Ebookaroo 15 February 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Katt Powers, Felix R. Savage, Claudia Blood, Kyra Halland, Marjory Kaptanoglu, Kyra Gregory, Sarah WaterRaven, Merrie Destefano, Aurora Springer and Cianien Bloodstone.

City of Whispers

by Katt Powers

A disgraced assassin. A sinister plot. Will her one shot at redemption send her to the grave?

Dhani Karim is furious. Wrongfully expelled from the Imperial Assassins, the snarky killer is forced into a lowly unranked position in a remote desert colony, working with a guy who’s clearly damaged goods. And when they barely survive an attack on what should have been a routine assignment, she fears clearing her name could cost her life.

Struggling to navigate a land where she’s the only person who can’t wield magic, things get worse when she receives a death threat and her unwanted partner vanishes. But when the clues lead to a violent cult, Dhani finds herself in a race against time to stop a bloodbath that will consume thousands of innocent lives.

Can she expose a deadly conspiracy before it causes a massacre?

City of Whispers is the thrilling first book in the Imperial Assassin fantasy adventure series. If you like kickass heroines, high-octane action, and off-the-charts snark, then you’ll love Katt Powers’ gritty tale.

Buy City of Whispers for a pulse-pounding page-turner today!

First in series special US$0.99

MARS: A Hard SF Anthology (Mohs 5.5 Book 2)

by Felix R. Savage

The time has finally come for humanity to conquer Mars. Or die trying.

Though robotic explorers have vastly increased our knowledge about the Red Planet, there’s still so much we don’t know. Will Mars be a second home for humanity? Or will it usher in our destruction?

Thirteen hard science fiction writers take on the big questions in this groundbreaking anthology, which grapples with real-life scientific puzzles and dilemmas in the format of thrilling short stories.

MOHS 5.5 stands for scientific rigor, and MARS stands for non-stop excitement. Explore the fourth planet from the sun in the company of authors such as Peter Cawdron, S.J. Morden, Gerald M. Kilby, Felix R. Savage, Douglas Phillips, and Ralph Kern. Plus a foreword by YouTube/What Da Math’s Anton Petrov!

New Release US$0.99

Company Assassin

by Claudia Blood

It’s Duff Roman’s eighteenth birthday, but no one is lighting candles. 

Turning eighteen in the orphanage on Kalecca means starvation for those who aren’t hired into a Family. Outside the Family compounds lies the jungle. And in the jungle lies death. And Relics—the only real currency on Planet Kalecca.

The orphans are Duff’s family, and he’s sacrificed everything to keep the orphanage running, even his chance to move on. Now, at eighteen, he has no choice but to leave. Without him to bring in extra money, the orphans will starve under the Company’s control. Duff’s only chance to save them is to find a spot on an independent crew and hopefully find a Relic to sell.

A seemingly chance encounter with Z, leader of the most feared independent crew, offers Duff his opportunity to score a Relic. And offers Z a chance to relieve the guilt he feels over his past.

But a company assassin has plans to lay waste to Duff’s future, and the orphanage as well.

Special US$2.99


by Kyra Halland

After twenty-seven years in the trade, Kaniev the Source-Fixer has suddenly lost his ability to repair magical Sources. He decides it’s time to go home and take up fishing, but first, one more repair job lies ahead of him – Source Chaitrasse is experiencing problems. Kaniev’s depleted finances and self-confidence demand that this time, he get the job done right.

Fransisa always thought she would be the next High Priestess at Source Chaitrasse, but now her career has come to a dead end. She’s struggling to hold on to her place at Chaitrasse when a wandering tradesman appears, claiming that the Source has a problem and he’s the one who can fix it. He looks more like a brigand than a powerful wizard or wise scholar, but with an important ceremony coming up, Fransisa decides it can’t hurt anything to let him take a look at the Source.

Kaniev’s disastrous attempt to repair Source Chaitrasse leads to a sorcerer who is conducting dangerous experiments with magic. Caught in the sorcercer’s schemes, Fransisa and Kaniev must overcome their past failures and their differences to stop him before the Sources of magic and all the lands around them are destroyed.

Special US$0.99

Before the Killing

by Marjory Kaptanoglu

A time-travel tale of love and murder…

In the summer of 1973, 19-year-old Cassie returns to her home town on the Massachusetts coast after her first year away at college. The next day, her boyfriend, Julian, is implicated in a brutal killing.

Seven years later, a freak occurrence gives Cassie the ability to travel through time without altering it. Revisiting Julian in the past has her falling in love all over again. Convinced of his innocence, she goes back to witness the murder and the events leading up to it. Afterward, she struggles to find a way to prove what really happened, while the killer stalks her past and present lives, determined to silence her.

New Release US$0.99

The Vagabond Series Boxed Set: Books 1 – 3

by Kyra Gregory

A pirate with a pardon.

An admiral’s wife.

How far would they be willing to go to be with the one they love?

Jared Bricken has been a pirate for most of his life, moving from Deckhand to Quartermaster to Captain by the age of twenty-six. To eliminate the growing threat in their waters, the Evradian kingdom promises pardons to all those who come forward and renounce piracy. Jared can’t forget his reasons for leaving civilisation behind, but, when his crew vote in favour of taking the pardons, he’s forced to conform to the very world he despised.

