Ebookaroo 16 March 2020

Here are some specials and new releases by Nicola McDonagh, Lindsay Buroker, D.L. Martone, Aimee Easterling, Aaron Hodges, C. Rene Astle, MV Stott, Austin Dragon and Dean F. Wilson.

The Chronicles of Mayer

by Nicola McDonagh

A story of survival and courage in a devastated world

Adara needs to know about her past if she, and everyone else is to have a future. Hidden inside the subterranean archives of The Moocow Monks of Mayer, the journals of survivors reveal the history of NotSoGreatBritAlbion.

When a catastrophic flood wipes out most of the population of Great Britain, cowherds, Gopi Jnanamaya (Mayer) and Gopala Arjuna, of Mahabharata House, a Buddhist community, flee the rising waters. Their mission is to protect the sacred herd and lead them to safety.

As terrifying storms endanger their pilgrimage, Mayer and Arjuna must battle not only the elements but rogue soldiers intent on butchering the holy cattle.

First in series special US$0.99

Sinister Magic

by Lindsay Buroker

I’m Val Thorvald, and I’m an assassin.

When magical bad guys hurt people, I take care of them. Permanently.

This doesn’t make me popular with the rest of the magical community—as you can tell from the numerous break-ins and assassination attempts I’ve endured over the years. But thanks to my half-elven blood, a powerful sword named Chopper, and a telepathic tiger with an attitude, I’ve always been able to handle my problems with aplomb. Maybe some cursing and swearing, too, but definitely aplomb.

That changes when my boss is afflicted with a mysterious disease, a government agent starts investigating me, and a godforsaken dragon shows up in the middle of my latest job.

I’ve taken down vampires, zombies, and ogres, but dragons are way, way more powerful. And it doesn’t look like this one is going to like me.

Worse than that, he wants to use his magic to compel me to do his bidding, as if I’m some weak-minded minion.

That’s not going to happen. I’d die before being some dragon’s slave.

But if I can’t figure out a way to avoid him, save my boss, and get rid of the government spook, I’m screwed. Or dead. Or screwed and dead. And that’s never comfortable.

New Release US$0.99

Escape from the Big Easy: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Adventure

by D.L. Martone

I’m out of shape… sort of misanthropic… and carrying my cat. Rick Grimes I ainʼt.

What would you do if you received a three-week warning of the coming zombie apocalypse? How would you prepare? What if the warning was wrong – and the undead rose a full week before you were ready?

Youʼd be screwed, just like me.

I may be luckier than most, but Iʼm still in a jam. After weeks of prepping, Iʼve gotten caught in the same zombie crapstorm as everyone else. To accomplish my plans and stay alive, I have to rescue my wife, Clare, and travel 1,300 miles through Americaʼs zombie-infested countryside to the safety of northern Michigan.

But, first, I have to Escape from the Big Easy. With our cat, Azazel, in tow – and sheʼs one pissed-off kitty.

Escape from the Big Easy is the first book in the Zombie Chaos series. If you like the drama of The Walking Dead, the gore of Romeroʼs Dead series, and the humor of Shaun of the Dead, follow Joe on his journey through zombie-filled New Orleans.

Join the survivors and pick up a copy of Escape from the Big Easy today.

This book contains foul language (he’s fleeing from zombies, so there’s gonna be some F-bombs), graphic descriptions of gore (um, zombies), and quite a bit of misanthropic snark.

Special US$0.99

Alpha’s Hunt

by Aimee Easterling

One skinless I could handle. A pack of them? Not so much.

Still, I dive in to help when Luke inherits the role of alpha. Drawn into the werewolf world of backstabbing aggression, my goal is to keep my hands clean while hunting down the previous alpha’s murderer.

Instead, I end up at the center of a so-called game turned deadly serious. The Alpha’s Hunt will determine who calls the shots and how the pack is shaped in the future.

My role? I’m the bait.

The second book in USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling’s newest series will immerse you in a world of magic, danger, and romance.

New Release US$2.99

The Knights of Alana: The Complete Series

by Aaron Hodges

When Knights attack the town of Skystead, seventeen-year-old Pela is the only one to escape. Her mother and the other villagers are taken, accused of worshiping the False Gods. They will pay the ultimate price – unless Pela can rescue them.

Pela has never left the safety of her town, let alone touched a sword. What chance does she have against the ruthless Knights of Alana? She’s not a hero.

But she knows one.

Her uncle Devon was a mighty warrior once, in times when magic filled the world. Age has withered his strength and he retired long ago, but maybe he will answer the call of family.

Can Pela convince him to stand against the darkness one last time?

New Release US$4.99

A Scarlet Fever

by C. Rene Astle

Mina’s dying for life to return to normal.

But she’s still reeling from her mother’s sudden death. What she wants most in the world is to get back to art school and her job at a downtown tattoo shop. Then her roommate suggests a night of dance, drink and distraction.

Despite a backlog of schoolwork, Mina agrees. She soon finds herself in the arms of a sexy stranger with amber eyes. When she invites him home, she doesn’t realize they’re the eyes of a devil in disguise.

The next morning, she tries again to get her life back together. But plagued by a wicked headache, unusual hungers and a burning desire, she realizes something is wrong.

As she struggles to figure out what’s going on, she’s confronted by a tenacious vampire with tales of hellish creatures and ancient battles, she’s forced to ask herself: Will life ever be normal again?

First in series special US$0.99

Magic Eater

by MV Stott

Joseph Lake doesn’t know who he is or where he came from… and the answer might just be the death of him.

By day, Joseph scrubs toilets and fixes broken light fittings. By night he looks into weird stuff: local hauntings, unexplained disappearances, satanic cabals dancing naked around ancient stone circles.

The usual.

The Uncanny calls to him like a beacon, and he follows its signal wherever it leads, hoping that one day it will shine a light on who he really is.

So far the clues haven’t added up to much, but now a mad woman is stalking him, he’s tripping over dead bodies in the street, and he keeps having terrifying apocalyptic visions.

Can Joseph put the pieces together and figure out his identity? And if he does, will he be able to live with who he really is?

Mystery, scares, and fast-paced action collide in this thrilling urban fantasy series.

First in series special US$0.99

Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series

by Austin Dragon

The Sci-Fi Detective Thriller Gets Cool…Liquid Cool!

First in series special US$0.99


by Dean F. Wilson

The Resistance has barely nursed its wounds from the recapture of Blackout, and now it’s looking to another, tougher target: the massive steam-powered railway gun known as the Landquaker, the sentry gun of the formidable Iron Wall.

To conquer this rail-mounted cannon, Jacob and company turn to old allies and new friends, from the land-loving tribes to the land-roving biker gangs. They’ll need every soldier they can muster.

The Landquaker was designed with a singular purpose: a monstrous gun to hold back a multitude of monsters. Except this time the multitude mans that weapon, and in its hands the land is not the only thing that quakes.

New Release US$0.99

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