishes have the power to change lives. With wistful twists on Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and more, you’ll be enthralled by these all-new tales. Just be careful what you wish for…

Darkness Rising : Archangel Project Book Five

by C. Gockel

At the edge of the galaxy, a research station has gone dark…

Volka, 6T9, and Carl Sagan are called to help in the rescue mission … A mission that triggers telepathic nightmares in their starship so terrifying humans breakdown and weep.

They’re about to discover some nightmares are real.

The Darkness is Rising.

Blood and Shadow

by Robin Lythgoe

When young but gifted Sherakai is captured in a brutal attack while fleeing the violence plaguing his family, he finds himself in the hands of a deranged mage determined to transform him into his own personal weapon. Now, grief-stricken and fueled by vengeance against the man who betrayed his family and wants only to use him, Sherakai must must risk more than he thought possible and become greater than anyone dreamed if he is to save his family and the people he is supposed to protect.

First in series special US$0.99


Starship Honor

by Joshua James

HUMANITY HAS FALLEN. ONLY ONE SHIP CAN SAVE US. After a disastrous encounter with an alien species, Captain Roc Masters finds himself exiled on a rundown station in the asteroid belt, commanding an ancient starship with a near-mutinous crew. Just as he finally resigns himself to his fate, the aliens return to attack Earth. With the inner worlds crumbling and most of the Earth and Martian navies sidelined or destroyed, it’s up to Roc and his lone starship to hold the line…

Riwenne and the Mechanical Beasts

by Kristen S. Walker

A clumsy school girl with the magic of a goddess. Mechanical beasts attacking her friends. Can she become a divine warrior and save the floating city?

Fifteen-year-old Riwenne is bad at school, chronically late, and lost in a daydream, but she has help from her best friend, Nexita—until the two of them get separated. During the mysterious test on Choosing Day, they both wanted to become priestesses, an important job in the sky city. But only Riwenne became a novice, and Nexita was chosen by the engineers. Now she’s on her own for the first time in her life.

When a talking bird tells her that her best friend is under attack, Riwenne faces her worst fear. She must become a divine warrior and save her best friend from mechanical beasts!

As she juggles warrior training and priestess duties, Riwenne can’t let herself get distracted. She must recruit other warriors and lead the quest to find out the mystery behind the mechanical beasts, but most of all, she must follow her heart.

If she fails, the gods will judge her.

An Elemental Witch

by R D Martin

Gifted with unwanted magic. Burdened by tragic secrets. Will she risk her normal, safe life to save an innocent girl?

Bella Flores is determined to conceal her witchy abilities. When the sorcery-suppressing government executed her father, she chose a corporate cubicle to hide in plain sight. But she’s forced to jeopardize her secret when she becomes entangled in a supernatural kidnapping…

Rallying her self-centered feline familiar and unrequited crush, Bella embarks on a quest to rescue the stolen girl. But they’ll have their hands full, gathering the shattered pieces of the only weapon strong enough to slay the sinister abductor. And soon her fears of being seen become a deadly reality as she fights forgotten legends and eldritch horrors that could consume her soul.

Can Bella save the child before they both meet a savage end?

An Elemental Witch is the explosive first book in the Bella Flores urban fantasy series. If you like relatable characters, heart-stopping mysteries, and battles with mythical creatures, then you’ll love R.D. Martin’s unique world.

The Straw Doll Cries at Midnight

by K. Bird Lincoln

Lily has followed her beloved lordling, Ashikaga Yoshinori, into the intrigue of the Emperor’s court in Kyoto, but she can’t escape her secret connection to outlawed Jindo gods. A cursed spirit haunts them at night, and Ashikaga’s drunken sod of a brother is no help investigating the spirit or Lady Ashikaga’s mysterious death. Their old enemy, the fox general Norinaga, may be the only one who can help banish the spirit As they search for answers about Lady Ashikaga’s death, will Tiger Lily’s lordling risk exposing their deepest secrets to the Emperor for a dying father’s love?

The House of Rune Box Set: The Complete Series

by J. G. Massie

Every family has its own little secrets, but none are as big as mine.

Ever since my mother was murdered by vampires, my life has been turned upside down. After spending the better part of the school year in an asylum, I finally get to go back home. But with my mother now gone, and only a step father who would rather climb into a bottle than pretend that he cares for me, who could ever call this place home?

And to top it all off, now I’m being shipped off to go live with an aunt who I never met, on some strange island no one ever heard of. What a weird place. I hate it here.

That is, until I got an eyeful of the insanely gorgeous Isaac Rune. Not only does he make my heart race, but there something different about him too. Something mysterious and unworldly.

From the moment I got here, I knew that Red Rock was an unusual place. The mysteries surrounding this island are almost as bewildering as my dark family secret. Well, almost…

Kingdom of Ice

by Paula M. Hunter

Princess Khione craves her vain and heartless mother’s love. After her beloved father dies, she despairs at ever finding love and happiness again. The only comfort she finds is in her nursemaid and her nursemaid’s daughter. Years later, Khione’s jealous mother orchestrates an event that nearly ends her life. Forced to flee into the Forsaken Forest, the home of the Fae, Khione finds something she could have never imagined.

Banished from the lands of Turia, Agnes and Gerda try to start a new life in the nearby Kingdom of Agraunia. They share a small garret room with Agnes’s widowed mother, Matilda. There, Gerda befriends her neighbour’s son, Kai, who is an apprentice to a Blacksmith. Their close friendship eventually blossoms into love. Their short-lived happiness comes to a halt with Kai’s cold, distance demeanour. After he disappears after being seen with a strange woman in white, rumours persist that he is dead. Only Gerda knows he is still alive. The place he touched deepest in her heart makes it hard for her to accept any other truth but her instincts scream at her that he is in danger. With no one willing to help, Gerda sets out alone to rescue him, unaware of the dangers outside of her sheltered life as the nursemaid’s daughter.

Kingdom of Ice, book 1 of A Dark Faerie Tale, is a blended retelling of Snow White, the Snow Queen and other fairy tales, with action/adventure and a magical touch of romance

First in series special US$0.99


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