Ebookaroo 11 September 2019

Specials and new releases by Krista D. Ball, Christopher Mitchell, Andy Peloquin, Georgina Makalani, P R Adams, Deborah Jay, Toni Cox and Remy Flagg.

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by Krista D. Ball

Seven years ago, Rebecca St. Martin took the coward’s path to save her skin. She has lived with that decision, eking out a life as an indentured servant on a space station far from home. Only now, fate has decided to give Rebecca another chance. A ghost from her past plans to execute a daring rescue from the prison bowels of the station Rebecca now works.

Rebecca has to face the same decision she made all those years ago. Could she watch her friends be murdered? Or could she, just for once, be a hero?

Special US$0.99

Shadow Moves

by P R Adams

One wrong move means interstellar war.

Faith Benson was a distinguished officer heading for a promising career. Then came her assignment to the Pandora. A posting aboard a search-and-rescue ship was usually the end of the line in the Kedraalian Republic Navy.

When an accident sends the Pandora into the demilitarized zone separating the Republic from its greatest enemy, the ship’s reckless captain follows an SOS signal into enemy territory. Once the rescue begins, things quickly spiral out of control, putting Faith’s leadership abilities to the test.

Can she save her crew from capture, or will the misguided rescue operation lead to war?

Grab this suspenseful military space opera tale to find out!

First in series special US$0.99

The Magelands Origins

by Christopher Mitchell

Her First Command.

Will it be her last…?

Daphne Holdfast is responsible for two hundred souls deep within enemy territory.

It should have been easy – invade and occupy Sanang, strip the forests bare, then withdraw until the following year, ready to do it all over again.

But this year something has changed. The orders to retreat have not arrived and the great forest lies dark and silent around them. Somewhere within the shadows of the trees the enemy is waiting – and thirsting for revenge.

Daphne has a decision to make – order her company to pull back and risk being condemned as a traitor, or stay to the bitter end?

A bitter struggle to the end…

The Rahain invasion was unexpected, sweeping through northern Kell in less than a season.

Holding the line at a narrow pass, Killop and his twin sister, Fire Mage Keira, stand shoulder-to-shoulder, ready to do anything to defend their homeland from the overwhelming legions of Rahain soldiers advancing towards them. With the price of failure enslavement or death, only complete victory will save their people.

New Release US$0.99

The Prince’s Man

by Deborah Jay

Rustam Chalice, dance tutor, gigolo and spy, loves his life just the way it is, so when the kingdom he serves is threatened from within, he leaps into action. Only trouble is, the spy master, Prince Hal, teams him up with an untouchable aristocratic assassin who despises him.

And to make matters worse, she’s the most beautiful woman in the Five Kingdoms.

Plunged into a desperate journey over the mountains, the mismatched pair struggle to survive deadly wildlife, the machinations of a spiteful god – and each other.

They must also keep alive a sickly elf they need as a political pawn. But when the elf reveals that Rustam has magic of his own, he is forced to question his identity, his sanity and worst, his loyalty to his prince.

For in Tyr-en, all magic users are put to death.

Award winning novel, THE PRINCE’S MAN, has been described as ‘James Bond meets Lord of the Rings’ – a sweeping tale of spies and deadly politics, inter-species mistrust and magic phobia, spiced with a pinch of romance.

First in series special US$0.99

Shields in Shadow (The Silent Champions Book 1)

by Andy Peloquin

Burdened with legend. Hardened by battle scars. Hellbent on bloody revenge.

As the son of a famous general, Aravon is proud to captain his own company against his people’s enemy. But the experienced veteran’s march toward glory dissolves into pain as ruthless barbarians massacre every last one of his soldiers. Burning for vengeance, he leaps at the chance to spearhead a specially-trained company and pay back his tragic defeat with blood.

Desperate to not repeat his tragic past, Aravon trains his new warriors relentlessly. But the captain fears that all the tactical drills in the world may not matter when they’re forced to defend a helpless village against overwhelming odds. As his quick raids sow chaos amongst the enemy, the bloodthirsty savages threaten to make Aravon’s nightmarish history repeat itself…

Can the captain take command of his fighting spirit before the kingdom falls to barbarous invaders?

Shields in Shadow is the first book in the action-packed Silent Champions military fantasy series. If you like square-jawed heroes, well-oiled military action, and epic world-building, then you’ll love Andy Peloquin’s gripping novel.

New Release US$0.99


by Toni Cox

The monsters never rest. They lurk, waiting for me to go to sleep.

Already, I have lost everything in my fight with the monsters that haunt my dreams, but my nightmares are about to become reality when I am kidnapped by a shadowy government agency called the IDA.

Drafted into the IDA’s army of dreamers, the monster become more real than they have ever been before. I am beginning to learn who, or what, I am – and the responsibility it brings with it.

This is a fight we cannot lose, because if we lose, we lose EVERYTHING.

New Release US$3.99


by Remy Flagg

He didn’t ask for limitless power.

Conthan’s only talents are sarcasm and art. That is, until he learns he’s a Child of Nostradamus with the ability to teleport. When his newfound powers kill a Marine, he finds himself hunted by the military’s elite.

He is not the only one in danger.

Conthan discovers his future entwined with a warden bent on corrupting imprisoned Children. As he unravels a conspiracy about to destroy the country, will he sacrifice his humanity to become a hero?

Fans of X-Men & X-Force will love this fast-paced introduction to the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

New Release US$0.99

The Hidden Princess

by Georgina Makalani

In the Empire of Rei-Een, tradition is everything and magic means death.

Lis has spent her life hidden away from the hunters of the Empire. Her father was instrumental in removing magic from the Empire and knows just how dangerous the world is for her. But when the crown prince dies, Lis’s magic is at risk of discovery.

With his brother’s murder, the new crown prince is concerned with far more than the woman to be hidden away as his bride. Magic has found its way back and he is determined to stamp it out before anyone else dies.

When Lis is summoned for the Choosing of the Hidden Princess, she soon discovers not all magics are the same. Some seek revenge for a war that ended a lifetime ago, amidst whispers and visions of a different future for Rei-Een. But who can she trust?

The Empire’s greatest hunter is never far from her side, and what will he do if he discovers the truth? Everyone thinks Lis can help them in some way, but all she wants is to return to her little island home. If she remains in the heart of the Empire of Rei-Een, there is far more at risk than her life.

The Hidden Princess is the first in a sword and sorcery fantasy series, set amongst the palaces and high stone walls of the Empire of Rei-Een.

Special US$0.99

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