Ebookaroo 15 February 2022

Here are some specials and new releases by Kylie Quillinan, Aurora Springer, Brian O’Rourke, J.T. Williams, David Rich, J.T. Williams, KC Kingmaker, A.L. Hawke, Colin Darney and Daniel Young.

Queen of Egypt

by Kylie Quillinan

She knows she’s going to kill the man she loves. She just doesn’t know why yet.

Ankhesenamun needs to produce an heir to the throne — quickly. Pharaoh Tutankhamun is young and weak. His chief advisors are planning his quiet removal and Ankhesenamun hopes to hold them off by producing an heir who can become a stronger Pharaoh.

When Pharaoh’s advisors move the court from the desert city of Akhetaten back to ancient Memphis, Ankhesenamun is thrown into a new world of danger, secrets, and old gods. Her dreams warn her of a blond-haired man who she will fall desperately in love with — and who will die by her own hand.

When the man from her dreams suddenly enters her life, she realises just how hard it’s going to be to stay away from him. Forgetting the warnings, she throws herself into an affair with him. After all, she’s supposed to be producing an heir. As his secrets start to be revealed, she searches for a way to save him. But saving his life might lead him to a fate worse than death.

Queen of Egypt is the first book in a series set in 18th Dynasty Egypt in a world where the old gods have been worshipped for thousands of years and magic is a matter of belief. For readers of dark fantasy who enjoy an historical setting.

Dragon Lady, Boxset of Books 1 & 2 in Atrapako on Eden

by Aurora Springer

Science fiction adventure and romance on a distant planet

Book 1, The Lady is Blue

Intrepid scientist solves mystery of scaly aliens.

Dr. Lucy Stannis leads a quiet life as the chief biologist in the remote human colony on Eden until an alien spaceship arrives. She is thrilled to meet the captain, the formidable Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak. But, the arrogant scaled Atrapako disdain the puny humans. Conflicts between the cultures threaten the whole planet as well as her tenuous friendship with Sa Kamizan. Lucy must employ her skills as a covert Terran spy to discover the aliens’ secret and save the colony.

Book 2, Dragons of Vkani

Rescue mission to hostile planet of scaly aliens

When the Blue Atrapako, Sa Kamizan Veedak, and his mate, Dr. Lucy Stannis, receive a distress call from his sister, they must undertake the perilous mission to rescue her from the war-torn planet of Vkani. As an exile, Sa Kamizan risks death if he is recognized, while the humans face slavery or worse if they are captured. The motley crew of Atrapako and human scientists will need all their skills to combat treachery by brutal warlords and survive the hostile environment.

The Bastard’s Refuge

by Brian O’Rourke

Only Galeran can save the children of the Abbey.

The island nation of Wrodor had enjoyed relative peace for generations, but a short two months ago, the army of the Ra-Haizur set foot on the southern shores. Numbering in the hundreds of thousands, the Ra-Haizur’s soldiers quickly took the peaceful hamlets and villages of the south and now march on the King’s capital, where a final battle will determine the fate of two nations.

In the far north, tucked safely away in a sacred abbey, hundreds of fatherless children live among the quiet tranquility of the Bronze Rise. In the past, bastards were hunted and killed in order to maintain certainty in noble succession, but years ago the King and nobility met in secret and agreed to send these children to the Abbey of Bronze, where they would be educated and not be forced to live in fear of assassination.

Galeran is one of these orphans. On the eve of his 18th birthday, he faces the biggest decision of his life: enter the Order of Bronze and become a monk within the abbey, or risk a life on the run with the woman he loves.

Fate, as it always does, has other plans for him.

When the Abbey of Bronze is attacked by three hundred of the Ra-Haizur’s most elite soldiers, Galeran’s journey begins. As protector of the other bastard children, he must lead them through a war-torn, blood-soaked land to the questionable safety of the Kirc Woodland. He will be challenged by bandits, outlaws, the Ra-Haizur’s monsters, but most of all, by his own conscience. Galeran never wanted to be a leader, but with the King and most of the nobility killed in the war with the Ra-Haizur, and the land in turmoil, Galeran might just be next in line …

With the Ra-Haizur’s wizard and thousands of soldiers closing in, and left with few choices, Galeran inspires the disparate peoples of the Kirc Woodland to ally and prepare for the coming battle inside an ancient ruin where once, long ago, a legendary battle was fought and great heroes were named, earning their place in history.

Now Galeran and his friends hope to earn their place too.

The Bastard’s Refuge is the first in a new heroic fantasy series by author Brian O’Rourke. Join Galeran and his friends on their incredible, life-changing journey. Fans of heroic fantasy, sword and sorcery, and epic fantasy will love this series. If you enjoy books by David Gemmell, Jeff Wheeler, Kel Kade, Bernard Cornwell, and Alec Hutson, you will love this series.

The Rogue Elf: Twilight Ascension

by J.T. Williams

Now is your chance to grab the complete six-book story of The Rogue Elf: Twilight Ascension. Over 1200 pages of explosive, progressive epic fantasy action! Only 0.99 for six novels for a limited time!

Darkness descends and it’s up to one young high elf to stand against it… but nothing is as it appears.

War has erupted across the lands and when the elves of Urlas depart for war, Kealin is not allowed to join the other warriors as he expects. His father and mother, and the elven High Council, demand he and his siblings stay behind.

