Ebookaroo 15 May 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by C.L. Carhart, Aurora Springer, P R Adams, Dean F. Wilson, C.G. Harris, Simon Haynes, Emma L. Adams, Austin Dragon, and Jake Allen Coleman.

His Name Was Augustin Books 1-3

by C.L. Carhart

“I doubt too many other young women have bent the threads of time in an eternal quest for the truth.”

Join Swanie and discover a world where witches live among us undetected, their choices shaping events behind the scenes. Not all who wield elemental magic walk the path of light . . . and the single Teuton priest who treats Swanie as an equal harbors dark secrets that could upend her destiny.

His Name Was Augustin Books 1-3 includes:

– Arcane Gateway: Swanie juggles elemental magic and unrequited love while trying to maintain a normal life.

– Mystic Passage: Swanie travels to the past to uncover her people’s mystical secrets, only to fall desperately in love with a priest who serves a demon.

– Astral Fantasia: Swanie faces a loveless marriage and tragic loss while her city’s destruction looms on the horizon.

*HIS NAME WAS AUGUSTIN BOOKS 1-3 is the first half of a dark paranormal fantasy series filled with magic, antiheroes, and forbidden romance interwoven throughout. This collection ends on a HFN at a slight cliff.

Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf

by Aurora Springer

A young witch escapes the destruction of her home and embarks on a perilous quest for the fabled land where elves and humans live in peace.

In a land threatened by cruel invaders from the east, Bridget Bramble lives in a small village where she barters herbs and carved buttons. When marauders target her village and murder her family, she flees into the woods. Armed with her Granny’s advice and a bag of magic buttons, she sets out on the perilous journey to Oakenwald, the fabled land where elves and men live in harmony. As she travels farther from home, she encounters malicious creatures from the worst kind of folktale.

Lost in the foothills of the mountains, Bridget meets the elf, Windswift the Wanderer. He offers to guide her across the mountain range. But what is the elf doing in human lands? Can an ordinary, or almost ordinary, human girl trust a cold hearted elf to lead her to safety?

Epic fantasy adventure and romance with darker overtones. This story weaves elements of folklore and a quest for a safe haven in a land where magic is real.

Deep Descent

by P R Adams

Chanda has a particular set of skills, but will they be enough?

She needs money, and the only way she can make it is to become a bounty hunter—a freelancer. Lancer for short. And the big money? That’s out in the frontier colonies.

When she takes a job on a remote mining colony, things look promising.

But when she goes after the bounty for some dangerous targets, the trouble is worse than advertised, and the colony’s buried history rises up to threaten everyone.

Now Chanda’s not worried about money—she’s worried about survival.

Pick up Deep Descent today and enter the world of the Lancers.


by Dean F. Wilson

Welcome to the Wild North, a desolate wasteland where criminals go to hide—if they can outlast the drought and the dangers of the desert. Or the dangers of something else.

Meet Nox, the Coilhunter. A mechanic and toymaker by trade, a bounty hunter by circumstance. He isn’t in it for the money. He’s in it for justice, and there’s a lot of justice that needs to be paid.

Between each kill, he’s looking for someone who has kept out of his crosshairs for quite a while—the person who murdered his wife and children. The trail has long gone cold, but there are changes happening, the kind of changes that uncover footprints and spent bullet casings.

Plagued by nightmares, he’s made himself into a living one, the kind the criminals and conmen fear.

So, welcome, fair folk, to the Wild North. If the land doesn’t get you, the Coilhunter will.

This is a standalone book in the Coilhunter Chronicles series, which can be read in any order.

First in series special US$0.99


New Dominion

by C.G. Harris

Ghostly brawls, voodoo magic and a manhunt for a power-hungry dead guy. What did you do today?

Underworld double agent Gabe Gantry can’t stop screwing up. And why can’t he have a cool Topside superpower like his partner Alex?

Trying to commit covert good deeds from inside Hell is a devilishly tricky balancing act and the scales have just tipped.

Being a secret agent in the Underworld is never simple, but a gig that doesn’t involve preventing the next apocalypse is suspiciously non-Satanic. But Gabe knows better. There has to be a catch.

All he has to do is uncover the truth, fend off murderous ghosts, save a young genius and do it all without colossal screw ups or giving away his secret. No problem!

If you like snarky characters, and dark humor, then you’ll love New Dominion, the second book in the action-packed supernatural Judas Files urban fantasy series by C.G. Harris. Series now complete!

A Robot Named Clunk

by Simon Haynes

A pair of misfits accept an impossible cargo job. Can they beat the odds and deliver?

Clunk, an elderly robot, will get a much-needed overhaul if he completes a ‘simple’ job for his boss.

Hal Spacejock, a crash-prone pilot, will get a lot of broken bones if he doesn’t repay a loan shark.

Clunk is patient, reasonable and brimming with helpful suggestions. Hal is stubborn, quick to anger and incapable of listening to good advice.

They’re as compatible as a burning match and a stick of dynamite.

But now, with everything on the line, they’re forced to team up. This disparate duo has no choice: they must work together to deliver a vital, urgent cargo.

Unfortunately, a rival is after the same cargo, and he’ll do anything to grab it. His finger is on the trigger. Hal and Clunk are in the crosshairs.

How can they possibly deliver when their chances of success are slimmer than Hal’s bank balance?

How far will they get before Hal’s famously short fuse runs out?

Faerie Blood

by Emma L. Adams

I’m Ivy Lane, and if I never see another faerie again, it’ll be too soon.

Twenty years after the faeries came and destroyed the world as we knew it, I use my specialist skills to keep rogue faeries in line and ensure humans and their magically gifted neighbours can coexist (relatively) peacefully.

Nobody knows those skills came from the darkest corner of Faerie itself.

When a human child disappears, replaced with a faerie changeling, I have to choose between taking the safe road or exposing my own history with the faeries to the seductively dangerous head of the Mage Lords. He’s the exact kind of distraction I don’t need, but it’s work with him or lose my chance to save the victims. It’ll take all my skills to catch the kidnappers and stop Faerie’s dark denizens overrunning the city — but if the faerie lords find out about the magic I stole last time I went into their realm, running won’t save me this time…

Through Titan’s Trail (Fabled Quest Chronicles)

by Austin Dragon

Many die along the Trail, but to embark on such a magical adventure and behold its ultimate treasures, all shall be gladly risked!

It is a journey like no other through unimaginable dangers, both mortal and magical, of men and monsters, by day and night—all to reach the limitless riches of the magic kingdom.


by Jake Allen Coleman

One of the five stones holding the Ban together has been stolen. Now one young woman must put her skills with the sword to the test and recover the Sunstone before it’s too late.

In Cynneweald, magic has been forbidden since the Dragon Wars, yet not everyone is willing to follow those rules. Krystelle is determined to reach her old mentor and enlist his help, but when the dark wizard who took the stone also kidnaps her, a chance encounter in the forest may be her only chance. With the self-appointed guardians of the Ban on their heels, Krystelle and her new friends must infiltrate the wizard’s lair and bring it back to its rightful home before the balance of power holding the kingdom together begins to topple.

First in series special US$0.99


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