Ebookaroo 2 September 2019

Check out these specials and new releases by Ebookaroo authors RG Long, AM Scott, Sean Platt, Charlotte E. English, Lisa Blackwood, John Triptych and Jessie Kwak.

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Ladis Trilogy Boxed Set

by RG Long

In Ladis, magic means death.

The exciting series continues with the Ladis Trilogy. Follow Ealrin and his companions through the dangerous jungles of Ladis as they seek to overcome a harsh theocracy who sees magic as a crime punishable by death.

New Release US$0.99

Lightwave: Clocker

by AM Scott

Her secret frees trillions… Discovery risks them all.

Saree’s got a secret. A big one. She tunes space fold clocks—the only thing allowing safe travel between star systems. She’s the only human Clocker. The security of trillions relies on Saree’s freedom. And they can never know.

Despite her best efforts, rumors fly. With a bounty hunter on her heels, Saree jumps on Lightwave Fold Transport, the safest option. But she quickly regrets her snap decision. Lightwave’s crew are mercenaries she barely escaped as a child. Do they suspect who she’s become?

Can Saree keep her secret life safe? She’d rather die than blockade and blackmail systems for a crime lord or evil corporation. And there’s worse out there…

Race across the universe, one step ahead of danger with Saree and the crew of Lightwave. Get your copy of Lightwave: Clocker, Folding Space Series 1.0, before freedom ticks away, one nanosecond at a time…

First in series special US$0.99

The Beam: The Complete Series

by Sean Platt

In the year 2097, the only stable nation is the NAU: a dystopia exploding with new technologies and ruled by powerful, unchecked political parties.

Above it all is The Beam: an AI-built computer network that serves every whim and connects citizens through implants and biological add-ons. The Beam anticipates every need and has created a world within the world. It permeates everything. It is everywhere.

But now the NAU’s power is shifting. New powers are making their moves while others hang in the balance.

Doc, a black-market add-on dealer, discovers disturbing new enhancements available to his wealthiest clients. Nicolai, speechwriter for the head of Directorate, seeks independence he’s not allowed … and is just now learning of his own role in the Beam’s genesis. Kai, an escort-assassin as lethal as she is seductive, becomes embroiled in the machinations of her elite clients … and as the deception grows, realizes she may never see morning.

Behind it all, a shadowy group is pulling strings, guiding the upcoming election exactly where it needs to go. The Beam is coming alive; immersion is as real as reality and the population hangs unknowing in the balance. But if the NAU’s true power goes unchecked, the actions of a shadowy few will shape the fate of millions for years to come …

Special US$0.99

Alchemy and Argent (Modern Magick, 9)

by Charlotte E. English

It’s all very well deciding to build the means to save British magick. Top marks for ambitious goals! …But there are one or two obstacles in the way.

For one, said means does not yet exist, and it’ll take a genius to sort that one out. Luckily, we’ve got one of those. We call him Orlando.

For another, nothing at all can be built without materials, and no common-or-garden commodities will do. It’s got to be silver. The impossibly rare, virtually extinct kind.

This one’s on me, Val and Jay.

So it’s down into the depths of history in search of the answer. Could the crackpot alchemists of ages past really turn lead into magickal silver?

Everyone says it’s impossible. But if we can’t find a way to conquer the impossible, what’s to become of magick?

New Release US$3.99

Scion of the Sorceress

by Lisa Blackwood

Sometimes the forces of Light just need a little help from a villain to get the job done.

Commander Gryton has always watched his own back. It goes with being at the top of the magical food chain. But for the first time in his existence—thanks to his devious gargoyle father—he’s been slapped with a partner.

This infuriating female soldier also has the distinction of being a Null, a mortal sent by the Divine Ones to influence an outcome. A Null’s natural immunity to all types of magic allows them to battle even the most powerful of magic wielders, even demigods.

His sire and dam are certain the Divine Ones have sent the Null to aid the Light in defeating the Battle Goddess.

Gryton doubts it’s anything so innocent.

And if he’s correct, he has just been partnered up with his doom.

But if the Divine Ones think he’ll just roll over and allow one of their Nulls the chance to kill him, they’ll be disappointed.

Very disappointed.

New Release US$3.99

X WAR: Infiltration

by John Triptych

A series of events begins a shocking revelation that will change everything. Strange lights in the night sky, the disappearance of scientists on the verge of a breakthrough -a growing threat emerges from an unknown enemy- and the chosen few who will decide the fate of humanity…

Piper never wanted this, but now she’s hearing voices- the pleas of her dead brother, telling her to run. Elsner, already down and out, risks destruction investigating a UFO cult. Perry once envisioned a doomsday emergency no one expected, but actually comes true. Thorne, a treacherous spymaster, plays both sides in his quest to survive the coming onslaught.

For Earth’s inhabitants there remain many possibilities, yet one devastating reality: we are not alone.

New Release US$0.99

Ghost Legion

by Andreas Christensen

Legio Patria Nostra (Lat.) The Legion is our Fatherland.

18 years ago they came to destroy us…

A race of conquerors from deep space had set their eyes on Earth’s riches. Their invasion slaughtered billions…

But humanity united under a common leadership and fought back. We chased them off Earth and most of the Solar System.

The war still rages on, and every year young people are sent out to die, far away from Earth.

Ethan Wang was born on the day of the invasion, during the chaos and turmoil of war, and now he’s ready to join the fight. But first he has to become a soldier, and survive his initiation into one of the toughest military units Earth ever mustered, the Ghost Legion.

“Andreas Christensen is a master storyteller!” –SteadyRollingMan, Amazon reviewer

With Ghost Legion, Andreas Christensen kicks off the Legionnaire Series, a military science fiction set in the near future. Suit up, and get ready for a roller coaster ride into space!

First in series special US$0.99

Durga System Boxed Set One

by Jessie Kwak

Jail breaks, heists, and hostile takeovers — they’re ready for it all.

Join this crew of motley, unforgettable characters in the Durga System, a world where every adventure requires quick wits and quicker draws.

This boxed set contains three standalone (but interconnected) novellas.

STARFALL: Starla Dusai is fifteen, deaf — and being held as an enemy combatant by the Indiran Alliance. Willem Jaantzen is a notorious crime lord about to end a fearsome vendetta — and most probably his life. When he learns his goddaughter has been captured by the Alliance, he understands he’s her only hope. But saving a girl he barely knows means letting his wife’s murderer walk free, and making compromises he’s not sure he can make.

NEGATIVE RETURN: Manu Juric’s quick wit and knack for creating unexpected explosions has taken him a long way in the hit man business. At least, until he signs on to a job that might just be out of his league: taking out one of Bulari’s most notorious crime lords, Willem Jaantzen. After the first attempt is horribly botched, Manu realizes he’s in over his head. And the one man he needs to trust the most is the one he’s been contracted to kill.

DEVIANT FLUX: When Starla Dusai receives a tip that her beloved cousin Mona is alive and well on an astroid station out in Durga’s Belt, she drops everything to find her. Thrust into an unfamiliar world of crime cartels and union politics, Starla soon realizes Mona is caught up in a dangerous plot — and that saving her might just mean giving up the new family she’s come to love. If it doesn’t get them both killed first.

Welcome to Jessie Kwak’s Durga System series, a fast-paced series of gangster sci-fi stories set in a far-future world where humans may have left their home planet to populate the stars, but they haven’t managed to leave behind their vices. And that’s very good for business.

Special US$0.99

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