99c books on Amazon

Here are some books that are 99c on Amazon by Audrey Sharpe, Andy Peloquin, Robin Lythgoe, and John Bowers

Arch Allies

by Audrey Sharpe

Strap in and hold on!

For pilot Natasha Orlov, a starship buried in a sea of sand is her ticket to freedom and independence. Sure, restoring the ship won’t be easy, especially when the Feds figure out she’s running an illegal salvage operation, but she’s never shied away from hard work. Or challenges. Good thing, too. Because she’s on a collision course with her competition.

First in series special US$0.99

Darkblade Avenger (Defenders of Legend Box Set #1)

by Andy Peloquin

He’s an assassin with a moral code. But playing by the rules won’t silence the beating of hell’s blackest hearts…

3 immersive novels. 1,000+ pages of demons and dark reckonings.

The Hunter spills blood to quiet the voices in his head. With his cursed dagger by his side, the feared assassin vows his ruthless gift will only strike down the wicked. So when dark enemies trick him into taking an innocent life, he unleashes the full force of his rage.

Devastated by his irreversible actions, he won’t stop until he dismantles the evil syndicate that deceived him. With each traitorous criminal he cuts down, the more determined he is to expose the secrets of the killing blade that torments his mind.

Will the truth set him free or seal his eternal damnation?

Darkblade Avenger: Defenders of Legend Omnibus #1 is a boxed set containing three action-packed epic fantasy novels. If you like graphic battles, sprawling settings, and quests for redemption, then you’ll love Andy Peloquin’s thrilling series.

Buy Darkblade Avenger to watch an assassin get his revenge today!

Special US$0.99

Blood and Shadow

by Robin Lythgoe

He wanted nothing of war. Now he must face a ruthless enemy to save his family from ruin.

Sherakai dan Tameko would rather tend his horses than ride them into battle. As the fourth son of a famous soldier, he’s content to embrace his animal magic and let his siblings carry on his father’s warrior legacy. But Sherakai’s plans shatter when all his brothers go missing, and one is returned home dead.

Determined to bring the others back alive, he defies his father and follows his power down a trail of clues, only to be captured and escorted to his relative’s estate. But instead of a sanctuary, he discovers dark forces conspiring to twist his powers for their own treacherous gain.

Will Sherakai succumb to sorcery and torture, or can he awaken his inner hero and prevent his family’s doom?

Blood and Shadow is the first book in the spellbinding Mage’s Gift fantasy series. If you like heroic tales, moral dilemmas, and page-turning action, then you’ll love Robin Lythgoe’s captivating novel.

Buy Blood and Shadow to join a young man’s clash with destiny today!

First in series special US$0.99

Famine Planet

by John Bowers

As President Enza gears up for her third election run, forces beyond her control are conspiring to bring Askelon down once and for all. Five years ago the crisis was oil—this year it’s food. A grassroots revolution on the farm planet of Agricor threatens the food supply of the entire Trimary System, as well as sixteen worlds beyond the nebula. If the rebels seize control of Agricor, literally billions of people could starve. Once again, Enza is forced to rely on Askelon’s military power, even though half her citizens oppose her.

Carlene Vargas, now working for the Askelon Intelligence Agency, is sent straight into the lion’s den, penetrating the heart of the revolution in the hope of subverting it. As she suspects, Jorge Sorres is funding the rebellion, but it’s even more complicated than that—one of the worlds beyond the nebula, Eroak, sees the revolution as an opportunity for expansion, and if Eroak gets control of Agricor they will have the entire system by the throat.

Back on Askelon, Cpl. Tyler Unruh trains for his third combat mission, which promises to be hotter than anything he’s ever experienced before. But he isn’t alone—Terra Lafirma, the Guerrilla Girl, has joined the Army and will be fighting by his side. Together they face not only hostile forces on Agricor, but a personal crisis that could rip their love apart.

If you enjoyed Starport and Guerrilla Girl, you don’t want to miss the third and most critical entry in the Starport series. The fate of the Trimary hangs on the outcome.

Special US$0.99

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