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Every month I’ve been running a promotion for alternately free or 99c books. Most of them are first in a series. This month, on 2-3 April, we have over 90 authors with free books. The promo runs on a subdivision of this site, but has its own mailing list, where you can enter your email address, and every month I send you the page with all the books and links, so you don’t need to remember when it’s on.

The selection includes mainly self-published authors, including some really high-profile ones. For example, this month we have Lindsay Buroker, J.C. Andrijeski, Christine Pope and Australia’s own C.J. Archer but every month, there have been a couple of presses taking part as well. Do NOT miss “The Aware” by Glenda Larke, originally published by Harper Collins, now through Fablecroft.

Other news:

Listen to me blather about self-publishing and marketing at the Self-publishing Roundtable Podcast

Pre-order Ambassador 5. Want a reviewer ARC? Let me know.

Read about Sand & Storm, coming out 24 June.

New blog!

Well, it’s actually the same one, but I nuked the other site and re-installed a new database over the top. Loads of stuff still to be updated. I think you can even comment now.