There’s something Kealin is not being told.

When a soothsayer foretells the fall of the elves that have gone to war, it’s up to Kealin and his siblings who refuse to stand by and wait. if they’re to save their parents and the lives of their kin they must act. No matter the risk involved.

This one dark choice will see Kealin on a path like none before. A menace within him awakens. It isn’t elven magic. It is something else, older and darker. When one tragedy follows another, Kealin must grow and become something else entirely. His ascension begins.

Embracing the darkness of an ancient race that resides within as seething darkness just on the edge of his mind, can he control this growing power?

Get ready for the Rogue Elf of Urlas: Twilight Ascension a progressive, epic fantasy adventure!

Antelopes, A Modern Gulliver’s Travels

by David Rich

Arizona lottery winners are captured by a technologically advanced society of antelopes after surviving a plane crash on a remote mountain top in Venezuela. Captivity forces the humans to confront their own religious, sexual, nationalistic, and racial prejudices, which are reflected back at them by Antelope society.

Antelopes is a black comedy and satire in the spirit of Gulliver’s Travels, illustrated and muddied by quotes from our greatest thinkers, punctuated by two trials in the spirit of Kafka, an unlucky accident, a war of the Antelopes, and a bizarre escape.

Fallen King

by J.T. Williams

His conquest was for his ancestors. His glory was within grasp. His failure has left all of his companions dead.

They say that the race of men took that which belonged to the dwarves. Turgon Highstone was taking it back. Claiming his family’s right to lost cities across a region once overran by orc hordes, he amassed many loyal dwarves to fight by his side… but the war turned against him.

Suddenly finding himself locked in a dungeon, a stranger appears and provides a way out of captivity. Turgon wants revenge for his brothers and sisters-in-arms, but instead, he runs into an overbearing priest and a demonic specter haunting dwarven ruins.

The Fallen King is soon swept up in an even greater turmoil that may just make all the losses and failures actually mean something. But can he trust any of these new ‘friends’ when he is still a very much wanted dwarf?

His true destiny is about to be revealed.

Shadowblade Academy 1: Darkness Calls

by KC Kingmaker

At Shadowblade Academy, everyone fears the shadows…

Being the ordinary sister of a supernatural powerhouse isn’t fun. I live in the Crust, an outsider town for normies, while she gallivants around her top-secret academy for Abnorms.

Then everything goes sideways on my twenty-first birthday. Mediums scream at me like possessed nuns. Dudes pop out of shadows, trying to kidnap me. My dreams become very strange.

Most importantly, my sister goes missing.

I have to go looking for her, which means finding her school. Problem is, I learn the academy trains magical assassins who manipulate shadows. Badass but terrifying.

Bullies at the academy don’t think I belong. Smoldering fae, vampire, and shifter men are obsessed with me for different reasons: attraction, hate, suspicion. And who the hell is the sexy ghost-man haunting my dreams?

I’m trapped in a place where I’m always looking over my shoulder, and I can’t even trust my own shadow…

The Hawthorne University Witch Series: Complete Collection

by A.L. Hawke

The Hawthorne University Witch Series is available in its entirety with this complete book collection including:

Broomstick, Book I: I used to not believe in witches. Cadence Hawthorne enrolls in a special honors program at Hawthorne University to be with a super cute teaching assistant. She hopes the program can help with visions of ghosts and witches, while evil from within threatens her and her newfound love.

Windstorm, Book II: Believe in witches, for sometimes you need magic to ward off the evil in darkness. Cadence enters her junior year at Hawthorne University when her friend deals her a reversed Lovers tarot card. That means trouble in paradise. And there’s plenty of trouble when she learns of a new wicked witch’s involvement in her boyfriend’s past.

The Hawthorne Witch, Book III: Sometimes I’d rather shield my eyes than see darkness in light. Cadence stresses over the possibility of losing the love of her life as she plans to graduate from Hawthorne University. She’s also a bit distracted by a witch threatened with sacrificial murder and another murmuring to herself on a painted pentagram in her dorm room. Might the Abaddon witch be upsetting her plans?


by Colin Darney

“The screams of the villagers and the whistling of the arrows fading away behind them. I won’t let them down.”

Aeons ago an ancient war ravaged the land, and no one knows why.

The Endless Plains were one site of that ancient battle. Utterly devastated, they have now recovered and are once again at peace. But as the seasons turned and the years passed by, rumors grew. Rumors of the destruction of villages and the slaughtering of innocents. And those rumors are proving true.

Along the banks of the Serensea, Tommy grew into manhood knowing none of this. Living his life fishing the sea with his father, his home was far away from any happenings in the world. But when he is forced to escape the destruction of his village, he finds that not all is as it seems.

And what happens to him and his family will change them all, and reshape the lives of those around them.


Blackout: The Complete Series (Books 1-9)

by Daniel Young


A stubborn captain, an angry gunner, an alien trickster, a haughty monster, and a pair of twin assassins.

When it comes to motley crews, the Blackout has most starships beat.

But as a ruthless force swarms over the quadrant, crushing and enslaving all civilizations in its path, it might fall to this unlikely band of non-heroes to turn the tide.

If they don’t end up killing each other first.

Blackout: The Complete Series is old-fashioned space opera at its best, perfect for fans of action-packed drama and fun!

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