Ebookaroo 15 February 2020

Here are some specials and new releases by C. P. MacDonald, Shelley Russell Nolan, Nicole Ciacchella, M T McGuire, Daniel Gibbs, Kyra Halland, Rachel Ford, Jane Killick and Ginger Booth.

Lunar Escape

by C. P. MacDonald

Living on the Moon was not easy.

And a strange secret discovered deep under the Lunar surface could destroy it all.

Calin Aku, smuggler and Captain of the spaceship Sea Rover, had a reputation as the pirate who didn’t miss and he always delivered. His only concerns were to keep his ship flying and to protect his crew.

But a new job may risk it all. The crew of the Sea Rover find themselves battling against an all-powerful Governor who would kill everyone to safeguard his secrets and his power.

Calin is forced to ally with a secret society that had stayed hidden from the human race for a thousand years. Can they, with his cybernetic arm and an advanced A.I. spaceship, prevent the destruction of the Moon?

Lunar Escape is the first book in The Atlantean Conflict Series, a dystopian sci-fi adventure of ancient secrets, Solar System-wide action, and a smuggler turned reluctant hero. If you love fast-paced adventures, advanced civilizations, and rogue heroes then you will love this debut science fiction series from C.P. MacDonald.

Join the adventure and grab a copy of Lunar Escape now!

First in series special US$0.99

Arcane Awakenings The Collection

by Shelley Russell Nolan

Extraordinary abilities. Ruthless adversaries. Handsome allies.

All six novellas in one collection.

Six young women discover hidden powers that make them the target of unscrupulous adversaries. Only by learning to harness their newfound abilities and work together will they be able to gain their freedom. As they fight to break free, they soon learn that more is at stake than just their lives.

Arcane Awakenings – a fast-paced paranormal fantasy novella series

Special US$0.99


by Nicole Ciacchella

Humans are careless, destructive, and have no regard for life. They must be punished for their transgressions.

Her entire life, Clio has believed in the truth of her father’s philosophy. For years the people of the island kingdom of Koryos have lived profligately, and proof of their abuses surrounds her: sea creatures perishing in massive numbers, corals bleached and dying, toxic waste polluting the once-pristine waters. Her father choosing her to act as his secret weapon is the highest honor Clio can imagine, even if it required her to leave her home at the age of ten and endure ten years of rigorous training to learn to impersonate a human.

Now, Clio is ready to carry out her mission to eliminate every last Koryosian. Success means saving her home and family. Failure means the end of her world.

But the more she integrates herself into human society in order to sabotage it from within, the harder it becomes for her to ignore her doubts. The new human king is determined to atone for his father’s sins, and to undo the damage that threatens both his home and Clio’s, making her wonder if human annihilation is necessary. Can the Koryosians and the merfolk learn to coexist? Or will she be forced to choose between eradicating humanity and dooming merkind?

New Release US$0.99

Nothing To See Here

by M T McGuire

It’s midwinter and preparations for the biggest religious festival in the K’Barthan year are in full swing. Yes, even though, officially, religious activity has been banned, no-one’s going to ignore Arnold, The Prophet’s Birthday, especially not Big Merv. He orders The Pan of Hamgee to deliver the traditional Prophet’s Birthday gift to his accountants and lawyers. As usual, The Pan has managed to elicit the unwanted attention of the security forces. Can he make the delivery and get back to the Parrot and Screwdriver pub in time for an unofficial Prophet’s Birthday celebration with his friends?

New Release US$2.99

Breach of Peace

by Daniel Gibbs

Everything is on the table when survival’s at stake.

Captain James Henry is caught between a rock and a hard place – again. Merchant ships operating in neutral space near the Terran Coalition and the League of Sol are disappearing without a trace. The latest report has something the others didn’t.

A survivor.

When news reaches the planet Lusitania during a cargo offload, Captain Henry and the Shadow Wolf’s crew are hired to extract the surviving operative before she’s silenced and the information she has is lost.

But too many opposing forces are at work within the faction-torn republic – and they all want a piece of the prize.

With directives from multiple government contacts, Captain Henry concedes to protect his ragtag crew. Years ago, he surrendered to dishonor and dismissal from the Coalition Defense Force in order to protect his fellow officers. This time he knows how to play the game.

To save his band of brothers and sisters, Jim must walk a fine line between the operative’s survival and the threats against his crew from the League of Sol.

Before the time to negotiate runs out.

