Ebookaroo 25 February 2020

Here are some specials and new releases by Charlotte E. English, Aurora Springer, Ramy Vance, Ashley Capes, Michael Wallace, Al Philipson, ZGottlieb, Milo James Fowler and Pedro Urvi.

Wyrde and Wicked

by Charlotte E. English

‘When it comes to the Wyrde, there is no such thing as harmless. Every single one of us is a walking disaster.’

Winter has come to Werth Towers, and brought a deal of trouble with it.

Not that any of it is the fault of Miss Gussie Werth. To be a one-woman catastrophe might be seen as a misfortune, but really, there can be no hope of a cure.

What with murderous Books on the rampage, Lady Maundevyle brewing plans for Christmas, and a couple of dragons on the loose, a quiet life is not likely to be had.

Still, in times of crisis, there is always Lord Felix. The disreputable old revenant might have a few odd ideas; but you’re at Werth Towers, now. The merely unusual comes as a matter of course.

Welcome to the strangest family in Regency England. Find out just what Gussie did next…

New Release US$3.99


by Aurora Springer

Two people fleeing their planets discover a shared destiny.

When an alien spacecraft crashes on Mars, the repercussions sweep throughout the solar system and endanger the fragile new alliance with the Warrish mermen.

Alarik Kenton Tallis, First of his Triad, is forced to infiltrate human society on Earth as a spy to insure his injured brother receives proper medical care. But when his transmissions are detected, he must flee the planet.

On Mars, Phoebe Wong, a veterinary scientist with dubious family connections, is desperate to escape the vicious gangs terrorizing the underground cities. She jumps at the chance to join the colonists bound for a distant exoplanet.

Their paths intersect on a space ferry bound for the outer planets. Trouble generated by the mysterious spacecraft pursues them to Jupiter. Will they find the answers in the oceans of Europa, the hyperspace gateway to the stars protected by three diverse species?

New Release US$2.99

Welcome to the Dragon Show

by Ramy Vance

Ever tried to get a permit to fly a dragon over New York City? Talk about red tape.

Welcome to the Dragon Show! The only show on earth where you get to watch Tara Drake, the bubblegum-chewing, tartan-wearing, badass, snarky dragon rider take to the skies.

But Tara isn’t your typical street performer. She holds a terrible and troublesome secret.

Her family was killed by vampires, and this heroine assassin is hunting them down.

Tara travels from city to city, tracking the vampires. Her hunt has brought her to New York City, where the blood-sucking fiends are planning a dark and deadly ritual.

This is Tara’s chance to kill the vampire who took her family away. But the vampire is the leader of a powerful syndicate with a reach far beyond what she imagined possible. Killing him will put everyone she knows in danger.

She could lose everything all over again. Her friends, her new family, even her soul.

Tara has a decision to make: Finally satisfy her all-consuming desire for vengeance, or-for the sake of everyone around her-walk away, letting the murderer go free.

If Mercy Thompson or Buffy ever managed to get a dragon, they’d be working with Tara Drake. WELCOME TO THE DRAGON SHOW! The greatest show on Earth…if, that is, you can survive it.

New Release US$0.99

The Five Furies of Heaven

by Ashley Capes

Fighting the insect hordes of a malevolent God isn’t easy when you’re a young man with no special talents.

While searching an old temple Kilek and his friends stumble across the Goddess Avendria who transforms them into heroes – all grown up, with weapons, magic, and skills.

But when she gives Kilek nothing at all – nothing except the impossible task of saving the lands – he must fight bitter doubts. Worse, a dark prince is massing his armies and more, agents of other Gods have been set loose in the world.

Only the long-lost dragons can turn the tide but Kilek must find them before it’s too late.

And somehow, he has to do it all without divine intervention.

New Release US$3.99

Sword Saint

by Michael Wallace

When Narina’s father is murdered, the young sword master leaves the bladedancer temple to find her father’s killer among the crowlords of the plains. Together with a temple elder and her favorite apprentice, they enter the lowlands to discover that the crowlords have plunged the land into war, and worse, that they are aware of the temple warriors in their midst.

It soon becomes clear that Narina has been called to join a larger conflict: the rise of the legendary Sword Saint, a warrior with the ability to single-handedly defeat an entire army.