Kara Sethers is the young wife of an Evradian admiral. Mistreated and always within her husband’s sight, Jared admires her from a distance, captivated by her strength, pained by the humiliation she endures and enraged by societies unwillingness to help her because of who her husband is.

Jared has a choice; take her away and return to a life of adventure at sea, proving to the Evradians that he truly is nothing more than the villain that pirates are portrayed as, or live a reformed life on land, his heart forever aching for the woman he cannot have.

If you like forbidden romance, runaway love and passionate love affairs, you will love this series!

Special US$0.99

I Fell in Love with a Necromancer

by Sarah WaterRaven

Darren is dead. Confused and unable to figure out what has happened to him, he reaches out to the only person who can see him, Cecile. She is a mysterious young woman with a bizarre roommate and strange abilities. Alone and filled with questions, Darren quickly latches on to Cecile, who, for reasons of her own, wants nothing to do with him. Forced together, they will set off on a journey that will change them both forever.

This novel is part of the Detective Docherty Universe.

Special US$0.99

Shade: The Complete Trilogy

by Merrie Destefano

SHADE: The Award-Winning Frankenstein Saga: The Complete Trilogy: A Re-Imagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

SHADE: Book 1:

A dangerous holiday. A deadly curse brought to life.

When Mary Wollstonecroft Godwin accepted an invitation to Lord Byron’s house party deep in the Swiss Alps, she hoped it would serve as a welcome distraction from her broken heart. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by enigmatic guests with their own dangerous secrets to hide. From the moment of her arrival, the party is more than it seems, as Mary and the others are strictly forbidden from leaving the villa after dark.

But tales of feral beasts aren’t the only rumors whispering through the halls. Doctor John Polidori, a handsome and mysterious party guest, fervently pursues local legends that the dead can rise, ruled by their own barbaric king. When the group plays a game of storytelling to pass the time, they weave together tales of nightmarish ghouls and horrible villains inspired by the myths—and Mary soon realizes their harmless stories have the power to conjure.

Twisted creatures will come to call. The dead will stalk the villa. And their royal master will stop at nothing to claim Mary as his own…

DUSK: Book 2:

Byron warned them to never go out after dark. There are dangerous creatures prowling in the woods, driven down from the mountains in hunger. Mary didn’t believe him.

Then she saw one last night. After it ripped apart a pack of wolves.

Now Byron is gone, and both John and Percy may have fallen prey to hydrophobia—for there’s a frightening madness in their behavior. On top of that, Claire has gone into premature labor and Mary will do anything to save her stepsister’s baby.

She’ll even ride off alone to Geneva, seeking a midwife, knowing that both Claire and her baby may die without one. But it’s already midday and Mary fears she won’t make it back before dark, when the vampire-like creatures will begin to hunt again.

And dusk is fast approaching…

DAWN: Book 3

Dawn is almost here. Mary thought they’d be safe by now, but they aren’t.

They may never be safe again.

Now, she doesn’t know who she can trust—even John seems different. She worries that he may have been bitten by the sangsue on the road to Geneva.

If she was worried about her own safety, that would be bad enough. But she has Claire’s baby to care for and she can’t lose another child. She just can’t.

She’d be cursed forever if that happened.

Her only option is to flee, to take the baby and leave everyone else behind. But Byron refuses to let her go alone. The baby girl is his, after all, and he may be a monster, but he would never abandon his child.

So, the three of them flee together, knowing the Vampire King wants them for a dark plan and that the world will be never be the same if he catches them…

2019 Realm Award Winner in Supernatural/Paranormal/Horror

2019 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Silver Medal Winner, Young Adult Fiction—Horror/Mystery

Special US$0.99

Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf

by Aurora Springer

A young witch escapes the destruction of her home and embarks on a perilous quest for the fabled land where elves and humans live in peace.

In a land threatened by cruel invaders from the east, Bridget Bramble lives in a small village where she barters herbs and carved buttons. When marauders target her village and murder her family, she flees into the woods. Armed with her Granny’s advice and a bag of magic buttons, she sets out on the perilous journey to Oakenwald, the fabled land where elves and men live in harmony. As she travels farther from home, she encounters malicious creatures from the worst kind of folktale.

Lost in the foothills of the mountains, Bridget meets the elf, Windswift the Wanderer. He offers to guide her across the mountain range. But what is the elf doing in human lands? Can an ordinary, or almost ordinary, human girl trust a cold hearted elf to lead her to safety?

Epic fantasy adventure and romance with darker overtones. This story weaves elements of folklore and a quest for a safe haven in a land where magic is real.

New Release US$2.99

Forgotten Relics

by Cianien Bloodstone

Thrown headfirst into a magic fueled universe, Rei Phoenix has spent much of her adult life running from the Federation. Making a living might be difficult for some, but Rei finds it easily accomplished if you don’t let things like laws or right of property bog you down. Unfortunately for her, even in a vast universe of possibilities, you can exhaust all your options of places to run.

Forced to accept a contract that brings her dangerously close to her enemies, Rei and her crew are charged with wiping out ancient knowledge that could alter the power structure of the galaxy forever. The payout supposedly will make their other jobs pale in comparison, if they can survive long enough to enjoy the spoils.

First in series special US$0.99

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