Special US$0.99

Chosen of Azara

by Kyra Halland

Juzeva, a princess of Savaru, sworn to the service of the magical Source Azara, sacrifices everything to stop a war, only to find herself caught in a web of evil and deceit woven by the corrupt sorcerer who wants to claim Azara’s power for his own.

Sevry, the last king of the war-ravaged land of Savaru, vows to Source Azara that he will find the secret that disappeared with Juzeva, the secret that can restore Savaru and its Sources to life, no matter how many years – or lifetimes – the search may take.

Lucie, a sheltered young noblewoman, is unaware of her true heritage until a stranger claiming to be the legendary king of a long-dead land takes refuge in her father’s house and tells her the secret of the power that has been passed down to her.

Torn between her familiar world and the truths her heart can’t deny, Lucie must find the courage to join Sevry on his quest to defeat the sorcerer who destroyed his homeland and bring Savaru back to life, a journey that will change her life – and the lost land of Savaru – forever.

Special US$0.99

Dragonbird’s Lair

by Rachel Ford

A mysterious warlock. A ruthless band of wyvern poachers. A marriage neither of them wants.

Tsar Kirill’s only daughter is ailing. Poachers and robbers plague his kingdom. He doesn’t want a wife. Especially not that one.

Tsarevna Yuliana has a home already. She doesn’t want to leave everything she’s known, the seaside that she grew up by, to start a new life in a strange land. Especially not with him.

But Tsar Fyodor, his ally and her father, has other plans. He wants to forge an empire. And empire building by marriage is so much less taxing than empire building by war.

Or so he thinks.

First at odds, Yuliana and Kirill unite to outwit Fyodor and save themselves from his machinations. But as a mysterious sorcerer and a dangerous band of wyvern poachers threaten the future of both kingdoms, the two must risk everything – including their hearts – to save the hard-won peace.

New Release US$4.99

Traitor’s Code

by Jane Killick

When a dying fugitive entrusts Cassy with a forbidden code, she must protect a secret which promises to save humanity – and threatens to get her killed.

Cassy, a freelance spaceship captain, escapes soldiers and calls in favours as she unravels the mystery of the code stolen from the Fertillan royal family. Pursuing her, Prince Stephen suspects her involvement, but an old immunity list drawn up by his father prevents him from keeping her in custody. Following the clues to a hidden past shared by their families, Cassy must confront the death of her mother to reveal a truth kept from her since childhood.

As she leads Stephen in a cat and mouse chase, Cassy understands why the fugitive risked everything to escape Fertilla. To honour his memory, she must complete his mission and deliver the code to scientists who can unlock its power. With Prince Stephen under orders to stop her, only the final battle will decide if Cassy and the code will survive.

A page-turning space adventure, Traitor’s Code mixes murder and intrigue with pirates, gun battles and a ‘will they/won’t they’ teaser in the first, unmissable instalment of the Freelancer trilogy.

Special US$0.99

Feral Queen

by Ginger Booth

Ava Panic becomes gang queen despite her boyfriend’s wishes. At the summer height of the Starve in Manhattan, can she defend their turf and control the fractious girls? Will relief ever come? Ava kicks butt!

New Release US$4.99

Pickle Pie

by George Saoulidis

Tickle My Pickle

Rollerball meets GLOW in this bloody mess of a sport story.

When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate jugger player, he decides to go for it. But will he manage to even turn a profit, when he knows little about the game and its seedy world, when the opponents play dirty on and off the field, and when the game’s popularity grows with every player injury and death?

Do you wanna watch the bloody game of Cyberpink? Do you wanna meet Pickle Pie? Then read this exciting story where popularity is queen and blood runs pink.

This is book 1 of the Cyberpink series.

WARNING: “Pickle Pie” contains drug use, low inhibitions, cursing in multiple languages, British spelling, European political correctness, a ton of stuff given in the metric system, pink blood, red blood, dried blood, worship of made-up corporate gods, references to male and female body parts, drinking, abuse, murder for sport, murder for hire, attempted murder, lecherous fanboys directly from 4chan, polyamory, gangsterism, debt bondage (the non-sexy kind of bondage,) transhumanism, misquoted Doctor Who lines, LGBT characters, diversity, pickle consumption in large quantities, ouzo consumption in large quantities, poorly named things, bathroom scenes (Hitchcock would be proud,) and the story of a hero who’s just trying to do the right thing while complaining about it.

First in series special US$0.99

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