Aaron Hodges – Queen of Vengeance New Release

Aaron Hodges, Ebookaroo regular, has a new release in his Knights of Alana series. This book is not on special, but if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.

Queen of Vengeance

by Aaron Hodges

Enslaved in the mines of Lonia, Pela has forgotten the last time she saw the sun. For days uncounted she has toiled, scorned by her captors, forgotten. Her jailers think her cowed, but the blood of a warrior flows in her veins. When a new overseer arrives, Pela sees an opportunity. The man is young and untrained – he could easily be deceived.

Meanwhile, the Plorsean King has been cast down. Supported by the Knights of Alana, his wife has seized the crown and plunged the nation into chaos. But the king is not dead yet. His champion slain, his throne usurped by the woman he loved, Braidon has nothing left but his rage.

What better weapon to use against his treacherous wife?

New Release US$4.99

Aaron Hodges - Queen of Vengeance

Praise for Aaron Hodges

“Plenty of twists and turns and action to satisfy everyone. I loved this book. I enjoyed the non-stop action and the author brought the characters to life for me. This book kept me fully engaged and I could not turn the pages fast enough. I highly recommend this book.”–Amazon Reviewer.

“Why is this book called “The Queen of Vengeance” well you will have to read the book to find out I thoroughly enjoy it I sure you will too.
Absolutely Brilliant.” –Amazon Reviewer

“I’ve been reading other books by Aaron Hodges (try his The Legends of the Gods series, it’s fantastic, then move on to his The Sword of Light or Praegressus Project books, equally superb). That’s why I was kinda shocked to find out that he’d started a whole new series I hadn’t heard of. That series is The Knights of Alana, and Queen of Vengeance. Complex characters from Pela and Braidon on down. Complex world-building behind the Three Nations. Complex plotting that’s superbly written – and all totally fun. What more can you ask for?” –Amazon Reviewer

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