Ebookaroo 15 June 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Shawn P. B. Robinson, Eric Michael Craig, Isaac Petrov, Kyra Halland, Milo James Fowler, Eileen Mueller, Eileen Mueller, JMD Reid and KT Belt.

Sarya’s Song

by Kyra Halland

Music, magic, demons… and love beyond hope.

In a world where music is magic, Sarya dyr-Rusac can hear music no one else hears. Once a respected arranger of musical magic rituals, now she’s in exile after a wedding ritual she wrote led to the tragedy it was supposed to prevent. As disasters shake the world, unaffected by the chants that should control them, she hears haunting new music in the wind – music that heralds terrible new forces at work, or forces so old they have long been forgotten.

In search of answers, Sarya returns to the Skola of Music she left in disgrace. Confronted with the mistakes of her past, she defies the Masters who think long-forgotten secrets are best left forgotten – and resumes her complicated relationship with the talented singer Adan Muari, friend, sparring partner, the man she can never have.

Then a beautiful, nameless man in chains begins to appear in her dreams, begging her to sing the song she heard in the wind, the song that will set him free. Is he a god with the power to save the world or the power to destroy everything she knows and loves?

As catastrophe closes in on Sarya, the Skola, and the man she loves, she must race to discover the chained man’s identity and the meaning of his song before the world itself is torn apart.

(Content warning: Contains disturbing themes including memories of abuse and of child loss, violence including sexual violence, and mild to moderate sensual content.)

Special US$0.99

Wings of Earth: 1 – Echoes of Starlight

by Eric Michael Craig

One hundred thousand colonists can’t disappear.

No bodies. No evidence of an attack. Just gone.

On what should have been a routine cargo run to the far edge of the Coalition, Captain Ethan Walker is carrying a payload of medical technology and two passengers returning home to Starlight Colony. When they arrive, they discover that everyone on the planet is missing.

The company he works for wants him to leave immediately, but he’s obligated to report to FleetCom that the entire population has vanished. Captain MacKenna of the Magellan, tells him stay put until they can arrive to begin an official investigation.

Caught between his legal responsibilities and the need to know what happened, Walker has to resist increasing pressure to defy orders. Unfortunately, his passengers make a decision that forces him into doing the one thing he can’t do.

Captain Walker must risk his ship and crew to return to the surface even though it may ultimately cost him everything.

Get the exciting opening book to the new Wings of Earth series.

First in series special US$0.99

DREAMWORMS Book 1: The Advent of Dreamtech

by Isaac Petrov


Aliens, First-Contact, Collapse, Dreamtech, Revolution and Extinction.


Civilization has long collapsed—the legacy of an inescapable disease. Only a religious group has adapted to lifespans of mere 27 years, spreading into the global rural utopia known as Goah’s Gift. A happy society, oblivious to its own fragility.


Welcome to the history seminar of Professor Miyagi of the University of Lunteren-Deviss. Using the latest twenty-sixth century dream sensorial technology, you and your fellow students are about to dive deep into the momentous events when doom was playing dice with humanity.


This is the story of a badass woman that meets an alien deep in her dreams. An alien with an agenda.

This is the story of a world-shaking religious revolution. In a deeply religious world.

This is the story of DREAMTECH, and the impact of alien technology on a dying human world.

New Release US$0.99

Zommunist Invasion Box Set, Books 1 – 3

by Camille Picott

Invading troops with a deadly virus. A young man fighting for his life. Will flesh-eating monsters run out the clock on America’s future?

Northern California, 1985. Former high school quarterback Leo Cecchino sacrificed his dreams for his family. Unfulfilled by the daily grind of their ailing farm, he can’t help but feel resentment. But he’s soon redirecting his smoldering frustration into battle rage when his small town is invaded by bloodthirsty Russians armed with a zombie virus.

Forced from his home to a secret hideaway, Leo tries desperately to spread the word and defend his country. But with the Soviets and their ravenous puppets firmly in control, it may rest on Leo and his hastily created counterattack playbook to save them all from a grisly death.

Can Leo snatch victory from the undead jaws of defeat?

The Zommunist Invasion Box Set contains the first three books in the gripping Zommunist Invasion zombie apocalypse series. If you like small-town heroes, pulse-pounding action, and drooling enemies, then you’ll love Camille Picott’s page-turning tale.

Buy Zommunist Invasion to bury the opposition today!

New Release US$0.99

Heir of Tanaris

by Kyra Halland

The evil of his past. The great promise of his future. And the love that shapes his destiny.

As a young boy, Davian was sold into slavery at Source Makarsk, a wellspring of malign, corrupted magic. Over the years, he has risen in the ranks of the slaves, but he knows he will never be anything but a slave – until an elderly wizard, a prisoner at Makarsk, gives him an astonishing gift. Desperate to find the destiny promised by the gift, Davian risks his life to escape from Makarsk.

Isamina, a healer at Sharan, a Source of healing magic hidden deep in the wild Crown of the World Mountains, has a talent for soothing patients’ fears and pain. But her ability to touch broken minds and spirits is strictly forbidden at Sharan, and the path of her life has already been decided by her parents, the Master and Matron of Source Sharan, and the man they want her to marry.

When a badly-injured runaway slave is brought to Sharan, Isamina is captivated by the man she senses deep beneath the evil magic that still holds him prisoner. Determined to heal his tormented soul using her forbidden gifts, she discovers that he is far more than a fugitive slave; he has a magical gift that could bring badly-needed healing to the mountains, if only she can teach him to use it.

