Ebookaroo 15 October 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Merrie Destefano, Jacinthe Dessureault, D.W. Patterson, Carol Van Natta, JC Kang, Jean Gill, Dave Walsh, CJ Aaron, Milo James Fowler and M.G. Herron.

A Place Of Magic

by Merrie Destefano

Halloween is the wrong time to visit Ticonderoga Falls.

Dangerous fae hunt in the nearby woods.

The Prey…

Maddie MacFaddin (“Mad Mac” to fans of her bestselling magical stories) spent a blissful childhood summer in Ticonderoga Falls. That’s where she wants to be when her adult life is falling apart. The nearby forest holds many memories, some joyous, some only half-remembered. But she doesn’t remember the dark parts—and knows nothing of the legend that keeps the area’s terrified residents captive. She has no recollection of Ash, the magnificent creature who saved her life as a child, or that his kind preys upon humanity.

The Monster…

Ash, a Darkling fae, has been trapped in Ticonderoga Falls for a century—ever since his wife’s tragic death. Now, his own curse holds him captive. As penance, he’s required to hold a Hunt once a year. Then, hungry fae will descend upon the small village to harvest the dreams of the inhabitants.

The Hunt…

There are rules about harvesting humans; the poor creatures are so delicate. If you take too much, they’ll die. Without dreams, they perish. And perish they do, now and then, despite Ash’s efforts to keep them safe. Then he realizes Maddie is the prey his unwanted guests are after. But, try as he might, this time he’s not strong enough to protect her. The entire village is in danger.

Soon the Hunt will begin. And no human will be safe.

A Sinister Gift

by Jacinthe Dessureault

First-time pregnancy? Check.

First-time premonition? Check.

First time dealing with an immortal killer? In progress…

Montréal, present day. When police social worker Elenora Bello becomes pregnant, her life takes a sharp turn for the bizarre as she starts having insights into a case assigned to her detective husband and foresees the death of a plastic surgeon gone missing.

The nightmarish visions are just the beginning, and it soon becomes clear that Elenora’s newfound power is the only thing that can help stop a centuries-old murderer.

Montréal, 1847. Rolland Carmichael is a penniless but dashing young man who charmed his way into the salons of high society. When a savage beating takes away his good looks, his livelihood, and the love of his life, he withdraws into the shadows. Darkness grows inside of him, pushing him to kill. And he’s set to fly under the radar for all of eternity.

That is, until Elenora sees him.

And he sees her back…

A Sinister Gift is a paranormal mystery and the first in a series following a forty-year-old psychic heroine hell-bent on helping the supernaturally afflicted. It features spirits, witches, and things that are not what they seem.


by D.W. Patterson

Originally published in 2020 as Spin-Two Book 1.

If you could save the world, would you? What if the world was destined to end and you would be interfering with the natural order? What if the world looked down on your kind? Robotic personage Dag Mach had assisted with the development of the wormhole drive, now he had discovered its successor, the Spin-Two drive, and he had found the answer to the end of the world.

If Dag did nothing then this universe would end. But if he stopped the natural progression he would be “playing God.” And Dag didn’t want to play.

If you like a fast moving story, characters that never give up, and science with a sense of wonder, this is for you.

“Spin Two” is set in the future (2600s) and is the fourth novel in the Future Chron Universe. If you enjoyed “Spin Two” consider reading the next story in the series “Robot Planet” for more Hard Science Fiction – Old School.

For more information about the Future Chron Universe, including a chronological reading order, see the author’s blog futurechron.blogspot.com.

Pets in Space 6: A Science Fiction Romance Anthology

by Carol Van Natta

Join the incredible authors in this year’s Pets in Space 6 for another out-of-this-world adventure. This award-winning, USA TODAY Bestselling anthology is packed full of your favorite Pets in Space®. Featuring 11 original, never-before-released stories, Pets in Space 6 continues their vital support of Hero-Dogs.org. This charity provides trained service dogs to disabled veterans and first-responders to improve quality of life and help them regain independence. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition anthology.

