Ebookaroo 15 September 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Maria Vermisoglou, LJ Cohen, Linda Acaster, Andrea Barringer, Ron Vitale, T.R. Tells, Jake Allen Coleman, Aurora Springer, Noel Coughlan and G. N. Solomon.

Quill & Dust: A Paranormal Fairytale Collection

by Maria Vermisoglou

★The supernatural can take lives just easily as it can save them…★

Prepare to meet djinns. Mermaids and magic stones and a pack of other enchanting characters through a tangled string of fairy tales that combine adventure, mystery, and the supernatural into a package that is certain to hold something for everyone!

New Release US$0.99


by LJ Cohen

When Rosalen Maldonado tinkers with the derelict freighter, she’s just hoping to prove she deserves a scholarship to University. She certainly doesn’t count on waking the ship’s damaged AI or having three stowaways, Micah Rotherwood and brothers Jem and Barre Durbin, along for the ride. They all have their private reasons for hiding aboard and lives they are seeking to escape, but if the accidental crew can’t work together and learn to trust each other, they’ll die together, victims of a computer that doesn’t realize the war ended decades before any of them were even born.

First in series special US$0.99

Torc of Moonlight Trilogy (Books 1-3)

by Linda Acaster

History maybe buried, but is it always dead?

Nick Blaketon believes himself grounded in student life and the camaraderie of his rugby-playing mates, yet the modern world cannot defend him from a burrowing visitation that leaves a jewelled sword fading in his hand.

As his friends fall away, Nick locks onto reticent Alice whose studies are steeped in Nature’s folklore. She suspects the guarded water courses revered during the ancient Celtic Samhain celebrations were portals of Time. He scoffs, but she’s serious. To prove her theory she is determined to find and excavate an undisturbed shrine to a water deity. Or perhaps it is determined to find them.

The closer they get the more Nick comes to understand the reasons for the intertwining of folklore, myth and legend. None of it is benign. Can he undo what cannot be undone, or will Time overspill with every step he takes?

A multi-layered supernatural thriller for readers of Robert Holdstock, Phil Rickman or Barbara Erskine.

Special US$0.99

Dawn of the Elite

by Andrea Barringer

Romance and action collide in this imaginative epic saga.

A chilling discovery has the nation of Brennen on high alert. The queen, thought to be barren, is pregnant with twins—and someone wants to destroy them. Ten soldiers are hired to form The Elite, whose sole purpose is to protect the royal heirs. They soon discover that the infamous murderer Rancor has escaped from prison and is somehow involved in the plot against the twins. Rancor will stop at nothing to enact his vengeance against the king and Brennen’s army.

Rayah, a trauma nurse, is a key member of the Elite. But her job of protecting the royal twins becomes much more complicated when her former love Kaled is also given a spot on the team. Her ability to focus on the mission is put to the test just as danger seems to be lurking at the door. Rayah must find a way to confront her past and somehow keep the children safe when everyone in the palace, even the queen, has a hidden agenda.

Rancor’s escape ignites a firestorm of events that places everyone in grave danger. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance, and Rancor seems invincible. Will The Elite be enough to stop what’s coming?

First in series special US$0.99


by Ron Vitale

Lady Gregory can speak with the spirits of the dead. But when the lives of her makeshift family are at risk, can she use her magic to save them before it’s too late?

Having recently lost her own daughter to yellow fever, Lady Gregory takes two young women under her wing after their parents also died of the fever.

To survive in a man’s world and keep bread on the table for her and the young women, Lady Gregory turns to the world’s oldest profession, but she isn’t exactly what she seems and has a special talent: she can conjure the spirits of the dead for grieving widowers.

But when local women in the town of Concord are suddenly attacked at night by a mysterious creature, Lady Gregory tries to stay out of the limelight until her fate is tied inexplicably to the cases. Once the local deputy gets involved and wants more than her help, Lady Gregory finds that no matter how far she’s run from her past, there are some things she just can’t escape.

To save the lives of her makeshift family, Lady Gregory must face her dark past and go down a path that will unlock the secrets to her true power, but might also risk her very soul…

First in series special US$0.99

Her Dark Sins

by T.R. Tells

When a phenomenon in the form of a bright light illuminates the city of Chicago in the summer of 2019 it causes major blackouts, accidents, and many to be hospitalized.

