Ebookaroo 25 December 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Anthony W. Eichenlaub, G J Ogden, Chris Dietzel, Ginger Booth, Jared Wynn, Holly Hook, Matt Edsand, Erynn Lehtonen, J.J. Green and Jay Ishino.

Of a Strange World Made

by Anthony W. Eichenlaub

On the cutting edge of humanity, rules are made for one thing.

No, it is not “to be broken.”.

Biologist Ash Morgan loves breaking rules, but this is ridiculous. Edge is humanity’s bastion on the frontier of space and science. She plays fast and loose with the Edge’s ultra-strict governing AI, but even she’s willing to admit that maybe there are some laws not meant to be broken..

When a fellow colonist asks for help delivering a child, Ash agrees against her better judgment..

But something’s not right..

The birth will exceed the precise population cap set by the colony AI. Somehow those numbers need to balance..

And the child is born strange. Too strange. What experiments could produce a child like this? Who would do this?.

When the mother descends into depression and madness, Ash must decide which rules can be broken, which rules must be obeyed, and which rules will inevitably lead to the colony’s ultimate destruction..

On the cutting edge of humanity, rules are made for one thing: to be followed perfectly with zero deviation..


Or else.

Descendant of War

by G J Ogden

The descendant of history’s most infamous soldiers will inherit his ancestor’s war.

Frustrated by restrictive rules, maverick warship commander, Dalton Reeves, has crossed the line one time too many. Disciplined for violating orders, Reeves is packed off to “The Abyss” – a dangerous and isolated space city named Concord Station, and officially the worst assignment in the galaxy.

Built to foster diplomacy between the six galactic realms, Concord is now nothing but a debauched, corrupt hellhole infested by crime lords, degenerates and outright failures. It’s also Commander Reeves’ last chance to do something significant with his life.

Amidst escalating interstellar tensions, a long-forgotten enemy emerges from the mysterious Shadow Space to threaten war. Events are quickly set in motion that will propel Concord Station from obscurity to the most strategically important outpost in the galaxy.

But as the secret of Reeves’ dark origin is revealed, he’s thrust into the center of the conflict in more ways than one. Dalton Reeves is a descendant of war, but he’s not the only one.

The ancient enemy not only seeks conquest, but to exact vengeance upon the sole descendant of two infamous soldiers that annihilated the alien’s homeworld a millennium ago.

With the six realms on the brink of all-out war, can Commander Reeves face both his demons and his bitter rivals to become the warrior and the leader the galaxy desperately needs him to be?

Descendants of War is a new sci-fi action-adventure series set in a vivid, multi-species universe. It’s filled with danger, intrigue and drama played out against the tense backdrop of a looming war versus an ancient and bitter enemy. If you like Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9, this could be the series you’ve been waiting for.

The Great De-Evolution Boxed Set

by Chris Dietzel

The Complete Collection presents all three Great De-evolution novels in one volume for the first time. Be warned, these are not stories for people who need action sequences or pretty endings. But if you love introspective, reflective stories or want a different take on the end of mankind, these stories are for you.

Skyship Thrive

by Ginger Booth

An ex-cop who cannot die. A moon full of settlers who cannot thrive. The original colonists built a high-tech urban paradise. Then Earth dumped desperate refugees on them. They scrape a bare living outside the citadel. Skyship captain Sass Collier tried to rouse them once, and failed. Against her will, she’s about to try again.

Zen and the Art of Dying

by Jared Wynn

Kenny has two problems. First, he’s a Reset, which means that whenever someone murders him, he wakes up on the morning of his dying day to start all over again. Which might sound like a pretty awesome superpower, but it’s actually super sucky because he’ll eventually die of cancer or old age, after which point he’ll just keep reliving his agonizing dying day forever.

His second problem is people keep murdering him.

So he teams up with another Reset and they storm the lab where it all began in an effort to undo this unordinary death disorder. They keep dying, they keep trying, and then they keep resetting and relaunching their attack until they almost succeed. But then the girl Kenny fell in love with gets kidnapped, and then his partner gets kidnapped, and then pretty much everyone else gets kidnapped, leaving Kenny all alone with his thoughts and a nagging question that just won’t die: what’s left to save when everyone and everything you know is gone?