Dragon Charmer’s Apprentice

by JC Kang

With all of humanity enslaved by orcs, and other races little more than legends, Mai eeks out a living as a farmer. Her greatest ambition in life is to catch the eye of the handsomest man in the village…until the elf gods dispatch their divine messenger, Aralas, to reveal a secret: her unique voice has the power to charm the orcs’ powerful ally, the dragon Avarax.

However, Mai can only succeed when an upcoming conjunction of the moons magnifies her magic. She has a few short months to learn an art that takes a lifetime to master, but her abrasive mentor is too busy trying to win Aralas’ affection to teach. Complicating matters, Aralas begins to take a liking to Mai.

Failing to overcome these complications means mankind will remain slaves to the orcs for another three centuries.

Natural Forces Trilogy (Box Set)

by Jean Gill

If you love alternative fairy tales, shape-shifters and rebels, this is for you! All three award-winning epic fantasy novels in the Natural Forces Trilogy in one boxed set. One misfit girl and 50,000 bees against the might of the Citadel.

When Mielitta flees to the forbidden Forest, she is transformed into a bee-shifter. Can she fulfil her destiny or will the Mages crush every cell of her second nature?

‘Beautiful yet tense… continually surprising and exciting.’ The Booklife Prize

Cydonia Rising

by Dave Walsh

The Emperor of the galaxy has fallen, slain at the hands of his own son.

Forced into exile, Katrijn was tasked with a mission sent to her by her father from beyond the grave: free the people of the Andlios Republic. Her biggest hurdle? First it’s the assassins sent after her by the emperor. After years alone on the fringes of the galaxy, who will be there to help her dethrone the mad emperor and reclaim the throne. Then, it’s dealing with her brother…

The Mad Emperor himself.

Katrijn must carve her own path forward, forging new alliances and swallowing her pride to take whatever help she can find along the way, no matter how… unconventional that help seems, even from sworn enemies.

If dethroning her deranged brother isn’t hard enough, she’s not the only one gunning for the throne, making it a deadly race to save the people of Andlios in this action-packed space epic.

Catalyst 1-3

by CJ Aaron

Get the Catalyst Books 1-3 Boxset, featuring the first three books in the bestselling Epic Fantasy series. Over 1,000+ pages filled with unexpected heroes, dark magic, and non-stop adventure.

Cursed from birth. Forced into slavery. It’s time to fight back.

The blood of the Ancients is the most coveted ingredient in all of Damaris. The fabled elixir made from it grants those who drink it life that extends far beyond natural means.

There is no higher honor in the kingdom then being granted the privilege of bidding for it. And the people found with the cursed blood? By law, they are the rightful property of the kingdom.

They are tributes.

As a boy, Ryl was sold by his family when he was discovered to have the coveted blood flowing through his veins. Broken, scared, and confused, he’s confined to an area known as the Stocks until he is ready for harvesting.

Ryl stumbles through a doomed life until the appearance of a mysterious stranger who exposes a buried version of the past that changes everything. That his blood may not be a curse, but a blessing.

The fates of all the tributes hang in the balance.

Buy this Special Edition Omnibus to experience a saga with something for every fan of Epic Fantasy. Suitable for all ages, it’s perfect for fans of D.K. Holmberg, Will Wight, and K.F. Breene.

Coyote Cal – Tales from the Weird West

by Milo James Fowler

In these thrilling tales from yesteryear, Coyote Cal and his trusty sidekick Big Yap encounter a wizard able to change his shape at will, a scheming witch, a confused zombie, la chupacabra grande, bloodthirsty vampyres, and other sordid fiends. Our heroes will have to rely on their wits, skills, and loads of hot lead to ensure justice prevails.

Starfighter Down

by M.G. Herron

A rogue Overmind is on the loose! When Captain Elya Nevers is shot down during a Kryl incursion, he’s got to rely on his training, his courage, and the kindness of strangers to survive. But when he learns what the Overmind is really after—a secret power older than the Solaran Empire itself—his fight to survive turns into a startling discovery.

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