Seventeen-year-old Hira Night witnessed a traumatic event when a routine cop stopped her and her boyfriend that night; the results devastating and heart-breaking. She is given a choice to fight for justice and right the wrongs of society, or do nothing and let the destruction of humanity continue.

Her world is thrown into chaos as she is confronted by creatures spawned from absolved negativity—Umbra Shades—that linger among the traumatized and abused.

To save the victims from their gruesome fate, Hira slays the creatures from preying on the innocent, all the while trying to live a normal life.

But something else lurks in the shadows, something much more dark and sinister than she’s ever encountered before.

First in series special US$2.99


by Jake Allen Coleman

One of the five stones holding the Ban together has been stolen. Now one young woman must put her skills with the sword to the test and recover the Sunstone before it’s too late.

In Cynneweald, magic has been forbidden since the Dragon Wars, yet not everyone is willing to follow those rules. Krystelle is determined to reach her old mentor and enlist his help, but when the dark wizard who took the stone also kidnaps her, a chance encounter in the forest may be her only chance.

With the self-appointed guardians of the Ban on their heels, Krystelle and her new friends must infiltrate the wizard’s lair and bring it back to its rightful home before the balance of power holding the kingdom together begins to topple.

Fans of Terry Brooks and Robert Jordan will enjoy this fantasy adventure.

This fantasy novella is Book 1 of Jake Allen Coleman’s Eligium Series.

First in series special US$0.99

Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf

by Aurora Springer

A young witch escapes the destruction of her home and embarks on a perilous quest for the fabled land where elves and humans live in peace.

In a land threatened by cruel invaders from the east, Bridget Bramble lives in a small village where she barters herbs and carved buttons. When marauders target her village and murder her family, she flees into the woods. Armed with her Granny’s advice and a bag of magic buttons, she sets out on the perilous journey to Oakenwald, the fabled land where elves and men live in harmony. As she travels farther from home, she encounters malicious creatures from the worst kind of folktale.

Lost in the foothills of the mountains, Bridget meets the elf, Windswift the Wanderer. He offers to guide her across the mountain range. But what is the elf doing in human lands? Can an ordinary, or almost ordinary, human girl trust a cold hearted elf to lead her to safety?

Epic fantasy adventure and romance with darker overtones. This story weaves elements of folklore and a quest for a safe haven in a land where magic is real.

Special US$0.99

A Bright Power Rising

by Noel Coughlan

Elf. Warrior. Saint. Heretic. Monster. Despised by two peoples, this outcast might yet prove to be the savior of both.

AscendantSun serves a dead god no longer. Adopting the religion of his human enemies, he haunts their mountains hoping to make amends for his past violence toward them. Now, a figure from his past threatens to restart the ancient conflict he has struggled so long to put behind him.

War is coming again to the mountains, but this time he’ll fight the legionaries he once commanded. Prophecy is against him. Numbers, too. But the greatest peril is the distrust of his human allies. Can he forge an effective alliance before the bright power rising in the east destroys them?

A Bright Power Rising is the first volume of The Golden Rule, a two-part epic fantasy for readers who enjoy unique and intriguing fantasy worlds.

First in series special US$0.99

Blood So Black

by G. N. Solomon

Renegades meets Mistborn in this thrilling new fantasy novel about a petty thief willing to do anything for her friend.

In the midst of a bloody war between witches and witch-hunters, all Isla Byrne wants is to survive, and she has a plan to do it.

Avoid conscription.

Pickpocket to stay afloat.

Keep her best friend, Minnie, safe.

But all of that is thrown out the window when the unthinkable happens: Minnie enlists.

Isla is left with little choice: she needs to save Minnie before she’s shipped off to the war front, or resign herself to losing her best friend to the war that took her father. But even if she can come up with a plan to get them both out alive, Minnie will be hard to convince.

After the mysterious witch-killer known as Darkheart attacks, Isla is singled out to go on a dangerous and near-impossible mission across the mountains. As the journey becomes more treacherous and enemies close in, Isla has to choose between her country and her best friend- before it’s too late.

New Release US$2.99

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