Juno Rising

Juno Rising is a novel in the ISF-Allion series A prisoner, a secret he can’t remember, and the military force that will destroy planets to get their hands on it. When Fabio Velazquez arrives on the secretive military base on Jupiter’s moon Io, he knows two things: one, that he’s…

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New Horizons

New Horizons is a collection of stories. A collection of fifteen novellettes and novellas by Patty Jansen. This collection includes the Writers of the Future winning story This Peaceful State Of War, as well as fiction published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Many of the stories take place in…

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Shifting Infinity

Shifting Infinity is book 2 in the ISF-Allion series Melati escaped New Jakarta space station when it fell into Allion’s hands. Her family was left behind the enemy lines. She signed up for active duty with the International Space Force in the hope they would liberate the station. Instead, they…

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Shifting Reality

Shifting Reality by Patty Jansen

Shifting Reality is book 1 in the ISF-Allion series A few years ago, a military doctor walking the corridors of New Jakarta Space Station saved Melati’s life. She signed up for the International Space Force to pay back her moral debt to him. But her family thinks she has betrayed…

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Charlotte’s Army – novella

Charlotte's Army

Charlotte’s Army is a Novella in the ISF-Allion series An army of 7000 artificial soldiers accidentally received the same brain implant: they are all in love with the same woman. A space fleet with seven thousand artificial human marines hurtles through space at near-light-speed to an interstellar war… Doctor Charlotte…

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