99c Books on Amazon

Here are some books that are 99c on Amazon by Ron C. Nieto, David Bussell & M.V. Stott, John Grover , and Danny F. Santos.

Fianna’s Awakening

by Ron C. Nieto

The race is on for Aisling O’Malley. With her place as defender of Dublin in question, she must enlist the help of Ancient History professor Ronan O’Neill to ensure that the Spear of Lugh—one of the four Irish Treasures and reputed to grant victory to whichever side wields it in battle—doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. She just never thought that there would be so many “wrong hands” vying for it, or that the professor she had started to feel attracted to would have quite such a big secret to hide…

Special US$0.99

Uncanny Kingdom: Six-Book Series Starter Set

by David Bussell & M.V. Stott

Lurking in London’s gloomy subway tunnels, staring up from the muddy basins of Cumbria’s lakes, watching from beneath the planks of Blackpool Pier, there are monsters. The U.K. is boiling over with demons, fallen angels, and magical megalomaniacs, and it’s up to six unlikely heroes to fight back and save the realm from annihilation…

A witch’s familiar hell-bent on avenging her slaughtered coven…

A ghost detective solving murders to atone for his mortal sins…

A bumbling warlock who chases fearsome monsters, but can’t remember why…

A twenty-something goth tasked with halting a vampire uprising…

A cursed police officer locked in battle with a fallen angel…

And an assassin with magical tattoos who’ll kill just about anyone for a price.

Welcome to the Uncanny Kingdom. ONE magical urban fantasy world, SIX amazing series to get lost in.

Special US$0.99

Web of the Spider Queen: The Orum Chronicles Book 1

by John Grover


Her name is Sinnia, she is the Queen Mother of dark spiders and she has returned to Orum to finally conquer the one world that eludes her grasp.

Nix, the leader of the last nation of Elves, unites the people of Orum to make one last stand. Elves, Fairies and Amazons must work together to stop the monstrous queen from stealing the very essence of their beloved realm. It’s a tale of fantasy action and adventure as massive armies make their last stand on bloodied battlefields and the leaders of the realm embark on a perilous quest of epic proportions and self-discovery.

Yet, the world of Orum is not all that it seems for it harbors an ancient secret that could shatter the uneasy alliance of its people and lead them down even darker paths that will change the realm forever.

New Release US$0.99

A Veil for the Vanguard

by Danny F. Santos

An action-packed, epic fantasy adventure of magic, intrigue, and betrayal!

Why her?

Kera has the least magic power at the Citadel, and they choose her to head into enemy territory? Crazy!

To find the most powerful magical artifact ever known? Certifiably insane!

Not to mention the thing has been lost for over a century. On top of that, she must team up with celebrated relic hunter, Jorthen. Intimidating? Just a little.

But Kera has no choice. The High Council has spoken. So she boards an airship with a motley crew who have secrets of their own—and little hope of success. What they discover is far beyond an artifact, as they unravel dark secrets that could launch a deadly global war.

New Release US$0.99

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