99c books on Amazon

Here are some books that are 99c on Amazon by Andy Peloquin, Robin Lythgoe, Joshua James, and John Bowers.

Darkblade Avenger (Defenders of Legend Box Set #1)

by Andy Peloquin

He’s an assassin with a moral code. But playing by the rules won’t silence the beating of hell’s blackest hearts…

3 immersive novels. 1,000+ pages of demons and dark reckonings.

The Hunter spills blood to quiet the voices in his head. With his cursed dagger by his side, the feared assassin vows his ruthless gift will only strike down the wicked. So when dark enemies trick him into taking an innocent life, he unleashes the full force of his rage.

Devastated by his irreversible actions, he won’t stop until he dismantles the evil syndicate that deceived him. With each traitorous criminal he cuts down, the more determined he is to expose the secrets of the killing blade that torments his mind.

Will the truth set him free or seal his eternal damnation?

Darkblade Avenger: Defenders of Legend Omnibus #1 is a boxed set containing three action-packed epic fantasy novels. If you like graphic battles, sprawling settings, and quests for redemption, then you’ll love Andy Peloquin’s thrilling series.

Buy Darkblade Avenger to watch an assassin get his revenge today!

Special US$0.99

Blood and Shadow

by Robin Lythgoe

He wanted nothing of war. Now he must face a ruthless enemy to save his family from ruin.

Sherakai dan Tameko would rather tend his horses than ride them into battle. As the fourth son of a famous soldier, he’s content to embrace his animal magic and let his siblings carry on his father’s warrior legacy. But Sherakai’s plans shatter when all his brothers go missing, and one is returned home dead.

Determined to bring the others back alive, he defies his father and follows his power down a trail of clues, only to be captured and escorted to his relative’s estate. But instead of a sanctuary, he discovers dark forces conspiring to twist his powers for their own treacherous gain.

Will Sherakai succumb to sorcery and torture, or can he awaken his inner hero and prevent his family’s doom?

Blood and Shadow is the first book in the spellbinding Mage’s Gift fantasy series. If you like heroic tales, moral dilemmas, and page-turning action, then you’ll love Robin Lythgoe’s captivating novel.

Buy Blood and Shadow to join a young man’s clash with destiny today!

First in series special US$0.99


by Joshua James

Save the cure. Kill the crew.

That was the dying order of the captain of the starship Elixr. The ship followed the order. Then it lost its mind.

Two decades later, the last chance to save billions of souls rests with the dead starship’s only occupants: a pair of boys raised by a deranged robot. When Elixr crashes on a barren world, they join forces with an impoverished girl living on the edge of society to search for answers.

Who are they? Why have they survived? And what could Elixr possibly do to save a world on the precipice of collapse?

The more they learn, the greater the stakes become. Soon they are running for their lives from secret societies, deadly creatures, and powerful warlords. As enemies multiply, it seems the secrets of the lost starship may never be discovered.

But Elixr is hiding more than secrets.

Much more.

Fans of fun, action-packed sci-fi will have a blast with Elixr, the first book in The Lost Starship series! Grab your copy NOW!

First in series special US$0.99

Prisoners of Eroak

by John Bowers

The war on Agricor is over and lost and thousands of captive Askeloni have been transported to prisons on cold, gloomy Eroak. Carlene Vargas is also a captive, enslaved to Sho’ho as a concubine.

With the traitor Marco now president of Askelon, the outlook for everyone is dim.

But there is hope. Ex-president Enza has wrangled an appointment as ambassador to Eroak and is trying to free the prisoners and repatriate them. In the meantime, the soldiers have hatched their own escape plan.

What could possibly go wrong?

A science fiction military, political, action adventure.

Special US$0.99

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