New Release US$0.99

Last Train from Earth

by Al Philipson

It’s 2206 and the president of the Free States of America is scheming to declare herself a dictator after the 2208 election.

When Eric Stewart, inventor of the Stewart Faster-than-Light drive and owner of the giant Stewart Industries conglomerate, discovers her plot, he launches a desperate plan to escape to a virgin planet with as many people and as much industrial capacity as he can. But he and his fellow conspirators have a spy in their midst.

It’s a race against the president’s enforcement squad and time — and the time-bomb is ticking.

First in series special US$0.99

Connor’s Gambit

by ZGottlieb

Brad Johnson, a lone witness to a UFO sighting becomes an alien target and quickly finds himself on an off world adventure, relying on his skills to survive an intergalactic war. As Brad struggles to understand the conflict between the aliens, he learns one group threatens Earth’s security, while the other group wants something entirely different.

All Brad wants is to return home to his family, but not until he embarks on the greatest adventure of his life.

Connor’s Gambit, a space adventure calling all of us.

First in series special US$0.99

After the Sky

by Milo James Fowler

The meek have not inherited the earth.

The world isn’t how they left it. When the bunker airlocks release them after twenty years in hibernation, the survivors find a silent, barren world outside. But they are not alone. There is a presence here, alive in the dust—spirits of the earth, benevolent and malicious as they interact with the human remnant.

Milton is haunted by a violent past he’s unable to escape, despite the superhuman speed the spirits give him.

Not interested in bearing the next generation, Daiyna is determined to destroy the flesh-eating mutants lurking in the dark, pierced by her night-vision.

Luther is a man of conviction who believes the Creator has offered humankind a second chance, yet he’s uncertain they deserve it—and he’s perplexed by the talons that flex out of his fingers.

Willard is a brilliant engineer-turned-soldier who refuses to leave his bunker, afraid of becoming infected and willing to destroy any obstacle in his way.

As their lives collide, the mysteries of this strange new world start unraveling, culminating in the ultimate life-or-death decision one survivor will make for them all.

Don’t miss this Post Apocalyptic Adventure with a Paranormal Fantasy twist! It’s perfect for fans of Stephen King, T.W. Piperbrook, and The Walking Dead.

New Release US$0.99

The Traitor’s Son: Path of the Ranger Book 1

by Pedro Urvi

A kingdom in danger, a great betrayal, a boy seeking to redeem his father’s honor. Will he succeed in exonerating him and saving the realm from an enemy in the shadows before it is too late for the whole North?

By the age of fifteen, Lasgol has endured a hard childhood and lives, cornered and hated, in a small village in the North. He is the son of the traitor, the man who betrayed the kingdom and tried to kill the King. His only companions are the mountains and the snow, ever-present in the region. Yet he refuses to believe that his father is guilty, in spite of all the evidence that points to the fact, even though the King himself was a witness to the betrayal.

Lasgol is determined to clear his father’s name, and to do this he has only a single option: the School of Rangers, a secret place where the respected and feared defenders of the lands of the kingdom are trained for four years. Going there is insane, hate and death await him. But as the son of a Ranger, he is entitled to attend.

At the Camp he will find himself involved in political intrigues, disloyalties and murder. He will encounter hatred and fearsome enemies, but also a handful of friends, novices as much out of place as he is himself, determined to do whatever is necessary to pass the first year… without dying in the attempt.

Will Lasgol survive the first year of instruction at the Rangers’ Camp? Will he find out what happened to his father? Will he be able to clear his name?

Find out while you follow fascinating adventures with a group of characters you will fall in love with.

The adventure begins right now!

New Release US$0.99

The Jolo Vargas Space Opera Series Box Set

by J.D. Oppenheim

Books 1 – 3 in the epic Jolo Vargas Space Opera series. If you loved Battlestar Galactica and Firefly, you’re sure to love these novels.

Full of love, hate, honor and treachery, follow Captain Vargas and crew as they find their way in the known galaxy amidst rumblings of war between the Bakanhe Grana and the human federation. Synthetic blond assassins, mechs controlled by worms encased in alacyte chest plates, rail guns, and humanity standing at the brink of collapse at the hands of alien invaders hell bent on taking the core planets away from the Federation.

Special US$0.99

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