Blood Magic [Supernaturals Underground, Book One]

by Holly Hook

Ever since a horrifying incident that got me turned into a vampire at two, life has been hell. My mother disowned me, and I can barely have friends or attend school. And if the authorities find me out? I’m toast.

I thought moving to the city would help me blend in, but boy, was I wrong. When the authorities catch on to me, I get kidnapped…um, rescued by Xavier Lovelli, an impossibly hot Mage who’s full of himself. He’s also a roper for Supernaturals Underground, a magical, hidden city.

At least here, I don’t have to hide anymore. But I must earn my keep. Supernaturals are going missing all over the city, including my father. The demon mayor is rounding us up for some diabolical plan, and the Underground wants me to help them fight.

Oh, and Xavier has magically bound me to him so that we’re forced to fight together. What the hell? Time to knock him down a notch.

Or maybe I won’t have to. Xavier’s got his own scars, and we have bigger things to worry about. Turns out, I’m wanted personally by the mayor and special, and that’s never good news in the Supernatural world.

Forsaken Freighters

by Matt Edsand

Once Sparker was the most celebrated Squadron Leader in the Commonwealth Empire …

Unjustly discharged, he is reduced to running a freighter business on a forsaken planet.

A spate of vanishing freighters brings him in contact with Mirra, a former refugee from the Outer Terra, whose family is amongst the missing.

Can Sparker overcome the past injustice and arise to help find Mirra’s family and uncover the secret behind the disappearing freighters? And, is it but a harbinger of a greater threat rising against the Commonwealth Empire?

First in series special US$0.99


Spirit of the Dragon

by Erynn Lehtonen

There is a price attached to every dream…

After twins Genshu Masanori and Genshu Hidekazu witness a kidnapping at the annual Midsummer Festival, they discover the woman taken wasn’t this sorcerer’s first victim, nor will she be the last.

They will break clan laws against warfare if that’s what it takes to bring the missing women home safe.

They will sign their lives away to the prestigious Tsukiko Academy, regardless of the rumours about the Headmaster and the dark secrets harboured within the school grounds.

They will give up the lives they know for a chance to uncover the real reason their family gave up their legacy as wyvern-slayers and swore a vow of peace.

A pact with a mysterious dragon spirit, embracing their future as warriors, and servitude to the Tsukiko Academy is only the beginning.

The twins have one chance to unravel the sorcerer’s sinister plan. If they can’t find him in time, the game he whispers about might be the last anyone ever plays.

The Valiant

by J.J. Green

King Arthur in outer space?

Endless warfare has ravaged Earth. Billions are desperate to escape.

Driven from her home and severed from her children, Taylan Ellis enlists with the Britannic Alliance, hoping she can help regain her homeland and find her kids.

Her ship, the Valiant, picks up a distress signal that leads to the mummified remains of a Dark Ages warrior chieftain.

Then her commanding officer discovers the ‘mummy’ has a pulse.

Taylan suspects she knows who the mystery man is, but can she convince her superiors in time to save the BA, her country, and her children?

The Valiant is book one in the epic space fantasy adventure, Star Legend.

A Year of Rain

by Jay Ishino

A world with an obliterated population.

A world where wolves are the new apex predators.

In search of a quiet life, day after day Rain tries to survive, but when wolves start brutally killing her friends, she realizes her best bet of survival is returning to someone she vowed never to see again. On her way to meet up with him, she hurts her ankle, which is only the start of her problems. Weakened and injured, she stumbles upon a cabin in the woods where she finds Henry, a man who appears to be kind and caring.

But Henry disappears every month with no mention of where he goes. Still she finds his cabin offers a more peaceful life than the one she was chasing, so she decides to stay. As she deals with wolves and angry humans, Rain must also wrestle with her inner demons and determine if her choice to stay in the cabin is really the path to a perfect life or one more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.

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