Ebookaroo 15 January 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by Linda Nagata, D.W. Patterson, M.D. Cooper, Milo James Fowler, Georgina Jeffery, Jada Fisher, AM Scott, Samantha Cheah, Krista D. Ball and Wil Chan.

The Snow Chanter (The Wild Trilogy Book 1)

by Linda Nagata

The Wild existed in beautiful and ruthless perfection—until the people came.

Generations past, disaster drove the people to seek a new home on a wild continent that had never before known a human presence. Spirits of wind, stream, forest, and mist inhabit this land, but these beings care nothing for the people, and some are cruel and hostile.

Siddél is a power among these spirits. He is thunder and lightning, he is the storm—and he despises all people. He has resolved to drive them from the land and for this purpose he created the arowl—mad, ravening beasts with an unquenchable hunger. Arowl are abominations. They hunt all creatures, while craving human flesh above all else.

Bennek is a young warrior, skilled at hunting arowl and eager to slay any that dare venture into the Protected Lands. But he longs for greater deeds. One morning, in the cold blue hour before sunrise, an owl spirit visits, urging Bennek, along with his brother and cousin, to take on a perilous quest. The three youths must find the Snow Chanter—an ancestral spirit that they had thought long gone from the world. History teaches that the Snow Chanter was an enemy of Siddél. If she still exists, might her power help to bring him down?

Bennek is determined to find out. With his kin, he sets off to seek for her. But other forces are stirring. As the trio ventures north into a dangerous land overrun by arowl, they chance to meet a strange young woman—a sorceress, with ambitions even greater than their own.

Time Wars

by D.W. Patterson

Haile only wants to prove her theory, that time can be slowed down or sped up in a small region of space, and get her Ph.D. But then the government takes over. They prove Haile’s theory by starting a time war between Tarba and the planet Atwan. No matter the winner of the struggle there can be only one outcome, spacetime slowly separating into its constituents. And separate nothing can exist.

“Time Wars” is set in the future (2700s) and is the thirtieth tale and seventh novel in the Future Chron Universe. Next novel in the series: “Time’s End”.

Hard Science Fiction – Old School.

See the author’s blog dwarpatt.blogspot.com for more information.

Lyssa’s Dream

by M.D. Cooper

Captain Andy Sykes just wants to keep his family in one piece.

Once a combat pilot for the TSF, he gave it all up for love and a family. But two years ago, his wife disappeared, leaving him with two mouths to feed: eight year-old Tim, ten year-old Cara.

Since then, he’s managed to scrape a living hauling cargo between the Jovian Combine and InnerSol. It’s not glamorous, his ship’s falling apart, and it’s boring as hell, but it keeps them in fuel and calories.

When a cargo run to Cruithne Station meets with more than one catastrophe, Andy finds himself accepting an offer a less desperate man would refuse: delivering an illegal AI named Lyssa.

The AI is the property of Heartbridge, a powerful, interplanetary corporation, and they want their latest weapon back. With a private army, gangs, and pirates all vying for the precious cargo Andy carries, it’s going to take everything Andy has to keep his ship flying, his kids safe, and get Lyssa to her destination.

Even if he succeeds, Lyssa’s very existence may spark a war like no other humanity has ever seen.

Captain Quasar: The Complete Series: A Humorous Space Opera Boxed Set

by Milo James Fowler

Get the Captain Quasar box set, featuring all three hilarious books in this romp through space and time. Perfect for fans of Galaxy Quest, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Captain Quasar is out of time.

Pursued by vengeful Goobalob toll collectors, savage Arachnoid bounty hunters, and formidable Amazonians, Captain Bartholomew Quasar must do whatever he can to keep the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude out of harm’s way.

All in a day’s work—except time is not on his side.

Torn from the present to relive his past, he vows to keep mistakes from occurring the second time around. But is he doomed to repeat history? Or can he erase his regrets? Villains will be vanquished.

Lives will be lost. Bonds will be betrayed. Heroes will be heroic. Join the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude in this special edition omnibus for a side-splitting time-travel space adventure the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Books Included in the set:

Book 1: The Space-Time Conundrum

Book 2: The Mass-Exodus Reversal

Book 3: The Phaze-Worlds Dilemma

The Jack Hansard Series: Season One

by Georgina Jeffery

Jack Hansard is the man who can sell you anything. Luck in a bottle, fame in a box, dreams on a leash… anything is possible when you’re a trader on the occult Black Market.

Jack is used to a life of handling dangerous goods, dodging disgruntled customers, and sometimes running away very fast. But when Ang (a two-and-a-half-foot tall coblyn right out of Welsh folklore) buys his help to find her missing kin, Jack suddenly finds the goods are riskier, the customers more treacherous, and escape is anything but guaranteed.

The Jack Hansard Series is an episodic urban fantasy with a wide streak of humour and a lot of British folklore. Season One contains the first fifteen episodes in the series.

Trial by Fire

by Jada Fisher

In a world full of darkness, the light of the sun is the only thing that can keep the Dark at bay. And dragons are the only thing that can protect the light.

Quinn of Cygnus: Lift Off

by AM Scott

Something is wrong at Adzari Net Academy. Really wrong.

It all seemed so right—Quinn’s big chance! She’d leave the mud, giant lizards and back-breaking labor behind forever and gain so much more: skills, connections, a job, a real life.

Then Quinn arrives to find the academy under new ownership and everything’s changed. Mean girls, strict schedules and tough teachers aren’t a problem. Quinn’s got the brains, discipline and training to beat them at their own game.

But the new owners raised the stakes and the house always wins. Quinn’s big adventure has become a fight for survival. Light years from home, with no power or backup, how can she endure?

Some might give up and fail. But not Quinn. She’s determined to not just survive, but escape and do a little damage on her way out.

They’ll never know what hit them.

It’s a Match

by Samantha Cheah

What would you do if you found out every major life decision you made had not really been your own?

Welcome to the 2030s, where big data is even bigger and everyone has an AIVA – Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant. Meet Sarah, who simply wants to find a boyfriend and her trusty AIVA, Delphi.

As a final year student in London, Sarah is the last single girl among her friends. Hoping to change that, she suffers through many failed dates, the ultimate Chinese parents setup, and even virtual speed dating. Exhausted, she eventually authorises Delphi to handle her online dating matches.

But when matches start approaching her in the streets, Sarah discovers that Delphi has been doing more than getting online dating matches for her. Her AIVA has been influencing major decisions throughout her entire life.

The Demons We See

by Krista D. Ball

Society was rocked when the Cathedral appointed Allegra, Contessa of Marsina, to negotiate the delicate peace talks between the rebelling mage slaves and the various states. Not only was she a highborn mage, she was a nonbeliever and a vocal objector against the supposed demonic origins of witchcraft. Demons weren’t real, she’d argued, and therefore the subjection of mages was unlawful.

That was all before the first assassination attempt. That was before Allegra heard the demonic shrieks. All before everything changed. Now Allegra and her personal guards race to stabilize the peace before the entire known world explodes into war with not just itself, but with the abyss from beyond.

So much for demons not being real.

Under an Azure Sky – Elysia Dayne: Book One

by Wil Chan

They call me…Hero…Mercenary…Dragon Slayer.

But that wasn’t always the case.

There was a time when I thought that dragons were beautiful…

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