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Here are some audio books by S.L. Rowland, M T McGuire, Miranda Honfleur, and L.L. Richman

Sentenced to Troll

by S.L. Rowland

Who says a troll can’t be the hero?

When Chad’s toxic online persona finally catches up to him, he’s sentenced to thirty days of full-immersion therapy designed to improve his anger issues.

In order to experience what it’s like on the other side, he’s forced to play as a forest troll, the most hated race in Isle of Mythos.

To make matters worse, the heroes sent to rid the world of evil aren’t heroes at all–they’re felons on their own twisted paths to redemption.

Chad quickly discovers that there’s more to troll society than meets the eye, and his barbarian rage might be all that stands between them and extinction.

Pick up this epic litRPG full of humor, action, and adventure today!

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Small Beginnings

by M T McGuire

If trouble comes knocking, be out.

When your very existence is treason, employment opportunities are thin on the ground. But when one of the biggest crime lords in the city makes The Pan of Hamgee a job offer he can’t refuse, it’s hard to tell what the dumbest move is: accepting the offer or saying no to Big Merv. Neither will do much for The Pan’s life expectancy.

Short(ish) listen at 2hrs 20mins.

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Feast of the Mother

by Miranda Honfleur

A beautifully dark fairy tale with magic, mystery, and romance, blending folklore with history beneath the looming threat of brutal witch hunts and a cataclysmic demonic onslaught…

A young witch answers the call of her ancestors in this mythic dark fantasy set in pre-Medieval Eastern Europe.

Beneath the murky waters of the lake, an ancient being slumbers, and Brygida is its servant. Kept sheltered in the woods by her mothers from the nearby village, Brygida has never had so much as a friend—until the day she meets a charming stranger painting by the lake. He invites her to the village’s harvest feast, but her taste of the forbidden ends with a murder.

Called into service for the first time, Brygida must take up her ancestral duty as Reaper of Death and solve the murder within three days. If she brings the murderer to the lake on the third day, the being she serves will be sated. If she fails, Brygida herself will be drawn beneath the murky waters, and the village massacred. There’s only one problem: the main suspect is her charming painter, Kaspian.

As Brygida investigates, the dangers are many and answers few. The village and her family stand against her, and with time running short, the lake demands a price. Brygida believes Kaspian is innocent, but can she stake her life on it, when failure means condemning the rest of the village, and being dragged into the deep…?

Find out what lurks beneath the lake in FEAST OF THE MOTHER, the first entry in a romantic dark fantasy series inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore, sure to please fans of Juliet Marillier’s Blackthorn & Grim series and Naomi Novik’s Uprooted.

Pick up Feast of the Mother to begin the beautifully haunting adventure today!

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The Chiral Agent + The Chiral Conspiracy audiobook publisher’s pack (2 books for 1 credit)

by L.L. Richman

They stole his identity. Now they want him dead.

Shadow Recon pilot Micah Case has flown into enemy space countless times. But when his spacecraft disintegrates around him above an alien world, Micah awakens with no memory of his past and a mysterious voice inside his head. His genetic code contains the power to destroy all life.

Hunted by his own military for reasons yet unclear, Micah embarks on a desperate journey to find the unknown voice. What he discovers sends him racing against the clock to stop an Akkadian assassin. If he fails, it’s not the end of the world. It’s the end of humanity.

Includes bonus story The Chiral Conspiracy.

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