Hunted by Makarsk’s fearsome Guardian, Davian must find a way to defeat the powerful magic that binds him to Source Makarsk. He and Isamina must risk everything so that he can fulfill the destiny the old wizard promised him and become the great healer the people of the plague-torn mountains need him to be, and to claim a love and a freedom neither of them had never dared to dream of.

Epic romantic fantasy for adults. Contains violence, mild to moderate sensual content, and disturbing themes.

Special US$0.99

The Suprahuman Secret

by Milo James Fowler

The public can’t know they exist. It could start a panic. The average citizen is perfectly fine with superheroes saving the day or causing mayhem in movies and comic books. But if those suprahumans actually walked among us, what would happen then?

In a crumbling post-war city of the future, private eye Charlie Madison stands in the gap. The last of his kind, a champion of lost causes, he confronts corrupt cops, violent bratva and yakuza, doing whatever he can for the average citizen in need of help. A war veteran with plenty of hardship in his past, he’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the powers that be, whether they’re in the criminal underworld or the federal government.

Madison has encountered more than his share of unusual suspects over the years. But this time he’s up against something he’s never seen before, on or off the battlefield: people with unnatural abilities. Suprahumans. Gifted ones. Their powers are too incredible to believe, too dangerous in this unstable world. Their existence is a secret guarded by government agents who mindwipe anyone encountering them.

For Charlie Madison, the Suprahuman Secret emerges when a little girl goes missing and no ransom demand is made. He takes the case, but time isn’t on his side. After 48 hours in this town, it’s unlikely an abducted child will be found in one piece. As the mystery unfolds, Madison uncovers a bizarre truth about the girl that seems impossible. But it could explain why she was kidnapped – and why she might still be alive.

Collects 4 Crime Noir / Science Fiction Novellas from the Case Files of Charlie Madison, P.I.: Girl of Great Price, Immaterial Evidence, Yakuza Territory, and Chimera Effect

Precursor to The Gifted Ones

Special US$0.99

Anakisha’s Dragon

by Eileen Mueller

A feisty street fighter avenging her dead brother. A dashing dragon rider in the right place at the wrong time. And an unlikely pirate captain with nothing left to lose.

Being a dragon rider is not in Anakisha’s plans. And Anakisha’s stubborn. She’s not giving up her dreams anytime soon.

When Anakisha’s brother is murdered by a gang, she joins the Night Wings, a team of local vigilantes, and takes to the streets to avenge him. With a soft spot for defending underdogs, she’s found her niche.

The Night Wing’s leader is the dreamy golden-haired son of the village arbitrator — a fine catch. If she can impress his father, she can marry him and improve her family’s fortune. But the underbelly of Fieldhaven is rife with politics and deceit. Although Anakisha is good with a bow and a dagger, she’s not always the best judge of character…

And her plans do not include a dragon.

But then, the King’s Rider appears on his sleek onyx dragon.

And a bloodthirsty pirate captain rises to power, spreading terror on the Naobian Sea.

Leaving Anakisha torn between her dream and her duty…

USA Today bestselling author Eileen Mueller has nailed your next exciting dragon adventure with Anakisha’s Dragon, the first book in her new Riders of Fire Dragon Masters series.

If you love soaring with dragons and swashbuckling with pirates, take flight today with Anakisha’s Dragon!

New Release US$3.99

Riders of Fire Complete Series Box Set books 1-6: Epic Dragon Rider Adventures

by Eileen Mueller

New box set from USA Today bestselling author Eileen Mueller. Join the Riders of Fire adrenaline ride: strong heroes & heroines, nail-biting action and dragons.

When Ezaara imprints with the dragon queen, she’s swept into a world she’d never dreamed of. A world of dragons, treachery, intrigue and danger.

Now the new Queen’s Rider, Ezaara must lead her people as Commander Zens and his army of tharuk monsters rampage across Dragons’ Realm, killing and enslaving innocents. She must stop them.

But who can she trust when political intrigue puts her own life in danger?

And when Zens is growing terrible new creatures faster than she and her dragon riders can defeat them…

★★★★★ “A great fantasy read.”

—Dean O’Gorman, Fili, The Hobbit

★★★★★ “An explosive series.”

In Kindle Unlimited.

Grab your copy and soar on dragonback today!

New Release US$0.99

Mask of Guilt

by JMD Reid

We all wear masks. Some do so to hide from their own guilt.

Lady Foonauri’s life of indulgence and chasing wealth has left the young noblewoman empty inside. She wears a mask of happiness while she is consumed by guilt for the two men she loved…

And destroyed.

One man sees her as more than a beautiful ornament. He sees a woman who can change the world. He offers her a new mask to wear and the chance to do something meaningful with her life: Steal a dangerous artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.

Can she shed her mask of guilt and find purpose in her life? Will the life as a thief bring her peace?

Or is she entering a world that will swallow her whole?

New Release US$0.99

Monster of the Dark

by KT Belt

Carmen Grey always knew she was different.

None of the other children seemed able to read minds. None of the other children were able to manipulate their toys without touching them. On the morning of her sixth birthday, three men dressed in black arrive to remove her from the loving care of her parents.

She is taken to an underground facility meant for others like her, for Clairvoyants. Stripped of her name and identity, over the years she is fashioned into something scary—something lethal. Each day is an endless struggle and every night is plagued by nightmares. Yet Carmen’s ultimate battle won’t be to save her life but to keep her soul.

First in series special US$0.99

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