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These books are 99c on Amazon. Ebooks specials by G. Ogden, M.D. Cooper, John Cronshaw, M.T. Miller and Patty Jansen.
As always, check before buying, in case there are regional differences.

The Contingency

by G J Ogden

No-one comes in peace. Every being in the galaxy wants something, and is willing to take it by force.

The Hedalt were no different. They came from the distant reaches of the galaxy to wage war. Their fleet wanted to take Earth for its prize, but we were ready. We were stronger.

For years, we fought them, ship-to-ship, until we scattered their forces and drove them back. Pursuing the Hedalt fleet to their home world, we delivered the decisive blow. We nuked their planet and wiped them out for good.

Or so we thought.

For decades, Earth Fleet sent out Deep Space Recon missions to scour the galaxy and clean up the remnants of the Hedalt Empire. Eventually, we found only ghosts – empty outposts and long-dead colonies. But, close to the edge of known space, I – Captain Taylor Ray – and my crew are about to make a discovery that will change everything.

The war isn’t over. The war has yet to begin.

New Release US$0.99

Eve of Destruction

by MD Cooper

A thirty-year stalemate between humanity and the Psion AIs is ending…

But the AIs have not been idle. Their agents are everywhere and the seeds of rebellion and dissent have taken root. Humanity’s home system is a powder keg, and when the match is lit, all of Sol will erupt.

Cara has been in prison for four years, her mind numbed by docility, unaware of what’s been brewing. When a mysterious agent breaks her free, she finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue, double-dealing, and political machinations.

The Sykes family saved Sol from a human-AI war once before. Now it’s up to Cara and her sister Lyssa to turn the tide, and keep the galaxy’s two dominant species from tearing one another apart.

First in series special US$0.99

The Ravenglass Chronicles episodes one to eleven

by Jon Cronshaw

Kat is heir to a brutal empire…

…but the last thing she wants to do is rule.

When the day she’s been dreading finally arrives, she is torn between her royal duties and a magical destiny.

How deep do the secrets run and who is pulling the strings?

Will Kat choose true love and risk certain war, or accept an arranged marriage with a man three-times her age?

With only a wyvern and a messenger boy as her friends, Kat is forced to embark on a magical adventure to seek out the mysterious Guardians.

Inspired by the tarot and set in a rich medieval world, this collection brings together the first eleven episodes of The Ravenglass Chronicles.

You’ll love this coming-of-age epic because everyone loves hidden magic, adventure, and forbidden love.

Get your copy now.

New Release US$0.99

Brotherhood of the Worm

by M. T. Miller

Underneath the old bridge by the abandoned mill, a blind creature with skin the color of pus sleeps away the day. When the sun sets it will rise, eager to feast upon the eyes of the unaware.

The leathery scarecrow occasionally patrolling the wheat fields isn’t man made. Those who see it soon wish that they hadn’t.

The captain’s wife may look human, but never was. Unbeknownst to her husband, every single one of her miscarriages was a lie. The children are very much alive, and more than a little hungry.

It is horrors like these that the Culling seeks to vanquish. These are the tales of its monster hunters; of their brief, violent lives, and the few innocents they manage to save along the way.

New Release US$0.99

The Bastard Prince

by Patty Jansen

She has a dragon, and she’s not afraid to use it.

Nellie Dreessen is a kitchen maid in the palace of Regent Bernard of Saardam. She has worked for two kings and two regents, has seen two royal families murdered through magic, has seen ghosts and demons, and kept her head down like a good girl.

On her fiftieth birthday, she receives her late father’s diary, which describes a magical item that is so evil, it needs to be kept in the church crypt: a box that contains dragon.

Problem is, someone has stolen the box.

Regent Bernard holds a banquet for his eldest son’s sixteenth birthday. Distinguished guests come from far and wide. Because she knows what the box looks like, Nellie discovers it in a nobleman’s luggage.

Removing the box from a thief’s room is not stealing, right? Not if you intend to return it to the rightful owner: the church.

But someone poisons the nobleman, and everyone in the kitchen is a suspect. Nellie’s friend in the church advises Nellie to flee with the dragon box. The Regent is on a mission to stamp out magic, and Nellie plans to do what she does best: keep her head down and hide.

Problem is, the dragon has other ideas.

Dragonspeaker Chronicles US$4.99

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