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Here are some audio books by M T McGuire, Jamie Edmundson, Susan F Banks, and Demelza Carlton.

Few Are Chosen, K’Barthan Series: Part 1

by M T McGuire

A man called by destiny. The wrong man.

Meet The Pan of Hamgee: coward, unwilling adventurer and, by some miracle, K’Barth’s longest surviving outlaw. He just wants a quiet life so working as getaway driver is probably a bad career move. Then he falls in love at first sight with a woman he hasn’t even met who comes from an alternative reality. That’s when things really begin to get complicated.

Meet Ruth Cochrane: she’s the Chosen One, destined to play a pivotal role in saving K’Barth from a cruel dictator. She’s never heard of K’Barth, though. She’s a public relations executive from London and she’s totally unaware of the chaos about to hit her life.

Meet Lord Vernon: power hungry psychopath on the brink of world domination. He wants to cement his hold on K’Barth by kidnapping the Chosen One and forcing her to marry him. Only one person is standing in his way: someone who doesn’t even realise it, The Pan of Hamgee. For The Pan, and Ruth, that’s a deadly problem.

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The Weapon Takers Saga Books 1-3

by Jamie Edmundson

Dive in to the fantasy saga where a motley group of heroes must recover a stolen relic.

Twins Belwynn and Soren can communicate telepathically. They must lead a team of mercenaries, priests and exiles on a mission that becomes far darker and more important than they had bargained for. Perfect for fans of multi-character epics like Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones.

Praise for this series:

“If you’re a fan of great characters and plenty of action set in a well-developed fantasy world, then this is your series.”

“With interesting, well-fleshed out characters and a genuinely enthralling plot, this one really stood out for me.”

“Usually the author’s writing links out a little for the next book or two, but not this guy, it stays right up there. You really need to get the rest of this series, you deserve it.”

Comprising books 1-3 of The Weapon Takers saga, this box set follows an epic quest for the seven weapons of Madria.

Soren, an ambitious wizard

Belwynn, his twin sister, who shares a telepathic link with him

Rabigar, an exile of the Krykker race

Elana, a mysterious priestess

Moneva, a killer with a dark past

And a host of mercenaries, sorcerers, knights, dukes, kings, and strange new races.

Who will lay claim to the weapons? Who can be trusted? And as war comes to Dalriya, who will take a stand against the dark forces that have been unleashed on the land?

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Red Souls

by Susan F Banks

The astral plane is closer to the physical world than people realize, and Red Souls of the astral underworld have found a way into LA through a back door. They are flying through the streets attacking humans who don’t even know they are being attacked. The goal: to manipulate the emotions of every man, woman, and child in the city and drive them to fear, insanity, and despair.

Gem Hawkins, guardian of the Astral Gate for over 120 years, can see them but not hear them. She has to find a Listener to track the Red Souls’ movements. Just so happens, there’s a powerful listener living in the desert east of LA, named Willet Du Place. However, this listener is so sensitive to noise that she has to hide in her house, and the Red Souls are already driving her crazy with their threats and whispers.

Gem must bring together the ages-old Circle of Augustus to find that back door through the Astral Gate and close it. She will have to convince Willet, her sister Audrey, and the two important men in their lives that the astral danger is real. That won’t be easy. If the Circle fails to stop the Red Souls, LA and everyone in it will become subjects of Jat the Deceiver, Lord of the Underworld.

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Silence: Little Mermaid Retold

by Demelza Carlton

A little mermaid. A prince to save. Only silence can break the spell.

Once upon a time…

The mermaid Margareta saved Prince Erik from a shipwreck. Wanting to see the prince again, Margareta strikes a bargain with the Master of Beacon Isle. If she saves his sons from a terrible curse, he will reunite her with Prince Erik. All she has to do is stay silent until the curse is broken.

Silence is a virtue…until Prince Erik arrives early, searching for the mermaid who saved his life.

Can two hearts speak louder than words?

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