Ebookaroo 25 April 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by R. K. Bentley, V.T. Bonds, Nikky Lee, J.J. Green, V.T. Bonds, Rue Sparks, D.W. Patterson, Ashe Armstrong, and A.L. Hawke.

Where Weavers Daire

by R. K. Bentley

On a world of magic, mortals and machines, the skeletons of the past never stays buried for long. Melinda Scott should know, she just found a big one.

Rescuing Red

by V.T. Bonds

Once Upon a Time…

In a land where grandmothers live planets away instead of on the other side of the woods, Liz finds herself in trouble.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but she’d risk it all again to help her Nana.

When danger catches her scent, will her knight in… fur and fury… rescue her from the beasts?

And who’s going to save Red from the Wolf?

From two International Bestselling authors comes an exciting blend of traditional tales with the wonders of science fiction, taking the stories you love and twisting them to fit brand new worlds. Although darkness lurks within the pages of our Sci-Fi Fairytale Fusions, each one boasts a Happily Ever After for our hero and his mate. These steamy romances feature the ABO dynamic, thrilling action, and intense situations.

The Rarkyn’s Familiar

by Nikky Lee

A perfect story for fans of Sarah J. Maas’ THRONE OF GLASS.

An orphan bent on revenge. A monster searching for freedom. A forbidden pact that binds their fates.

Lyss had heard her father’s screams, smelled the iron-tang of his blood. She witnessed his execution.

And plotted her revenge.

Then, a violent encounter traps Lyss in a blood-pact with a rarkyn from the otherworld, imbuing her with the monster’s forbidden magic—a magic that will erode her sanity.

To break the pact, she and the rarkyn must journey to the heart of the Empire. All that stands in their way are the mountains, the Empire’s soldiers, and Lyss’ uneasy alliance with the rarkyn.

But horrors await them on the road—horrors even rarkyns fear.

The most terrifying monster isn’t the one Lyss travels with.

It’s the one that’s awoken inside her.


by J.J. Green

Revenge works both ways

When humanity’s first deep space colonists touched down on the new planet, they had no idea it was the birthplace of a hostile alien species. After enduring numerous attacks, the survivors realize the aliens are about to enact their revenge by invading Earth.

General Cherry Lindstrom commissions the building of a starship to carry a select band of colonists to the home world and warn the inhabitants of the impending war.

Generations have passed since the original colony ship departed. What will the returning colonists find when they arrive? And will they make it back in time to avert a disaster?

Restitution is book seven in the epic space colonization adventure, Space Colony One.

The Lost Sacrifice

by V.T. Bonds

Stolen from the Demon’s lair.

They marked and mated me against my will, forever changing my fate.

I thought nothing could be worse than being sacrificed to a demon and given to a werewolf.

I was wrong.

Being separated from them is worse.

*This Dark Omegaverse Romance is not for the faint of heart. If explicit scenes, violence, and D/s themes offend you, please abstain. Proceed with caution.*

The Stars Will Guide Us Back

by Rue Sparks

Thirteen short stories encapsulating the elements of speculative fiction and magical realism travel the themes of mental health, loss, mortality, self-confidence, and finding hope through difficult circumstances. Explore the immersive worlds within, along with a range of peculiar, distinct, and queer characters. Sometimes confidence comes from knowing we have no other choice, and the ones who rescue us come from the strangest places. Dark and light collide in this collection that highlights the liminal spaces of the human experience.

Frozen Time

by D.W. Patterson

Because of the Time Wars fought in the space around Earth the underlying system of local and non-local links that makes up spacetime had been destroyed. It was now impossible to use the spin-two drive to open those links and access orbit and the rest of the Solar System. Space access services had fallen back on the rocket ship as the primary way to reach orbit from Earth’s surface.

Now a strange spaceship had appeared above the spaceports scattered around the world and placed them in a seemingly impenetrable bubble of frozen time.

The Earth economy was thrown into turmoil with the loss of space access and a young boy, along with his friends and his amazing AI, were off on an adventure of a lifetime as they and others tried to understand what had happened.

A Demon in the Desert

by Ashe Armstrong

Grimluk is an orc with one purpose: hunting demons.

The Wastelands mining town of Greenreach Bluffs is deteriorating: with each passing day its inhabitants grow more fearful and paranoid, plagued by…something. They suffer nightmares and hallucinations, there are murders at the mine; the community is on the brink of madness and ruin and, as events escalate, realization dawns: the town has a demon problem. Two attempts at hunting it down fail, Greenreach Bluffs is at breaking point…and then Grimluk the Orc strides in out of the Wastes to answer their call for salvation.

Contains strong violence and language as well as disturbing concepts.

Azure Blue

by A.L. Hawke

An immortal race freed by death and defiance of the gods.

Hundreds of years of peace have reigned since the treaty between the Amazon nymphs and the gods of Mount Olympus. The edict forbids the Amazon nymphs to leave their isle of Azure Blue. But Azure Blue is threatened as the continent of Atala is fractured by war.

As nymph queen Delia grieves the death of the king who once united them, her unruly daughter, Avva, wishes to mourn him in her own way. Avva plans a flyover with her unicorn beyond the Strait of Azure. Such hubris forces sacrifice. Nymphs fall to the Underworld.

In the depths, they find Cora, the goddess Persephone. And Cora might be the only goddess willing to risk her family’s wrath and help them. After all, Cora has fallen from Azure Blue before.

Although tied to Cora: Rise of the Fallen Goddess, Azure Blue is a standalone novel taking place centuries later. Some spoilers cannot be avoided, but this novel can be enjoyed without reading the first novel.

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